How to create a free Habbo account? Step by step guide

Several years ago, in August 2000, to be exact, a social platform appeared in Finland that was beginning to open on the Internet. A team formed by two developers gave birth to Habbo Hotel , a proposal that merged the chat systems that infiltrated so much among network users with a visual proposal that seemed to come out of a game. This game, halfway between the social simulator and the chat, would arrive in Spain in 2003 .

As its name indicated, it was divided into communities called hotels where users from over 150 different countries could be mixed . Over time, it evolved into Habbo . With an average age of players between the ages of 13 and 18 , in 2012, the peak moment for the platform, the numbers of use skyrocketed.

This experience had already taken shape and recreated these isometric view rooms were witnessed all kinds of conversations, new friendships, anger, parties and collective challenges. The phenomenon took on a huge form, to the point of having over 273 million registered users and an average of 5 million unique visitors per month. Not multiple gaming platforms, one for each language or territory, but will focus on Hispanic accounts, both like the new .

Steps to register an account at Habbo Hotel or

Until today, although the “official” version has lost enough strength, it has an alternative that is also gaining popularity: the Habbo Fantasy . It inherits the same formulas as this Finnish classic, but improves them with a completely free environment and greater openness. Its system is so interesting that more and more players want to know how to create and register a new free Habbo Fantasy account and this guide is dedicated to them all. If you want to know the steps to follow, here we explain everything so you can play from now on!

This is the official Spanish site of this fantastic game, and for each country / language, Habbo has its own domain, so users from different regions can access the correct site without problems. It is true that there have been parallel sites to the official one and in some cases some users choose to know the latest developments and alternatives they offer us, but if you are one of those who prefer the “original versions“, I teach you how to enter step by step to play from now on!

1 – Access to

As always, the first step is to enter the corresponding site, in this case open your favorite browser and type and click to go directly. After logging in, you will find yourself at point 0 to generate a new user account.

2 – We start with the discharge register

Once you are on the main platform page, a huge and almost impossible to see screen will appear, a green button that says “JOIN! “We click on it and it will automatically take us to the new step to fill in more data.

3 – Fill out the account creation form

Now we have two alternatives to create our new account, the first and fastest, but less advisable is to access from our Facebook account or profile, and why is it less recommended? among many other things, because if we ever close our FB account, we will automatically delete our user and all progress of the game.

A second option, which is recommended, is through an email , either Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo or any other, as long as we have access to it, will serve us. To do this, we start entering the field to put our real data, first the email, then the password which must have at least 6 characters, including at least 1 letter, 1 number and a special character of type (@ # &). Repeat the password to match both.

After we present our date of birth (over 13 years), we mark the acceptance of the privacy policy, and if we want, we can also indicate the option to receive news of Habbo in our mail. We solved Catpcha by clicking on the white box that appears and ready, now we go to the green button that puts “FACT! WE’LL CREATE AN AVATAR! “And we move on to the next step.

4 – Install Adobe Flash Player

To have a total experience at Habbo Hotel , it is necessary to have installed in our computer the latest version of Adobe Flash Player , do not worry , it is very simple, click here and follow the installation steps.

If you already have this software running on your computer or you have already successfully installed it, you should go to the same step before and click on ” CLICK HERE ” then a pop-up screen asking – if you allow the use of Flash will appear, we’ll be at ” Allow ” and magically we’ll be on our avatar’s creation screen! ?

5 – Customize your avatar

Perfect, now it’s time to take our most creative part, to have our unique and special avatar, we will have at our disposal several customization options, including different hairstyles, faces, clothes and shoes and skin color, besides typing a name or nickname (must be unique) and the sex of your character. If you don’t want to complicate a lot, you can give the button that appears once the game will automatically create a random avatar. Although this is only the beginning, because when you are in the middle of the game, you will see new options to configure and customize your character, the options are infinite.

6 – Choose your game room

More customization, and that’s what characterizes Habbo Hotel is the huge degree of options it has, in this step we must choose our game room, first of all, we can choose between “bright house Home“, Penthouse in twilight “for the more partying or” sunny room “if you are retro. And we give the button in green “Select“.

7 – Activate your account You are almost there!

If you have accessed the platform via email, check your email account and look at an email belonging to Habbo, it asks you to confirm email ownership and click on the link, where it says: “Click here to activate your account now “and finish with the account creation process, now that you are fully guaranteed in! If you don’t see this email, look in your Spam folder, sometimes they get there.

