Create Coherent Brand on Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The social networks they are a good channel to do know your personal brand. But you must be careful because for you to have successful results you must establish strategies that achieve a positive perception in your audience.

To achieve this objective it is necessary to create a coherent brand and consolidate it in the future.. You can achieve this through techniques that will help you increase visibility from your account from Instagram.

In this article you can find the steps to create a consistent and successful brand. You will also see the tips to interact positively with your followers and establish an inseparable bond.

Why is it important to have a consistent brand on social media?

Why is it important to have a consistent brand on social media?

If you decide create a virtual store or a brand and create content marketing on the networks, especially in InstagramIt is important to generate all kinds of actions for it to be successful. For it, the best thing is for the brand to be coherent so the first thing you should understand is what it means to have a coherent brand. A brand must be created as an image that reflects the message of the product so that it is perceived by users.

They should know, when they see your account, if your image is related to cheap or expensive or good or medium quality items, among other concepts. Thus, the stories that you upload to your feed must reflect all these elements as clearly as possible. This will make your brand on the social network consistent with the image you want to convey and is what will achieve success in your business.

To achieve this goal it is important that never go out of the coherence of the brand you own, publishing things that do not go according to your image or message that you want to convey. Brands must follow certain guidelines, when a person sees a brand with little coherence, they distrust the act of it and it means short-term failure.

Business accounts on Instagram What are they and which one should I choose?

Instagram allows you to choose the kind of account you want to use. That is, if you want to have a user of type personal or commercial. The process to create the latter is simple, you must first open a personal type user and then you have to ask Instagram what your account is configured as commercial.

In turn, business accounts are divided into:

  • Brand or company accounts: When you create an account, it is important to detach yourself from it as a person, even if you are the owner of the company. This is because when people interact with the account, they do so considering that they do it directly with the brand and never with the creators of this. Thus, avoid personal opinions when using this profile.
  • Users for content creators or influencers: in case you want create a business account in which you are part of the image, surely you will do it for create content and earn income. This is what is called be an influencer. In this case, it is important that you are part of the image, however, you must always maintain a attitude of respect and always be consistent with the image you want to project for your account.

Learn step by step how to create a consistent and successful brand on Instagram

So you can create a consistent brand and achieve success in Instagram, we will teach you the different aspects that you must take into account when making important decisions. All these tips will help you achieve a large number of loyal followers on your bill, which will seek to enjoy the content you upload and, in case you sell any product, They can choose your option over others.

Let’s see the steps to follow:

Create a corporate image

Create a corporate image

Creating a corporate image requires different aspects, which you must try to get them together to achieve a single objective, which is generate a positive image of your company and your brand in the perception of buyers. For this, you can use a stylized logo with the name of your company and a suitable reason, put a good name, add a slogan and put music to your videos, among other things.

It is important that from the beginning the name and the slogan remain, this is something that people will always remember about your image. In addition, you should not forget that you will have to permanently seek to generate positive feelings in your audience.

That the publications accompany the brand design

That the publications accompany the brand design

Publishing posts on Instagram continuously is important, if you want to stay in the attention of your followers. This will help you due to how well the instagram algorithm. To achieve this, you must publish content at least 1 or 2 times a day showing your followers how important they are to you.

When performing these stories, it is important that they live up to the design of your brand. To do this, they must have content that relates to your brand and, if possible, place the logo and any other element that is characteristic of your brand. It is important that, when someone sees a post of your brand, know immediately that it is yours, without having to check who published it.

Create a bond with your followers

Create a bond with your followers

Something that many people and accounts forget is that followers are people, so they are the most important thing in this chain. If you want to be successful, you must depend to some degree on all the folowers who view your stories on a daily basis. To achieve this, you can reply comments intelligently with funny or technical content and without losing the quality and image in your followers.

Some alternative options for bonding is posting stories thanking them for following you. It is always important to upload these types of publications when a goal is reached, this helps them followers feel part of the brand and not just another follower.

That the content does not deal with scattered topics

If you are considering creating a brand that has coherence, surely your focus topics are quite particular. If you start publishing on different topics, without focusing on the objective of your Instagram account, you will be opposing yourself to the coherence of your brand.

To avoid divergences and maintain consistency, it is best to stick to the main themes of your brand. This will allow users check your account in the search for the topic and decide to follow you, becoming loyal members of your audience.

Create templates for feed posts and stories

Create posts permanently, it takes time and effort. You can look to optimize this, creating different templates in which you can simply place the new content, adapting it to these tools. This will allow you to optimize your publishing system, reduce the time invested and at the same time, increase the consistency of your site.

It is important that the template for the feed, as well as those of the stories have a similar design, but it does not imply that they can be differentiated. Otherwise, it will look like you don’t want to spend time providing quality content, trying to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Tips to interact with your followers on Instagram and generate more empathy with them

We will show you below different techniques that will help you interact with your followers and generate more empathy with them:

Be nice to everyone, even trolls

It is important that you never lose your balance, that is, never insult anyone who is bothering you through your account Instagram no matter what I say. Always seek to be a mediator and treat everyone with respect. You must bear in mind that an error of this type could negatively impact your image. Besides, the competition also works so it wouldn’t be weird for him to hire a troll to annoy you.

Make smart comments

It is always important to write well and say smart things that have a touch of humor. By doing this, you will generate in your followers positive feelings every time they interact with you, so they will read your titles more than the others. This will generate increased flow of users in your account and therefore greater visibility.

Respond whenever you can to the comments of your followers

Something that followers of a brand really like is that they answer your queries privately or not. This makes them feel important and better yet, part of a community. Always respond whenever you can to the things that most appeal to you. Attention And remember not to neglect humor.

Create a community with common goals.

It is important that your followers they feel not only like simple people who follow an account, but are part of a whole community with clear ideals. To do this, you must make the Image of the brand you have created include them as if they were all together (including you) part of a big family. You can achieve this by creating goals together, for example, number of posts, number of followers and celebrate when they are achieved.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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