Create Polls on Facebook Live  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Understanding the audience is one of the fundamental aspects that must be addressed by brands. Adding polls to live broadcasts is possible because Facebook understands that it is important for entrepreneurs to know who they are targeting and who they are going to sell their products to..

You can do a number of things on Facebook Live, including broadcast live polls. and we will tell you how. Be part of the millions of people in the world who connect with their followers through this wonderful platform streaming.

We will tell you step by step what you should do to make the most of this powerful tool for reaching out to the audience you want to reach.

What are the benefits of using polls in your Facebook Live videos?

In addition to the different monitoring tools such as the video performance, retention rate, loyalty percentage, and earnings on monetization, the interaction of the public in the surveys are a way to measure the impact that your content has on the people who follow you.

There is nothing more rewarding than casting a live question and receiving hundreds of positive responses about your work or product. However, this reaction it is due to a set of market strategies that over time you will learn, but that Facebook has already developed tools such as surveys to measure your level of popularity.

With the surveys you know the opinion of your followers, their shopping preferences, their tastes in terms of fashion, politics, sports and entertainment. You also have access to detailed information and in trends that will help you know which products they prefer and what content they may like the most.

Learn step by step how to create polls on FB Live to know the opinion of your audience regarding a topic

Even if Facebook is a colossus of technology and data transmission, you still have some limitations when it comes to the use of some of its tools.

However, polls are still a practical and useful option in lives:

On mobile

For the moment, it is not possible to create polls from a phone during live video broadcasts from the native Facebook application as well as from the Creator Studio app, which this company has available for both Android and iOS.

However, you must know the full potential of the surveys from your computer, with more calm, with a clear strategy and with the desire to analyze the responses of your followers in real time.

In the computer

In both Windows and MacOS, the process is exactly the same since all the configuration is done in the Creator Studio section that Facebook has for you:

  • Within “Creator Studio”, you must go to the section “Live Producer”.
  • While broadcasting live, look in the menu for the option “Interactivity”.

Interaction section on Facebook Live

  • Now select “Surveys”.
  • You will see fields where should you write the question and two possible answers.

Questions and Answers on Facebook Live

  • If you wish, you can validate that people only select correct answers.
  • Now press the option “To transmit”, you will see it on the left and bottom.
  • Select the option “Surveys”.
  • It’s time to choose the survey you want to transmitr in the live.
  • Finally, you must press “Activate survey”.

Activate polls on Facebook

You can view survey in preview of your monitor.

Give people the opportunity to answer the question and then try to access the answers:

  • Look for the button (indicator down) and displays the menu.
  • Choose the option “Survey”.
  • You can see the results only when the survey is disabled for you.
  • Then you can see the number of people who viewed your survey, how many votes are there and what were their responses.

Before you start streaming, have up your sleeve a couple of surveys with two, four or six possible answers so that you know your followers better and write down in detail the metrics that this platform offers you. Remember that the analysis of the metrics and results is an important part of the path to becoming an influencer.

Ideas for using polls and getting the most out of them on FB Live

More than just using this tool, with no compass or purpose, It is important to have a strategy that responds to what you need to do a survey for, what do you gain from it and how regularly you should do them.

Let’s see:

Filter content

Polls will give you a better picture of what people who follow you like to talk about. When what you offer them does not please them, they will let you know by not watching your videos live and not engaging with interactions.

Innovate, change the subject, change the scene and the guests and try to consult through surveys if the adjustments you are making have any liking in them. Later, sit down with a pencil and paper to digest everything they have to say about the products, services and content that you are offering.

Get opinions on a topic

More than having statistical numbers on your posts, brands are also interested in knowing the specific opinion about something that affects your sales. Dare to ask if they like your services or products, what it takes to be better and more competitive.

Many brands fear what people have to express about them, but whether you like it or not they will always have an opinion and it is better to know it to make the necessary adjustments and finally increase both the statistics and the sales in your business.

Create loyalty and empathy

As there is no magic formula to create both qualities of a brand among your audience, it doesn’t hurt to try a survey to see if people enjoy your service, to launch a bit of humor with rhetorical questions and double meanings. Creativity is the limit and passion must be awakened in those who follow you.

When brands interact with the audience, they feel better cared for, it is a reality that has been proven in innumerable marketing studies, so surveys should not be ruled out as a form of approach.

Get more interactive

Internet 2.0 is based on the possibility that people have direct access with large companies, so it is not convenient for your venture to offer one-way communication in which you do not give people the opportunity to express themselves. People are more attracted to brands that take the time to get opinions and make, together with them, a better product for consumption.

Increase metrics

Selling is important, there is no doubt about that, but having more and more people to talk to is too. There is nothing more frustrating than dedicating time and effort so that few people know and value your work.

Constantly conducting surveys encourages people to be vigilant to your publications and to participate with valuable content, which translates into more comments, more shares and more likes.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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