Create Sales Post on Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Instagram Shopping allows users to make purchases without leaving the application. It is a tool that also streamlines the information process to purchase products.

The price tags on the publications are possible for encourage faster to make a purchase directly from the app. This feature has been a success, and is gradually being included in the application updates in several countries.

Instagram Shopping is mostly a tool used by Business, who use this functionality to boost the products they offer. Below we give you information, in case you are interested in making publications of this type.

What are the advantages and benefits of selling through Instagram Shopping?

What are the advantages and benefits of selling through Instagram Shopping?

Implement Instagram Shopping to the sales strategy of any company that wants to expand in the networks, it is a wise decision and that goes hand in hand with the digital times and current marketing strategies.

Look at the advantages that can be acquired by using this tool:

  • Brand recognition: With the appeal of labeling on products, any company’s account will look like a competitor to well-known brands, and positioning among your own, other or new followers, will be unstoppable.
  • New sales channel: Most people use mobile devices to visit digital stores. Count on Instagram Shopping will mean more attractiveness for new customers who repeatedly use Instagram From the phone.
  • Increase customer confidence: Know information thanks to the labels, without needing a process of direct questions. For example, to find out the price of a product, you will cause trust in users.
  • Simplify steps: Previously, the way of buying and selling was achieved by accessing the company’s website through the profile link that it offered, and it entailed a search on that site.

But with Instagram Shopping you can streamline the purchase process, because in the posts that show the product, there will also be a price and purchase label, which just by clicking it, will redirect you to the purchase page of that product. It should be noted that doing more than 9 posts with tags, Instagram will allow the button to “To buy” is enabled at the beginning of your company profile.

What are the requirements to create a sales post on Instagram?

What are the requirements to create a sales post on Instagram?

Users who want to take advantage of this tool to boost the sales of their products must meet several requirements:

  • Set up a business profile in the app.
  • Have the update enabled from Instagram what includes Instagram Shopping.
  • Offer physical products on the official website of the store.
  • Add your catalog to a Facebook page.
  • Have made at least 9 posts previously to activate the buy button.

Learn step by step how to create purchase and sale publications with Instagram Shopping

Learn step by step how to create sales and purchase publications with Instagram Shopping

After completing all mandatory requirements that requires the implementation of Instagram Shopping, adding labels to make sales and purchase publications in your account will be easy. The first step will be to do the common process for post any photo. By having the functionality of Instagram Shopping, you will see that In the section to place a caption or tag another user, the option to Tag Product will appear.

Subsequently, you must tap the photo where you want the tag to appear, preferably that identifies the product. This step is the same as how to tag other users in the images. After touching the photo, you should use the search box to select the products at your disposal you want to tag.

When you have everything chosen as you planned, hit ready and share. An interesting fact that will help you is that each image you can tag up to 5 products. And if you choose to post using the carousel, you can tag up to 20 products.

Tips to sell more in the Instagram Shopping market

Tips to sell more in the Instagram Shopping market

Recognizing the advantages and benefits of implementing Instagram Shopping, we will give you some tips that you can use to amplify the offer of your products and sales are higher.

Let’s see what those tips are below:

Connect with the audience

You have to try to existence of shopping labels in publications is not excessive and annoyingAs the posts on your account are more genuine, the audience niche that you have been fortifying will have more connection with the brand. Would also serve reply to direct messages, Y comments in the posts, to obtain a feeling of closeness with the users.

Persevere with content

One of the most effective characteristics to be successful in the digital world is to have constancy with publications. As a persistent pace is maintained, the focus on the brand will not lose steam. However, don’t let persistence imply that posts lower quality. And always keep in mind that the perception of the resource of shopping labels, it is more positive if it is implemented subtly.

Correctly use the link tools offered by Instagram

The use of hashtags and stories In a good way, it can dramatically boost traffic, engagement, and audience. For example, using the links in stories Getting users to redirect to the website, or to a specific post, will go a long way.

Show knowledge of interest

The audience is always interested in new information that serves them for the routines that they implement in their life or in a specific work. When making content informative, that explain well the knowledge you want to provide, users will want to remain as followers. Not only for the attraction of the purchase labels, but also for the interesting data you provide based on the context of your account.

Manage aesthetics and coherence in posts

The post recurrence that are not related to the brand you have submitted, can be detrimental to the reception of your posts. Users prefer content optimization for which they are attentive, and also the images design with filters or fonts that generate originality.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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