How to create an Outlook email account for free? Step by step guide

The large companies present on the Internet, especially those established in the field of information technology, have not been slow to develop their own e-mail systems . Giants of the calibre of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft offer users all over the world a service with which to contact anyone at no cost through a free email platform.

In the case of Windows parents, the range of services that accompany their accounts, belonging to Microsoft Outlook , is wide and varied. In fact, Microsoft is generating an account unification system, in which it is much easier to create new accounts on its different platforms and services, enabling data synchronization between them.

In addition, users can perform various tasks , from editing text documents, sending and receiving emails, playing and shopping online, to making video calls through the services offered, such as Skype, Xbox, offices, among many others.

How to open a new email account in Microsoft Outlook?

Given its versatility and the facilities it offers, knowing how to open an Outlook account for free is something of special interest to many. Therefore, with this guide we will explain everything you need to know to do this step by step and in a simple way, we also inform you how to recover your password in case of loss or forgetfulness and even configure your email from Outlook on mobile devices. Let’s do it!

As we already know, Outlook is the new e-mail service designed by Microsoft, which replaced the famous and well-known Hotmail e-mail . If you don’t have a personal e-mail account yet, with this free service, you can take advantage of all the advantages and facilities that Outlook offers us . If you have or have an account at and , you can migrate and update your account to the new and renewed Outlook email service . We will see the steps to open and register our account step by step.

1 – Enter the Microsoft Accounts site

Open your web browser and enter the URL in the address bar at the top of the window. This is where Microsoft invites users to create their new accounts to start using its messaging services and other available tools.

2 – The creation process begins

Once in the official online portal, in the center of the screen you will have a small menu that you can fill in with the desired data. However, what interests us is the option “Get a new e-mail address” which is located at the bottom of this menu, under the button “Next“. Click on it

3 – Enter an account and password

After completing the previous step, you must enter a name for the email account which will be accompanied by the endings @, @ or even @ as you prefer (you can choose by clicking the arrow on the right). This name must be unique, so if it corresponds to another existing user, it will not allow you to continue by entering the error message: “Someone has this email address.Try another name. »

The second field, “Create a password”, must be filled with a personal and non-transferable password, as it is responsible for allowing access to your account. It is advisable to use an alphanumeric sequence (numbers and letters) and at least 8 characters to prevent others from finding it easily. If we check the non-mandatory option “Send me a Microsoft promotional e-mail” we will receive e-mails with the latest news and company news, you choose.

4 – Add the latest details

Fill in the two previous fields and click the “Next” button, you must indicate the first and last names that will be linked to your Microsoft Outlook account. If you are going to use it for official purposes, we advise you to be honest so as not to confuse the users with whom you interact. Once done, click on ” Next ” again.

After that, you will be asked to indicate the country or region where you live, as well as your date of birth. These are details that Microsoft requires in order to complete a digital identity, so that you can indicate the real ones without any inconvenience. Fill out both fields, click again on the “Next” button.

In summary, to complete the registration of a new Microsoft Outlook account, the data to be provided are:

  • Unique email address (@ @ @
  • Alphanumeric password (minimum 8 characters)
  • Names and Surnames
  • Country of residence
  • Date of birth

5 – Account Confirmation

This step is something traditional in this type of system to prevent the advance of bots and other software for malicious purposes. Microsoft will ask you to insert a sequence of letters and numbers shown in an image, famous captcha. Write them respecting uppercase and lowercase letters and click the “Next” button to continue.

6 – Process completed!

After this last requirement, you already have your Microsoft Outlook account created . From now on, you can send and receive e-mails on it, as well as enjoy the many other advantages that Microsoft offers both in terms of services and software. In fact, you can even link it to your Xbox console to integrate purchases and share them between video console and PC, and use other services such as Skype, Office, Windows Store or OneDrive, among others. Now you can sign in to your Outlook account.

* Note: In the account creation process you will have another opportunity to register is to use our mobile phone or mobile phone to include us in Microsoft accounts , the steps are similar when using an email, however the verification code to confirm the account will be sent directly to our smartphone.

How do I recover my e-mail account password in Microsoft Outlook?

