Create Forms with the Access Assistant  Guide ▷ 2020

Currently, one of the most powerful programs in the office environment, refers to Microsoft Access. Which has been cataloged as a great tool to create database documents in a simple, optimal and effective way. Since, it has the necessary utilities to search, organize and present any type of information technically.

In addition to this, it stands out for being an application of Microsoft what supports a remarkable level of customization so that each user can get the best possible experience and ensure high productivity. It is also a software that provides different elements to enrich files easily, such as: tables, queries, reports and forms.

In the case of the forms of a database of Access, Notably, the program allows you to create them in two ways. One of them refers to make it from scratch or blank and the other is about make use of the form wizard present in this software. Here, we will show you the difference between the two and how you can create a form using this wizard.

Forms vs Form Wizard What is the best tool to create one in Access?

Forms vs Form Wizard What is the best tool to create one in Access?

In general terms, the forms of Access They are like the employees of a store that, for example, they make the shopping experience easier by displaying the items the customer is looking for. Therefore, users who choose to create an element of this type in their database, should focus on the creation of the same is effective and correct in order to obtain appropriate results.

So, so that you have well-made forms where users can specify data with precision, as well as edit and visualize it; it is ideal that you choose a suitable method for you when creating your form. Since, you can do it instantly or through the Microsoft Access forms wizard.

Thus, we point out that common, instant or blank forms are those that allow managing the records of a table via a data entry screen. In this way, they serve to manage some records based on a table or query that It is known as the “origin of the form”. Thus, forms created with just one click quickly.

But nevertheless, Microsoft Access offers another tool to build a form quickly and is based on using the Form Wizard. This is a suitable method for those users who prefer to be more selective with respect to the fields that will be displayed in the form. In view of the fact that said assistant allows defining how the data will be grouped and organized. It even offers the possibility of use more than one table or query.

Therefore, unlike the instant form, the Assistant for forms it is a more advanced and powerful method when creating a form. Thanks to that, this will allow select the fields to be added in the form, as well as their layout and style. Consequently, it is considered that the best tool to create an element of this type in Access, is the wizard.

Learn step by step how to create a form using the Microsoft Access forms wizard

Because the form wizard allows you to create a variety of resultsDepending on the options selected, it is advisable to use this utility to create an optimal form. Taking into account that, in addition, it is valuable to run this wizard several times in order to experiment with different options, until obtaining the most expected results.

Now, to take advantage of the benefits that the Form Wizard provides in a Microsoft Access database, it is crucial that each person knows how to create a document of this type, correctly.

Therefore, below, we detail the steps that must be followed in such cases:

  • To start, you have to select the query or table on which you need to base your Access form. Whereas, later, the table or query can also be chosen in the Form Wizard.
  • Then go to the program’s ribbon and click on the “Create” tab. From there, press the button that indicates “Form wizard” in the group Forms.
  • Following this, the window of the Assistant for on-screen forms and, directly from the “Tables / Queries” list, the name of the table or query that was chosen in the first step will be observed.
  • In case you no longer need to use said table or query in the navigation panel, you have to proceed to choose another table or query through the list “Tables / Queries”.
  • Subsequently, you must indicate which are the fields of the table or of the query that you want to insert in your form. If you want to add them all, click the double angle bracket button to the right. In case you need to choose some specific fields, click on them in the “Available fields” list and then press the button with an angle bracket to the right.

Learn step by step how to create a form using the Microsoft Access forms wizard

  • Now, you have to click on the bottom button that says “Next” and then you can select the type of distribution you want to apply to your form. Being the options: Columnar, Tabular, Datasheet, or Justified.

Learn step by step how to create a form using the Microsoft Access forms wizard

  • Once you make the choice above, press the “Next” button again and enter the title you want to give to your new form. Also, choose if you want open the form to view and add information or if you want to modify its design.

Learn step by step how to create a form using the Microsoft Access forms wizard

  • By last, click on “Finish”. In this way, from the Design view of the program, they will allow you view your form and even edit its design.

Learn step by step how to create a form using the Microsoft Access forms wizard

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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