Create Gmail Mail without Phone Number  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Gmail has become one of the most widely used email platforms worldwide, very close to occupying the first place due to the benefits of these accounts and their easy integration with other platforms.

Over time it has evolved more and more, and one of the sections that they have sought to improve the most is security, so they are increasingly asking for more personal data such as mobile number. However, for many users this is too private data to share.

In this article we are going to show you how create a Gmail account without having to share any mobile phone number and keep your privacy as secure as possible.

Do I need to have a phone number to create a Gmail email account?

The reality is that the phone number is not necessary at all when create a Gmail account, as it is an optional piece of information that we can decide if we share or not. Google only asks for this information with the intention of activating 2-factor verification.

Two-factor verification is a security technique in which we add a second verification method to be able to access a Gmail account. In this case, after identifying ourselves with our username and password, we will have to indicate a unique access code that will be sent via SMS to our mobile to be able to enter to the account inbox. Another reason Gmail asks for this information is to add it as a username and password recovery option.

If one day we forget our username and password, we can restore said data with our mobile phone confirming our identity at enter a secret code that will arrive via SMS. These measures are nothing new And for several years different platforms of all kinds have requested this information to improve security and facilitate the recovery of the credentials of their users’ accounts.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Gmail without having to provide your mobile number to the platform

Create a Gmail account without a phone number It is very easy, since we do not have to do anything other than create an account in the normal way.

The steps that we must follow are the following:

  • Go to and select the option “Create new account”.


  • Now you must complete the registration form with all the information requested; name and surname, username and password.
  • Now click on “Next” and you will go to a new form.

create gmail account form

  • In this new form, the first thing the platform will ask you for is your phone number, but you will see clearly that this is a data “optional” that you can omit and specify the other data that are date of birth and sex.

create gmail account without phone number

  • Now you just have to accept the terms and conditions of the service and you’re done, you already have your new account Gmail.

Every time you log in Google will insist that you can improve the security and experience of your account by providing a phone number, but always it will be an option that you can skip as many times as necessary.

Why should I link my mobile number to my Gmail account? Benefits of doing it

Although you may be a bit reluctant to provide this information, it is our responsibility to tell you that doing so will bring many benefits to your account since with this you will be able to:

  • Improve security account by activating 2FA.
  • Make the recovery process easier of the account in the future.
  • You prevent anyone else from entering to your account without your permission.
  • You make sure no one can change your account password.

Tips to make your Gmail account more secure and prevent third parties from accessing your personal information

If you are still reluctant to share your mobile number in Gmail, we advise you to carry out the following actions with the intention that you can improve the security of your account without sharing this information so private and valuable to you.

Go for it:

  • Use a strong password with a password generator like ours, without forgetting to keep it in a safe place so that you never forget it.
  • Link your Gmail account with a device Android so you can activate the 2FA without sharing a phone number.
  • If your browser, operating system or apps are not up to date, the software may not be protected against hackers and you may be attacked.
  • The more apps you install and sync on a device, the more vulnerable it will be.
  • Protect yourself from content and suspicious messages.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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