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It is no secret to anyone that this microsoft program has a variety of tools and functions that allow the handling of it to be very easy for users, especially when having to work with a large amount of data in the database.

In the case of the forms are considered as tools that allow it to be much easier to see and get the data or fields you are looking for. In addition, through them you can add, edit and view data stored in the database. In the case that several users have to use the database, it is best to have well designed forms to specify data more precisely.

Taking into account all this and the importance of forms in the use of Microsoft Access, here we are going to explain a little more how you can start create the exploration forms in your database from scratch. Keep in mind that this procedure is very simple to perform, for this follow in detail everything that we will teach you next in the post.

What is an exploration form and what is it for in a database?

What is an exploration form and what is it for in a database?

A scan form or also known as navigation form in Access is considered as an object that allows create a user interface for an application Database. They can be dependent or independent, dependent forms are those that are directly connected to a data origin how is one table or query and that are used to specify, edit or display the data of that data source.

In the case of separate forms is not directly linked to a data origin, but contain command buttons, labels, and other controls necessary for running the application. They are used mostly for control access to data.

It should also be mentioned that the navigation forms are those that contain navigation control, this means that these forms they can arrive to be incorporated into any desktop database. However, so that you can understand all this a little more, here we are going to teach you how you can start creating these forms from scratch in your Access database, To do this, simply follow in detail everything that will be taught below.

Learn step by step how to create and use a navigation form in an Access database

Knowing that are the forms of navigation or exploration in an Access database, the next thing will be to teach you how to create and use them in each of your databases.

For this, it is necessary that you follow in detail each of the processes that we will teach you below:

Create navigation form

The first will be create the navigation form with which you will work in the database, This procedure is very simple and quick to accomplish.

To do this, follow each of these steps:

  • To start you must open the database to which you want to add a navigation form.
  • Now in the tab “Create” and in the section “Forms” you must select the option “Navigation” and there you choose the type of navigation you want to use.

Create navigation form

  • Once some of the options that appear there have been chosen, Access will create the form, add the navigation control to it and teaches it in presentation view.

Add forms or reports

Once created the formula, the following will be add a new one.

To do this, simply follow each of these steps:

  • In the event that the on-screen navigation panel is not shown, you will need to press the F11 key on your keyboard.
  • Here you must make sure that the navigation form is open in presentation view. In order for you to verify this you must click with the right mouse button on the navigation panel and then select the option “Presentation view”.
  • For add a new form it will be necessary for you to drag the report of navigation panel to the button “Add new”.

Add forms or reports

  • Automatically Access will create the navigation button and will teach it in the form or object pane.

Modify form label

By default each time what is a Access navigation form finish adding the tag “Navigation form” that will appear in the form header.

In order to modify this label, you need to carry out these steps:

  • The first thing will be to open the form in the presentation view by right clicking with the mouse on the navigation panel and there you choose the option of “Presentation view”.
  • Now click on the form header label so you can select it, and click again so that the cursor is over the label and you can change it.

Modify form label

  • Here you must execute the modification of the tag as you wish and then press the key “Enter” on your keyboard for the changes to take effect.

Set as default

Taking into account that the navigation form is used as dashboard or home page in a database, the best thing for all would be that this is shown by default every time it is started the Microsoft program, as this will prevent the user from having to create it manually.

It should also be mentioned that the panel Access navigation cannot be used as a explorer, so specify a submission form default web is a very important step when wanting create one web database.

According to all this, you simply have to follow these steps so that you can set the navigation form as the default submission form:

  • To start this procedure, you need to go to the tab “Archive” and in the section “Help” you must click on the “Options”.
  • Now select the option “Current databases”.
  • To be able to set the default form so that it appears automatically once it is started Access, it will be necessary to access “Application options” and there you choose the option of “Show form” in this way it will appear by default in the program.

Set as default

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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