Create Templates in Excel  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Within the office environment, Microsoft Excel is one of the most recognized programs, since it offers digital support to accounting, financial, organizational, business, educational and programming tasks, through spreadsheets. The reason why, has numerous users worldwide.

So basically Excel it is characterized by facilitate the organization, analysis and presentation of any amount of data, thanks to the fact that it manages to simplify the consolidation and graphic representation processes. But, in addition to that, it stands out for being a software that supports the productivity of its users.

That is why, currently, Microsoft Excel offers the possibility of create custom templates, quickly and easily. This, in order to save time and effort when preparing similar documents. Therefore, it is worth knowing what these templates are about and how they should be developed through this program.

Why should you create your own templates in Microsoft Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, templates are defined as a book that has a special format, since, when accessing it, it will show another identical book. But, this without opening the file origin and therefore, you can create a new document with all the elements you want, without having to worry about making modifications in previous versions.

That is why, the custom templates in Excel are very useful and reveal notable advantages or benefits that should be noted.

So, below, we mention why you should create your same templates in this spreadsheet software:

  • To the power create this type of files, you have the possibility of obtaining a own template what fully adjusts to your needs when preparing documents in Excel.
  • Allow save a lot of time and with it, you acquire much more productivity. Since, when creating a custom template, you will not have to start your spreadsheets from scratch and it will only be enough to modify the necessary parameters.
  • Luckily, these Excel templates they are very easy to use and handle. Because, as they are about formats predesigned by yourself, you will only have to enter the information you want to present, without worrying about other elements already adjusted.
  • If you choose to always work with the template that you have customized yourself, you can make sure that show an attractive appearance in all your Excel workbooks. Whether adjusting the typeface, fill colors, font and its size, etc. Also evidencing an absolute organization in your different Microsoft program documents.
  • Thanks to the fact that they allow you to work on a certain pattern to expose your ideas, concepts or data, you will be able to avoid making many mistakes that, later, will take time to solve them.

Learn how to create custom templates in Microsoft Excel quickly and easily

So if you are a constant user of Excel, you will surely be interested in create and use custom templates in this Microsoft software, in order to streamline your work, save time and effort, as well as show greater professionalism and take advantage of the tools that the program offers today.

However, you probably still don’t know how you can create such templates and that is why, we want to teach you what you have to do to make your own custom patterns in Microsoft Excel, Step by Step.

Then follow these steps:

  • The first step to follow, it will depend on the type of template you want to create. Since, if you need to use a file already created as a base, you will have to start with access that document. Instead, if you want to create it from scratch, you must open a blank workbook in Excel.
  • Done the above, it is time to configure or adjust each of the fields or cells that you want to persist in your custom template. In this case, we have decided to exemplify the process through a book based on the general monthly notes of some students.
  • So then we need create a template with the following cells: Student’s name, age and grade obtained. Therefore, we will enter this information within the program.

Learn how to create custom templates in Microsoft Excel quickly and easily

  • When you’re done customizing your template, it’s time to store the file on your computer as you normally do. That is, following the following steps: Click on the File tab> Click on Save as> Select the indicated folder> Click on Save.

Learn how to create custom templates in Microsoft Excel quickly and easily

  • After that, go back to the document in question and proceed to save it as template format. For that, you have to follow the same procedure above and before clicking on “Save”, within the file type drop-down menu, choose the format “Excel Template”.

Learn how to create custom templates in Microsoft Excel quickly and easily

  • Finally, when you have already stored it as a template, you can find that document in the saved folder and from there, use it whenever you need it. Taking into account that, each time you access said template, It will be shown with the same design and the particularities with which you saved it in the beginning, but without the data that you modified after that.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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