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Create a truly strong password and easy to remember It is not a simple task, which is why many times accessing your private accounts becomes vulnerable due to the danger of the keys.

To solve this problem it is important that you know why you have to have a secure password and how you have to remember them without losing security. This is why we have prepared the following article.

You can find a complete guide with all the steps What you must do so that you do not make mistakes and die trying. Don’t miss a thing and keep all your data encrypted.

Why is it important to have a strong password for all your accounts?

Having a password on your computer does not only mean having a password to access any platform, but also have an essential element to prevent other people from accessing important data and private information. For this reason, the password has to be as strong as possible, This means that it must contain characters and certain requirements that make it safe and that it is very difficult to decipher it through logical reasoning.

When you have a strong password it will be difficult for any unauthorized person to enter your private accounts and platforms social networks. For this reason, you will be limiting the risk of information being stolen or posing as you for personal gain. Also, when only you have access to a platform you will know all the changes that exist since the last time you entered.

This would not happen if there are people who access your private accounts and read notifications and status changes, which you should have read. The last thing mentioned it is common also in email applications, where those emails in which you have not yet had contact with them will appear as read. This will cause the sender of the message understand that you do not want to answer their mail, so it will give you some headaches.

But not only will intrusion with a strong password be prevented, but will also restrict the use of spam. You should not forget that there are organizations that are responsible for cracking passwords just to know your tastes. They do this through social engineering and then use that information to send you invasive advertisements.

Learn step by step how to create and remember your passwords without losing security

According to a recent study conducted on dedicated image editing software, almost 2 million users used the password 123456, while password Y QWERTY they were passwords for almost 400 thousand people.

From this it is clear that a large number of clients of this software used practically the same password, so decrypting them was very easy. What this study showed It is also applicable to all platforms and social networks on the Internet. By this we mean that it is necessary Avoid these types of logical patterns for a strong, memorable password.

For this reason we will teach you the step by step to create a password without losing security:

Choose a safe place to store them

The first thing you should do is not choose the best password, but choose the safest place to safeguard them. Since you can have a very robust access code, but you have it in view of everyone. For this you must take into account some programs that can help you manage this type of information although the best thing is that don’t write it anywhere.

Create a plan to manage passwords

Once you have the perfect place to store passwords, You will need to create a list with all the platforms, applications and social networks that need a password.

If you prefer you can assign a password for each one, or otherwise create a password in groups (according to the level of importance you assign to it). That is to say; for your email you should have one, to access your bank account another key, for your social networks a different password and for online platforms others.

Use our own password generator

Use our own password generator

Best free password generator

It is possible that having a large number of passwords that you must create you have the concern that they can be predictable by having a degree of subjectivity and subconsciousness of your tastes and knowledge, so you may think that they are easy to decipher for those people who know you well. For this we have a solution and it is to recommend that you use our Password Generator tool.

This function can be used without having to download any program. Once you have opened this window you will have to select character length (you want it to have your new password) and then choose if you want your password to include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. When you have all these personalized data you will have to click on the option Generate password, then you must copy it and use it on the platform you want.

Use an online platform

Use a password generator

Another option you have to increase the security of your password is to choose a computer program that help you generate secure passwords. There are online tools and others that you will have to download to your device. Its use is simple, you only have to access this platform Y choose to generate a password according to different length criteria and the inclusion of special parameters.

Use famous movie quotes

If decide to create your own passwords, you can generate them incorporating the name of a movie that you liked, but only you should know that you liked it so you can use this criteria. If you include famous films, you will be more likely to be discovered, but if you decide on those less popular short films or series, your success will be much greater.

Combine letters, numbers and symbols

Another way to create a strong password is to incorporate a personal combination of symbols. While most people include numbers and letters, few decide to add special characters keyboard. This helps break human logic and to choose a much more efficient password in terms of security.

Not recommended use symbols that visually replace letters, this would be the case @ with a letter “a” or € with an “E”. Try to specify symbols that you can use on any type of keyboard, whether they are in English or in Spanish.

Some tips to keep in mind

Some tips to keep in mind

Once you’ve created your secure password, the process did not finish.

What you should do now is keep these tips in mind that will help you strengthen your private data:

  • Change your passwords periodically. The best thing you can do to increase privacy and protect your data is to permanently change your passwords. Especially in those credit card or bank platforms and when you have connected to one network of Public WiFi. Remember that many people monitor the keystrokes when you connect to this type of wireless network, it is what is called keylogger.
  • Do not share them with anyone. Few people understand that sharing their access password with a coworker, friend, or partner it is an imminent danger that lowers the strength of a password. For this reason, you should never let anyone know what your password is.
  • And if for any reason you need to hand over your password, after they have used it you should change it immediately. Many times the danger is not because of the person with whom you share but with the activities or oversights that you can do in your profile. For example, leaving the session open.
  • Use a password manager. These programs that help remember passwords automatically. For this you will need a master key with which you will access all the applications and programs that you have installed on your devices. There are a large number of these computer tools, but few are safe. For this reason we recommend that you use a recognized one and that they have good user ratings.
  • Do not use the same password for all accounts. We have already explained it before, but it is necessary to emphasize it. A big problem that users who interact on different platforms have is choosing the same password for all applications. This is in great danger because anyone who deciphers A key in one of the apps will have the way open to access the others.
  • Use Google’s password manager. This native search engine tool will help you keep all the passwords you are related to a Gmail account. In this way you will be able to change and choose a password without having the risk of forgetting it, since it will automatically enter the platform when you save it in this administrator.
  • Keeper. This platform will help you maintain your passwords protected with end-to-end encryption, incorporating the option of two factor authentication. In this way, every time you enter a page with a password, you will not only have to enter the password but also an element that the tool will issue you. To access it go to the following address:

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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