How to create an email account in Gmail? Step by step guide

Email is no longer just a digital letter much faster and more capable than traditional mail, it’s now also a kind of identification on the Internet. Any place where a service or product is offered requires the user to register in advance, and one of the indispensable data to carry out this registration process is precisely to insert an e-mail address that becomes the “identifier” of the person in question.

So it is not surprising that there are so many proposals in the network. All major companies related to computers or the Internet have turned to allow users to access their services to receive an email. Although there is one that stands out from the others by the name to which your email is linked. We’ve all heard of Gmail , the email that Google offers, the big technological giant that helps us find everything in the digital ocean.

Many people who travel over networks still don’t know how to create a Gmail account. Fortunately, this guide will give all possible answers to that question. Here we’ll explain everything you need and you should do to start having a profile on the Google built email system so you can start sending and receiving emails on your PC, your phone or tablet, without any problems or limitations.

How do I register a Gmail email account for free?

In addition, we’ll also help you find out on which mobile devices a Gmail email can be opened and what additional products it offers you to have this account on. Google offers a wide range of extra tools for those who register with your account system and open a profile precisely. This is a mandatory requirement to have Gmail and everything that goes with it.

Registering an email account with Gmail for free is very easy and also makes it easy to access many other services Google has several tools and systems in the cloud that offer all kinds of additional functions very useful, so, registerif you’re a Gmail user is to open the doors to many other possibilities. Here, we’ll explain what you need to do to open an email in Gmail completely free:

1 – Enter the Gmail portal

First of all, you’ll need to open your most frequent web browser. When you’re in, type the following URL: . This will take you directly to the main page of your Gmail email registration.

2 – Account creation begins

Automatically, when you sign in to the indicated portal, a menu will appear to sign in to your Google Account. Since you can’t fill out this form, scroll down and click “Create account“. This option is the key to opening a new Gmail email profile.

3 – Enter your user data

It’s time to send data to Google to create your new email . The first information you should offer is your first and last name, to enter the first two fields that appear.

So it’s time to choose a Gmail username . This has to be unique, because it will be the only one with the ending ” @ ” to have your email address. You have the option to add numbers and even points, although your account is identical with or without the use of points in the name.

The next step is to create an access key . Fill in both fields for this and remember that you need to have eight characters and combine letters with numbers, plus symbols if necessary.

4 – Expand your information

When you finish the previous step, you will have to proceed to enter more details . In this section, the introduction of a phone number or a recovery email is optional , although it is recommended to recover access in case of login problems or forgotten passwords in the future.

What’s mandatory is to enter a date of birth and gender (you have the “I’d rather not say” option if that’s the case) so Google and Gmail can finish determining your user identity.

5 – Accept the conditions of privacy and use

Now you’ll have the privacy policy and terms of use of Google and, by extension, Gmail, before you. Scroll down, check the boxes to accept everything and click “Create Account.

A pop-up window appears asking if you’re sure or prefer to modify certain settings in your profile. You can do this, or, directly, click ‘Acknowledge’ to complete the entire procedure.

6 – Email account created!

If you’ve followed all of the steps indicated and the way we’ve indicated, your Gmail email is already created and your Google Account is created. From now on, you’ll be able to access your Google inbox to manage all your emails, send and receive everything you need without hassle.

In addition, you can also use mobile applications and connect seamlessly to continue managing your email, wherever you are.

And what are the devices on which you can connect to Gmail? Practically the same ones where you can create an account. Let’s talk more about this at the following points.

On which mobile devices can we create a Gmail email account?