If you have forgotten the password with which to access your Microsoft Outlook account, the recovery process only takes a few minutes:

  • First, go to the Outlook login site: , enter your email account, and when prompted for your password, click on the “I forgot my password” option.
  • Microsoft’s system will ask why you can’t login. In this case, to recover your password, indicate the first option “I forgot my password” and click the “Next” button.
  • After this step, you will have to save an alphanumeric key that will appear in an image in your Microsoft account and then indicate an alternative email address to which you will send a recovery code.
  • Open the alternative email inbox that you just entered. You will receive a new e-mail from Microsoft with a password that must be entered on the account recovery site. Do this and then you must rewrite all of your personal information to confirm your identity and answer a number of questions.
  • Once you have done this, you can re-enter a new password to log into Outlook.

Devices where you can open an Outlook email account

In addition to the PC and computer, Outlook accounts can also be used on all types of intelligent devices. Both Android and iOS and Windows Phone are compatible with them and we will then explain how to set up and create a Microsoft Outlook account on each of them.

Setting up an Outlook account for Android phones

If you have not previously created an account, you should proceed in the same way as in the previous section dedicated to it. You can do this on a computer or, if you prefer, continue via the browser on your mobile phone or tablet .

Download APP Outlook for Android

  • Next, you should download the Outlook app for Android and configure it to add your email to it and have it always available and available.
  • To do this, go to Google Play and search for “Microsoft Outlook“. The first result obtained will be the official application. Download and install it.
  • After that, open the application and, inside it, access the menu. From there go to “Setup” “Add account” “Add email account” .
  • Once you have done this, enter your Outlook email address into the field on the screen and click ” Continue “. You will also have to enter your password.
  • Other settings are:
    • Server:
    • Use secure connection (SSL): On
    • Accept all SSL certificates: disabled
  • From there, start using Outlook on your mobile terminal.

Manually configure the Android Gmail email application directly:

  • To do this, the first thing you have to do is open the Gmail app that normally comes with Android phones and once there, click the top menu button available to the left to access the “Settings” option.
  • Once on it, click on ” SettingsAdd account ” “Exchange y Office 365“.
  • You will now have to enter your Microsoft Outlook email address and password for the application to begin making the necessary server settings.
  • If it prompts you to configure the incoming and outgoing server, please follow the steps we provide below.

* Note: In the process of adding features, do not select the “Outlook, Hotmail and Live” option unless you only want to synchronize email only and not the other Microsoft functions.

Manual e-mail configuration for IMAP or POP3:

Input server configuration:

  • Username : Account name @ @ @
  • Password : our password
  • Server
    • IMAP accounts:
    • POP3 accounts for
    • Office 365 professional or educational account for
  • Ports
    • Port POP3 : 995
    • IMAP door: 993
  • Security type : SSL / TLS (accept all certificates) or SSL (accept all certificates).

Outgoing SMTP mail settings:

  • SMTP Server :
    • account:
    • Office 365 account for companies:
  • Door : 587
  • Type of security : TLS

Register new Outlook account on iPhone for iOS

In iOS for iPhones and iPads, you have the same two options:

  • The first is to use the Microsoft Outlook application
  • The second, for iOS native mail

If you choose the official dedicated application, you just have to download it from the App Store and proceed in the same way as explained in the previous section, setting it up step by step.

Download APP Outlook for iPhone

If you decide to use the native iPhone or iPad application:

  • Then, the first thing to do is go to “Settings” and there, scroll down to find the option “Accounts and passwords“, tap and do the same in “Add account“.
  • From the list of servers to be released, choose “Exchange” , the most convenient for perfect email integration.
  • Now, you must enter your Microsoft Outlook email account and password and accept the permissions for the procedure to finish.
  • Finally, iOS will ask you which services you want to synchronize. You can choose the ones you use most and want to use, you can use the same data that we provide in the case of Android phones.

Open Outlook account for Windows Phone phones

The case of Windows Phone is special. When you belong to Microsoft, Outlook support is automatic , although it is also necessary to perform a small procedure to make your account work on it.

  • Enter the list of applications and go to “Settings” . Inside it, click on ” Mail and accounts ” and then on ” Add an account “.
  • Now, among the available options, choose ” ” or ” Outlook “. The system will ask you to enter your account and, after accepting, do the same with the password you associated.
  • Once you have done this, Microsoft Outlook will be completely configured on your mobile with the Windows Phone operating system.

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