Congratulations, you just created a new account at Habbo Hotel , and from now on you can discover and investigate the life that is cooked there, first of all do not be discouraged if you do not understand the dynamics of the game, because in a very short time you will know all the tricks it hides and you will have hours and hours of fun!

* Note: You can also download the apps for Android and iOS, this is an option if you want to play from your smartphone or tablet is from the official Habbo app for Android and iOS devices, so we leave the download links 100% secure.

Register a Habbo Fantasy account via email

This is an alternative and original version to the original , and that in recent times is gaining many followers, if you are interested in trying, keep reading. There are two ways to register a new Habbo account and create your profile to play online: by registering a user via email or Facebook . We will explain the two options step by step so you can do whatever you want. First, let’s start with the more traditional way, via email and registration form.

1 – Enter the Habbo Fantasy website

If you want to start using Habbo Fantasy on your PC , the first thing you need to do is enter the official page of this social game. Open your trusted browser and in the address bar at the top, enter the URL to enter the online Fantasy portal:

Once the address is entered, press the Enter key so that your browser takes you directly to the page and you can start creating your new account.

2 – The registration process begins

Obviously, to have a new user before registering him. To do this, on the Fantasy main page, look for the green button with the text ” Register! “And click on it. Just see it as soon as you enter the page.

3 – Enter your user data

Now is when the creation of a new Habbo Fantasy account really begins. In this section, you must fill in several fields with the data requested by the game team. First, you must enter a username that must be unique , with a maximum of 15 characters and no symbols of any kind (except 5 that are shown). You can check if nobody else has by clicking on “Validate“.

After that, you should keep entering your email account . Just choose what you want to link to that has not been used before, because when you click on the “Validate” button it will confirm if it is the first time it is used here or not.

You must then enter the password twice (once to enter it and once to confirm that there are no errors). It is important that it is personal and non-transferable and complex enough to thwart possible identity theft attempts. For this, it is best to mix numbers and letters, upper and lower case.

To finish filling in the data, the last thing you do is enter your full birth date (day, month and year) to complete the construction of your identity in Habbo Fantasia . After that, check the box “I am not a robot“.

When you have finished the entire form, confirm that your name and email address are not being used and that your password is secure enough, click “Create account” to complete the entire procedure.

From there, you can click log in with your user profile by clicking “Login” through the Habbo Fantasy main page and entering your username and password that you set during the registration process.

Open a new Habbo Fantasy account with Facebook

However, as we have indicated before, there is another way to open an account in this popular social game: using a Facebook account . The procedure through this option is as or more simple as the previous one. So that you can do this without problems, we will explain how to register a new Habbo Fantasy account through Facebook.

1 – Enter the Habbo Fantasy portal

As we indicated in the previous process, open your browser and type in the address bar the URL to access the main page of this game. You must copy the following and paste it into that bar:

2 – The Facebook option

Now, when you enter and press the Enter key, you will be on the Fantasy main page. Once there, you will see in the middle two fields to fill in your username and password, but you should go a bit further down to the “facebook login” button. Find it and click on it to go forward. If you don’t have one, you can create a Facebook account here.

3 – Log in with Facebook

After clicking the button indicated above, a Facebook pop-up window will appear asking you to enter two important data: the email or phone number of your user profile and the user password . Enter both and click “Login” to continue.

It is important to emphasize that you can check the box “Do not close the Fantasy session” to avoid having to repeat this procedure again. Similarly, if you do not have an account on the social network, you can click the green button with the text “Create a new account” to open a Facebook profile and thus be able to use it with this game.

At present, this function is not fully polished. It is possible that logon errors will appear after the process is finished along this path. However, it is a matter of time before it works properly to provide a much easier, faster and more accessible alternative for users with less knowledge or in a hurry.

With these two options already clarified, the process of creating the Habbo Fantasy account is perfectly disorganized. From this moment, you can enter the main site of the game and start your session to start playing with users from around the world who are on this platform. You can create tags to follow your name, read all the news and be aware of numerous competitions and, of course, start playing by clicking the button “A walk in the hotel” to go to the homepage of Habbo Hotel .

For the amount of options available to you, the wide variety of ways available to customize the avatar that represents you in this virtual world, and all the experiences that can occur when you start talking to people anywhere on the planet, Fantasia He knows how to take the rod of Habbo and keep everything that was so attractive in the experiment that ended up being a mass phenomenon.

The most favorable point of this social game is that you don’t have to pay anything. Everything is at your disposal from the moment you register and login for the first time. In addition, the community is responsible for holding numerous events constantly and even competitions to offer special prizes and make, among everyone, the experience as rich and varied as possible.

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