Create QR Codes for Telegram  Guides and Tricks ▷ 2020

As well as WhatsApp and Skype, Telegram has managed to be weighed as one of the best instant messaging applications in the world. Valuing that, unlike its main competitors, this provides more useful tools that are unique.

One of those tools, consist of the famous Telegram groups and channels which, by default, are considered an excellent way for each user to stay connected with a large number of people who have common interests, quickly.

Fortunately, Telegram also allows create QR codes for groups and channels on your platform, in order to facilitate the integration of more users in them so that they can increase their followers. Since it is so relevant, here we will show you how to do this.

What are the benefits of using a QR code from your Telegram groups?

While it is true, a QR code is defined as a square two-dimensional barcode It has the ability to store the encoded data within itself. In this way, they refer to the evolution of the barcode and, basically, operate as a module suitable for storing data in a dot matrix. For its part, in Telegram, there is the possibility to create QR codes for each group or specific channel of the application and this is considered a very useful tool.

Valuing that, they usually guarantee some benefits of interest, such as:

  • They are ideal for the group in question to obtain further diffusion and expansion.
  • They achieve attract more members to these Telegram groups or channels, since they attract attention and offer easy access to them.
  • They are effective for enhance user interaction on Telegram, thanks to helping to attract more people.
  • They also allow increase the number of followers of groups or channels, since they offer great simplicity to enter.
  • They are considered a fundamental element to be able viralize a certain group or channel of the application through other means.

Learn step by step how to create QR codes to share your Telegram groups and channels

Now surely, you wonder how you can create a QR code of any group or Telegram channel in order to be able to share them on other platforms and expand your number of followers. So, first of all, we highlight that, this can be done thanks to an external QR code generator. Therefore, in conjunction with Telegram, it will be necessary to use a tool of this type in order to carry it out as easily as possible.

So, without further ado, we proceed to introduce you to the step-by-step procedure when implementing a square two-dimensional barcode that is exclusive to your group / channel on the platform:

Learn step by step how to create QR codes to share your Telegram groups and channels

  • To start, access the Telegram app from the version you prefer (mobile or desktop) and log into your account.
  • After that, in the Chats tab, you have to find the group for which you want to create a new QR code and press his name to enter it.
  • Then in the chat for that group or channel, go to the top and tap their profile picture on the left side.
  • Next, within the section of Group or channel description, locate the invitation link of this.
  • Once you find it, make a long press on it and select the option “Copy”. Or, if you do it from your computer, right click there and click on “Copy link” too.
  • Then go to the website or platform where you want to create your QR code and paste the URL of the group in the space provided.
  • Lastly, customize your QR code, if possible. For thus, download it in the format you prefer (depending on what are available)

Done all of the above, it only remains start spreading the QR code of this group or Telegram channel wherever you want; either in a physical medium or online.

List of the best QR code generators to use with the invitation links of your groups and Telegram channels

If you still have no idea which tool you can use to generate the QR codes of certain groups or Telegram channels making use of its invitation links, we invite you to read the following list.

Where we show you which are some of the best QR code generators available and compatible with these URLs corresponding to the instant messaging application:

It is an online platform that has a QR code generator together with a QR Reader and thanks to its efficiency, it is considered one of the best solutions to create this type of codes, based on links from groups or Telegram channels. Since, apart from being a completely free solution, does not oblige its users to register on the web in order to use it.

In addition, Pageloot is distinguished by its high quality printing, since it provides formats such as PDF, SVG and EPS. Now, to create a QR code on this website, you have to enter it and access the “QR generator” section on top. Then, from the URL tab, you have to enter the invitation link in the “Link” part to proceed to customize its colors, its appearance and even add a logo. Finally, only subtract download this code in the format you prefer.


It refers to another online QR generator that stands out for being a tool developed under free software that is totally free. Thanks to this, in addition to facilitating the creation of this type of barcode, it also allows downloading and printing them both for private uses as well as commercial and advertising, without additional costs.

On the other hand, if you choose to make use of this alternative to obtain the QR code of your channel or group of Telegram, You will need to do the following: From your preferred web browser, enter the website. Then, at the top, click on the “URL” tab and in the indicated field, proceed to paste the invitation link. Then if you want, customize it by defining its size and redundancy, to press the button “Generate QR code” and then download it.

This is another free option available to establish a QR code in any group or Telegram channel. Which is defined as one of the most popular tools to develop this type of code from a URL address quickly and effectively.

Considering that, provides high resolution and has powerful design options to customize the creation. Thus, when creating your QR code on this web page, you have to choose the content that will store this element (in this case, will be based on the url section). Later, enter your link and start customize your design selecting a specific color for both the front and the background.

You can also add the image you want to it (a logo, for example) and replace predefined figure. Done that, click on “Create QR code” and when you get it, click on “To download” (can be in PNG, EPS, PDF or SVG).

Unitag QR

Another solution that, apart from being free, provides the QR codes immediately and ensures an unlimited duration in time; therefore, they do not expire. Added to this, unlike the alternatives mentioned above, Unitag QR offers you many more customization options to acquire more original results that motivate people to join your Telegram channel or group.

In this sense, to create your QR code, what you have to do is enter the web and click on the “QR code generator” section. Then, as a first step, you have to enter the invitation link in “Type of QR code”. Then, it is time to customize this element with all the options offered in the second step and after doing this, you must click on “Validate”. By last, You just have to click on “Download the QR code”.


It is also a platform that guarantees unlimited duration in time for all the QR codes that it allows to create for free. In this, you will find numerous options for create different types of codes, depending on the needs you have. It even allows you to customize your QR to a great extent, as well as creating dynamic QR codes and downloading them in PNG format.

For your part, once you access the website, you have to choose the type of QR you want to create, to proceed to paste the invitation link of your Telegram channel or group in the corresponding field. Followed by that, it allows you to modify the design of this code, as well as use other color combinations and insert an image in the center. Once you customize the aspects you want, to conclude, you have to click on “Download Code” which means “Download code”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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