Create Polls on Facebook  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Nowadays, Facebook It is the most used social network in the world with a total of 2.320 million users. This makes it an excellent platform to be able to do marketing to any company, since products or services can be advertised to millions of people.

This platform offers many interesting options to be able to connect with potential clients, as is the case with Facebook Live, surveys and much more. In this opportunity, we want to talk to you about how to create a poll on Facebook fast and easy.

Through them, you will be able to connect with your audience and find out their opinions regarding different topics that help you interact much more or even improve your services. Pay attention to this step-by-step guide!

What are the benefits of creating surveys for companies on Facebook?

Benefits of Facebook surveys

Surveys represent a research form very interesting, through which it is possible to collect data that can be of great help. Specifically in the business world, surveys are highly relevant because they allow an in-depth insight into the thinking of customers.

The use of these has gone from the physical medium to the digital world. Many social networks have incorporated this function within their platforms, so that companies or individuals know the impression of users regarding specific topics. Consequently, Digital Marketing uses them as a powerful interaction tool.

Other than that, creating surveys on Facebook brings with it another series of benefits very interesting for companies. Some of the main ones are:

  • Eye-catching content for the user.
  • They may be interactive, which helps to generate a link with the followers.
  • It allows know the way of thinking of your followers.
  • Increase engagement on Facebook.
  • Improve reach of your posts.
  • Draws attention.

Steps to create a survey on Facebook to analyze our audience

Without a doubt, the use and exploitation of the surveys it is an excellent idea to be able to analyze our audience. With this option, you can ask a question, customize the answers, and also allow people to vote for the option they want.

There are three ways to create a poll on Facebook: in a group, on a page or in a story. Here we show you how to do it in each case.

Create poll in a group

Keep in mind that when you survey a group, only members of the group will be able to participate. In consecuense, the steps to create a survey are:

  1. Go to the news section, click “Groups” located in the menu on the left and then choose the group in which you are going to carry out the survey.
  2. At the top of the group select “Write something…”. Look for the option called “Survey” and press it.
  3. Write the question you want and select “Add option …” to add options that group members can choose. In those options you can put text, images or GIFs.
  4. Then enter the button “Answer options” located at the bottom to customize that function.
  5. Finally, click on “To post”.

Facebook group survey step 1

Facebook group survey step 2

Create survey on one page

In case you want to create a survey on a Facebook page, it is necessary that you have the administrator or editor permissions.

Once you have this in mind, the steps to follow are:

  • In the news section, go to “Pages” in the left menu and select the page where you are going to carry out the survey.
  • Tap on “Write a post …”.
  • Select the option “Survey”. In case you don’t get it, you just have to press on the ellipsis () to display all options.
  • Write your question.
  • Write the answer options. It should be noted that you can write up to 25 characters in each option. Also, you can add photos or GIFs to them.
  • Click on the button with a clock icon along with the text: “1 week” located at the bottom to choose the duration of the survey.
  • To select when you want the survey to be published, click on “Share now” and choose if you want to schedule it with a specific date, save it as a draft, etc.
  • Tap on “Share now”.

Keep in mind that when trying to create a survey on a Facebook page, you may be prompted to do it from Creator Studio. The operation is the same, you just have to go to “Start” In the left menu, choose the page and click on the button “Post something”.

Facebook poll on page

Create poll in a story

Another very interesting and interactive way to use surveys is through Facebook stories. The steps to create one are:

  • Login to the Facebook app from an Android or iOS device.
  • Select in “+ Add to history”, at the top of the news section.
  • Add a video or photo. You can choose an image from your gallery, take a photo or choose the Boomerang feature.
  • Click on a leaf-shaped icon with a smiley face in the upper right. Then tap on “Survey”.
  • Write the question you want and choose between “Yes” or “No” to customize the answers.
  • At the top right tap “Ready”.
  • In case you want to change the audience of your survey, tap on the option to “Privacy” In the bottom left.
  • Click on “Share in history” and ready.

An interesting fact is that when the user selects his answer he will be able to see in real time the results that the survey is throwing. Also, if you want to know how many votes each option has received, you just have to enter the story and slide your finger up.

Facebook poll on stories

Tips for doing better surveys on Facebook to grow your business

Marketing strategies are very broad and depend on the needs of each person or company. However, there are certain general advice that can be of great help to improve the quality of your surveys on Facebook and grow your business.

Pay attention to these main tips:

Create expectation

You always have to offer content that can excite your followersTherefore, through surveys you can create expectations regarding new releases, ideas and much more.

Be creative

Repetitive content does not attract the attention of any user, therefore, when it comes to surveys on Facebook, the ideal is to get the most out of your creativity. Use resources or texts that can attract attention of those who read it, to invite them to participate.

Keep your style

Staying true to your brand it can make a big difference in any marketing strategy. If you use a particular vocabulary or a way of expressing yourself that already identifies you as a public image or as a company, don’t change it! Remember that your style makes you unique and allows you to stand out from the rest.

Take advantage of visual resources

A very good idea is make use of visual resources that can be incorporated into surveys. The images, GIFs and colors, capture the attention of anyone. For this reason, we recommend that you include photographs or any other visual resource in the options of your survey.

Involve followers in your business decisions

Do surveys so that your followers give their opinion regarding your company’s decisions it is very useful, because it makes them feel part of your brand. In addition, they can contribute ideas that you did not consider in your plans before. It allows to establish a very interesting feedback.

Examples of useful surveys to obtain concrete results in FB

Examples of effective surveys on Facebook

A very important aspect to consider when conducting a survey is the topic to be addressed in it. Choosing a good theme can be decisive in terms of user participation. Consequently, we want to mention some interesting examples that might work for you.

Surveys on a trending topic

Conduct surveys on trending topicsa is always a great idea to get audience participation. Therefore, if you want to increase participation and interaction with a Facebook page, we recommend you touch on interesting topics that remain in trend.

Such is the case of surveys on new movie releases, music videos, awards, news of general interest and much more.

Surveys on your satisfaction

In case you want to know the opinion of the followers regarding a brand or service in general, it is best to opt for surveys on their satisfaction. Remember that the questions should be as direct and clear as possible.

Surveys about your expectations of the brand

If you feel that your brand is stagnant and you need new ideas, the best is consult it with your audience. Let them show you their impressions or opinions regarding new decisions, projects and much more. These types of surveys help to create a close bond with your followers.

Brand Suggestion Surveys

To seek customer engagement, certainly surveys on suggestions for your brand they are a fantastic idea. The results may surprise you, so take this option into account when you want to incorporate new services.

Event Planning Surveys

In case you want to know the availability of your followers to carry out an event, you can carry out surveys on planning your brand events. Thus, you can organize a date and time that benefits everyone.

Funny polls

Most users love to participate in interesting quizzes and voting. So, use fun polls to get to know them a little more, involve them with your brand, promote a service or product and much more.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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