You can create a Gmail email account on virtually any device you have today. Next we will briefly explain the process to follow on Android, iOS and Windows Phone:

On Android

To use Android, you need to create a Google account , as it is used to access Google Play Store and other terminal functions. So when you register this, you are already registering a Gmail account. Let’s explain the procedure:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section of your phone via its icon.
  2. Go to the “Accounts” section and access it.
  3. Scroll down and click “Add Account”.
  4. Now choose the “Google” option.
  5. Instead of entering the data for a profile, click “Or create a new account.
  6. Fill in your data through the different forms that appear.
  7. At one point, you’ll be asked to establish a username . This is what you’ve named your Gmail email. Type what you think is appropriate and move on.
  8. Then enter the password with which you’ll limit access to your Google email profile.
  9. Finish setting up the steps below and accept the privacy policy and conditions of use by checking the boxes where appropriate. Something indispensable.
  10. When you are done, just press “Create account” and then “Confirm“. Your Gmail profile is already created and you will have added an account on your Android device or mobile phone. That’s it!

On iOS

In the case of iOS, the best option is to download the application and configure everything from there:

Download the Gmail app for iPhone

  1. Sign in to the App Store and search for ” Gmail ” in the search bar. Accept and download the first result that appears.
  2. Once installation is complete, open the email application to begin opening your Gmail account.
  3. Instead of filling out an account details, click “Create account”.
  4. Now, you just need to follow the steps outlined in point 6 of the previous section to create a Gmail user on iOS. The rest of the process is quite simple. Done!

On Windows Phone

In Windows Phone (now Windows 10 Mobile), although it’s a misused system in mobile devices, you can also create an email from Gmail. Google did not support this system through an application . However, thanks to your browser, you can access the appropriate place to register and create your profile:

  1. Open the mobile browser of your Windows Phone . You can use the Internet Explorer, which comes integrated, or any other that you have downloaded. Then enter the following URL: . By doing this, you’ll enter the Gmail-oriented Google Accounts creation page.
  2. Now click on the option below on the screen: “Create account” . You can then start entering the details to register your new email.
  3. From here, you can follow the same procedure explained at the beginning of this section, in the Android section, and continue to the sixth point . The rest of the process is identical and only requires you to enter information to shape your profile. Created! .

These three are the main mobile device platforms where you can use Gmail . In all of them it is possible to register an email from Google, although, for example, in the case of Windows Phone, there is no support through a dedicated application as there is in Android and iOS.

Thanks to this, you can use everything Gmail offers. I also offer a number of additional services that Google offers to users who sign up to give as many amenities as possible. We’ll talk about them in the next section so you’ll know about them in detail.

What Google services can we use when creating new email with Gmail?

When you create email with Gmail , you’re also creating a “Google Account” that allows you to use a wide variety of tools in the cloud. The company has made sure to build a reasonably broad repertoire of functions that are performed over the Internet , without the need to install any kind of program, but able to perform many tasks very useful for those who use networks or networks. with computer systems.

These are the most prominent of all:

  • YouTube: Yes, the popular online video platform is part of Google. At the same time that you create your email on Gmail, you have a user profile on YouTube, which offers the possibility not only to save lists to watch videos, but also to have a channel to start sending. content to the network in this format.
  • Google Drive: Cloud storage becomes one of the assets you can explore. It is another of Google’s services, but focused entirely on allowing file hosting on the Internet. You can save up to 15 GB free , expandable to 5 TB if you pay a small amount.
  • Google Docs: you don’t need to install any office packages on your computer, because Google Docs is responsible for offering the same functions . You have the ability to create and edit documents both on your own and collaboratively with multiple users; but also do the same with slide shows and spreadsheets. It’s ideal for distributing tasks among multiple users or sharing this type of file without using any software other than a dedicated web browser or mobile applications.
  • Google Maps: you don’t need to buy any kind of GPS navigator. With Google Maps, Google offers a perfect mapping system to move anywhere without complications. You can calculate routes to certain destinations, known areas of interest, or even move around the streets as you’re a more viewer.
  • Google Adsense: if you have an online portal and want to monetize it, this is the tool to do so with Google advertising . Adsense is the largest advertising network in the company, allowing the graphic ads to be displayed in different possible formats to earn revenue based on the impressions and clicks of users.

These are the most notable names in everything this company offers you at the time you register a new Gmail account, but it has more possibilities, like Adwords accounts and many other tools also available for registered users. Their main advantage, besides their good performance and versatility, is that they don’t require the installation of anything, since everything happens through the cloud, or what is the same, the Internet.

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