Create Dropdown List in Microsoft Excel  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Have we heard of the famous Excel dropdown lists? or do we need to make a drop down list for our work in Excel and we don’t know how? Here in this guide we will explain all the steps to follow so you can create your list, without any complications.

With these steps you will be able to create the ones you want, where you want and when you want, just following them to the letter. If you have an old version of Microsoft Excel, rest assured that we also explain how to do it.

And for those who want delete the list of one or more cells, we explain to you in a few clicks how to remove it, allowing the writing of any value inside the cell.

What is a drop-down list and what is it for in Excel?

Excel drop-down list

A drop down list It is a tool provided by Excel itself. This is an element of the user interface that allows us to select some mutually exclusive options from a list, this is shown as a button that when the cell is selected shows a list.

Many are the professionals that today use this excel function, since it allows us to make a better organization of information that must be reflected on a sheet.

Also being used for the creation of forms, where they only have to be filled with specific words and with the drop-down list the person is limited to only writing or marking what is in it. It really has many more utilities, but it all depends on what we are going to do.

Steps to create a drop down list in a cell in Microsoft Excel

Drop-down listings are very helpful for our professional development. Here we show you the steps to follow so that you can make a drop-down list when and how you want:

  • First we must open an excel sheet, then select the cell we want, so that it becomes a list. If there are several, we just copy the same style in the other cells so that it is repeated.

excel sheet

  • Create one drop down list It is very simple. After having our Excel sheet open, with the box where we will insert our list, we must define those words or options that we want to be in the list. These, we can write them next to the painting or in another book.

options for list

  • On top of the excel window we find different tabs, we locate the tab that says “Data” and then we go to the section “Data tool“And we click where it says”Data validation”.

data validation

  • After we click, we will see a small box that has the name “Data validation”. There, under “Allow”We display the list that it provides and click on the option“List”.

click list

  • When we select the option, we are shown other options, including a white field below “Origin”. When we select this, we will have to determine the words that we want to be in the drop down list. These words we had to have previously determined. And to finish we give “To accept”.

below origin

  • With these steps we can make as many drop-down lists we want. Although we have to remember that for to be able to make this list we must select that cell, where we want the list to be located. If this is not done, the list will be placed within the same options, which is not what we are really looking for.

see list

  • We can identify that the list is located in the cell when a down arrow is marked, when we are selecting the cell. If this is not checked, we will have to perform all the steps again because the operation was not completed successfully.

How to remove the drop down list

To eliminate the drop-down list of a cell we must locate the sheet where we have previously created the list:

  • Select the cells in which we want the cell to no longer appear drop down list.
  • After selecting the cell (s) we go to the tab “Data”, then to the section “Data tool” and we click on “Data validation”.
  • In the small box that appears, we click on “Any value”, And we finish by clicking on “To accept”And in this way it is eliminated the drop down list.

Excel 2010 version

Basically the steps that we previously showed here are all we need to know how create dropdown list. In the version of the Office 2010 suite (one of the oldest today) does not change anything, not even the positions of the options, which further facilitates the development of our objective. Doing this is more practical, because it has nothing to do with difficulty. But we must follow the steps to the letter, or else it will not be created.

Tips and Tricks

If what we want is to create a list, but not in cells of the same column or that are non-contiguous cells, we must select the cells by pressing the key on the keyboard “Ctrl”, and when we finish selecting the cells that we want to have the option to drop down list we stop pressing the key.

By last, remember that we are placing the option “List” and we remove the one that said “Any value”, Meaning this that the cells that we mark for the list, will only allow the writing of the words in the list. Since when we try to write something else that does not appear within it, we will get a warning that tells us that we cannot do it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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