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Discord is a versatile tool that can be used as a means of communication in the field of companies. From senior positions to junior workers can join in one place and for free.

This allows members to manage to receive news, create private conversations or simply arrange meetings. But for this, it is important to know the steps necessary to create a server without making mistakes.

If you want to know how to do it, We invite you to continue reading this post because we will explain in detail each stage of the Discord server configuration. Check out.

What are the benefits of creating a Discord group for businesses?

Even though Discord It has been a widely used medium in the gamer world, it has made its way into other areas, being one of the most prominent to mention the business sector due to the benefits it offers in the security of your communications. Unlike other messaging platforms, the information is stored in servers that can be private and encrypted, this being a highly sought-after advantage by organizations.

Another important benefit for companies is that at any time you can block an undesirable member of Discord, or just remove someone from the room who no longer belong to the company. On the other hand, it is a communication service that already comes with multiple functions that can be used without spending a penny, from voice chat to file sending.

Discord is also useful for being a multiplatform software. In this way the employees or collaborators of the company will be able to connect from their mobiles or computers with any OS. They can even log in without having to download anything to the devices. This last option allows maintain direct contact between a boss, who may be the group administrator, and an employee. This is done through private chats that cannot be easily deleted.

It is also possible to reply with emoticons, follow a conversation thread and use commands so that all members of the company or by sector are notified. And if you want any user has an app and an assistant that makes it easy for them to access instant. Their Group video calls and their voice channels. Even from a distance it is possible to maintain contact with commercial suppliers, workers and partners.

Learn step by step how to create a Discord server and form your own community

See below the step by step you must do to create a Discord server without making mistakes and form your own community:

Create an account

Create an account

Accounts on Discord they are free and can be generated from your website or by downloading the app from the store Google or App Store.

If you want it with your browser click on Loginlocated in the upper right corner of the screen and then look for the link, in blue, Check in. This will display a menu in which you will have to complete the email, username and password (If you don’t know which one to choose, we recommend that you use our Password Generator).

Verify your email

The next step is to verify the account from the email to start using it. To do this, enter your email inbox and click on the link that you will see. This will redirect from automatically at Discord startup.

Add your own server

Add your own server

Within the account, go to the left menu of the screen and click on the sum icon “+”, Add a server. When you do this, the platform will ask you to choose a default template (for study rooms, games and content creators, among others), customize a server from scratch or join through an invitation received.

Configure your server

Configure your server

In case you decide to choose the option Customize your template, Discord will ask you to indicate if it is for a club or a community or for your friends. Then, you must add a name, it is advisable to choose your company name. You will be able to place a background photo for the members to identify it (you will do this by clicking on the Upload from the upper circle of the menu). Now is the time to click Create to have your own room for your business community.

Invite friends

You can’t put aside inviting membersThis is what will gradually form your community. To do this, go to the central bar of the account and choose the option Invite friends. This will make each friend receive a link in their email that they must click to belong to the new room.

Customize your server

Customize your server

You will be able choose an icon, create a welcome message and configure user management if you click on the option Customize your server with an icon.

Download the app for your device

In Discord you can work from your browser or through the platform app. The latter has great advantages, for example, receiving notifications automatically on your mobile or computer. To do this, you will have to choose the button Download the Discord app and then continue with the steps that will allow you to choose the operating system store.

Tips to grow your Discord group and have a huge community in it

Tips to grow your Discord group and have a huge community in it

To grow your Discord group you must keep these tips in mind:

Create well-defined channels

As soon as you have your own server with enough users, it is prudent to spread clear and striking channels, these will be shown under the name of the server preceded by a #. With this you can establish specific topics that will be covered in the channel, which is the first filter to avoid unwanted users. It is even feasible to create restricted channels within the same server to give access only to VIP members. Remember that there are text and voice channels that you can use to the fullest to your advantage.

Modify read and write permissions

When creating a channel as a server administrator it is possible to decide who will participate. This action will allow you to form solid and private groups, if you want not all members to know about the conversations. This kind of privacy will help you grow your company, because Members will appreciate the discretion.

Take advantage of video calls

One of the benefits of Discord is that it groups together numerous tools in one place. Videoconferencing, of course, could not be left out. It is a viable alternative to gather your team without having to use Zoom, Skype or similar means. You should be aware that up to 25 people can join in these video rooms. To promote these conferences you can do it on your social networks indicating the topic to be discussed and the time. Minutes before send a message remembering the start of the video call.

Use screen sharing

Like Zoom, in Discord the option to share screen is also viable. This will serve you to show graphics, slides, exhibitions, videos or any multimedia content that you want to share with other members. It is ideal to see in real time the progress of each employee on a specific project. Even when they are in remote places, forming didactic meetings will not be a problem.

Delegate and assign roles

Managing a large room with many participants is not easy. Topics, reactions and comments can be out of the work context. So, between the User settings (next to the name of each channel you will find a gear) you can choose the different types of roles and who will occupy them. In the section Permissions control which collaborator of your team will participate.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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