Create Documents in Microsoft Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Word, is one of the programs included within the Office suite. It is developed by Microsoft for all operating systems. Although it is used mainly in Windows. It is considered the most used application in writing of any kind.

This software it’s a word processor that allows the creation, editing and review of written documents. In addition, it has dozens of tools that complement or enrich the text.

These functions can serve various purposes for us. Insert images, hyperlinks, title categories and layout.

What kind of documents can I create in Microsoft Word?

What kind of document can I create in Microsoft Word?

Since the update of the program in its 2013 version, Word offers us a series of pre-designed templates with different purposes of use. In all these, we will have the possibility to modify, replace or delete the text, images, colors or resources already placed.

When starting the program, The first screen that we will see shows us all the options that we can choose according to what we need:

  • Blank document. It allows us to create a file from scratch, with the possibility of giving it the format and design we want.
  • Welcome to Word. It opens an eight-page document where it presents us with a tutorial with the main alternatives that the program offers us.
  • Single spacing (in white). The template is empty, but more options are displayed than in the Blank Document. Also, the default format is A4.
  • Snapshot calendar. In this file we have an almanac with space to add our favorite photos.
  • Blue Spheres Appointment Calendar. Unlike the previous one, this one is organized on a weekly basis.
  • Banner calendar. It is similar to snapshots, but without the ability to add our favorite images.

Then we will find various resume formats and cover letters for those looking for work.

If this is your case, try these options:

  • Curriculum vitae blue and gray.
  • Curriculum vitae chronological.
  • Presentation letter chronological.
  • Impeccable resume designed by MOO.
  • Presentation letter flawless designed by MOO.
  • Presentation letter blue and gray.
  • Curriculum vitae with spheres.
  • Letter of presentation with spheres.

In addition, there are advertising and academic style designs. You will find the following alternatives:

  • Brochure restaurant.
  • Brochure education.
  • Event flyer with shapes intense colours.
  • Report.
  • Report student with photo.
  • Report with APA guidelines (6th edition).
  • Mention “The best in the world” (it’s really called that).
  • Certificate of Employee of the Month.
  • Service invoice (green gradient design).
  • Letterhead blue curve.
  • Fax cover (professional design).
  • Brochure invitation to a party.

If you are looking for another specific type of template that does not appear within those named, you can do an online search for other designs that other users have uploaded to the cloud. Within the suggested search, Microsoft Word recommends us: “Company”, “Cards”, “Prospects”, “Letters”, “Education”, “Resumes and cover letters”, “Holidays” or “Holidays”.

Steps to create a new document in Microsoft fast and easy

Steps to create a new document in Microsoft fast and easy

Taking into account the list of possibilities offered by this programTo quickly and easily create a new document in Microsoft Word, we can click on the chosen template and a new document will open.

If you need a blank one, follow these steps:

  • Click on the button “Start menu” to display the list of programs.
  • Search by sliding or entering the word “Office”.
  • Inside the Office folder we can find Microsoft Word. Click there.
  • In the window that will open, within the File tab, click on “New”.
  • There you can create a blank document to design it from scratch. The options to choose a pre-designed template also appear as we showed at the beginning.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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