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In the past, technical support workers required multiple CDs and DVDs to install operating systems. Currently, they have the units multiboot. A very practical resource that you can generate on your own computer. If you want to know how to create a multi-boot USB with Windows 8, keep reading this step by step guide.

A multi-boot pendrive has many benefits, because from any computer you can run other systems such as Windows, distributions of Linux, among others.

If your installation CD is damaged or corrupt, a multiboot USB is your best option to boot your favorite systems. Find out what it is, what it is for, the requirements for its installation and much more!

What is a multi-boot USB and what is this tool for?

What is a multi-boot USB and what is this tool for?

The Anglo-Saxon term “Boot”, in computer science, it translates as “start”. However, What is a multi-boot USB and what exactly is such a tool for? Well, it refers to removable drives that allow you to use an operating system on any computer without having to be previously installed.

Such a device works for all types of operating system. This includes, of course, all versions of Windows, Linux and Mac. In fact, you can combine several systems. For example, on the same computer you could run Windows 8 and Ubuntu.

The USB multiboot tool offers numerous benefits for the user, among which we can highlight:

  • Availability: A multi-boot pendrive can be transported everywhere, as it does not take up much space, it is light, and its mobilization is simple.
  • They are multi-system: As mentioned above, a USB multiboot you can have many operating systems, regardless of version. These can be run in any browser.
  • Easy to create and use: They are extremely practical and efficient tools that do not require extensive computer knowledge to achieve optimal results.
  • It works as a backup: In the event of any failure that the operating system of your computer may present, have a unit Multi-boot USB It will allow you to always have an installer by your side.

What are the requirements to create a multiboot device?

What are the requirements to create a multiboot device?

Based on the above, it is clear how useful the multi-boot USB has, both in the work and personal environment. But nevertheless, What are the requirements to create a multiboot device? The process of creating this tool is summarized in three things: The image ISO operating system, a USB executable, and a Program Specialized in create bootable units.

Let’s see the different types:

  • ISO Image: It is a type of file that is used to store exact copies of a file system, belonging to an optical drive. This file replaces the content of the Installation CDs and DVDs for programs and operating systems.
  • USB: The picture ISO must be installed on a device USB. Make sure the pendrive has enough capacity. At the very least, you can get a USB from 8 GB. Also, you must take into consideration that the unit is 3.0, for faster execution speed.
  • Specialized application: It is necessary to install a program on the computer that allows you create multi-boot USB. So, you can append the image ISO at USB executable and then run it on your Pc.

Learn step by step how to create a USB Multiboot with Windows 8

Learn step by step how to create a USB Multiboot with Windows 8

The process of creating a multi-boot drive can seem somewhat complex. However, if you follow the step by step of how to create a multiboot USB with Windows 8, you will reach your goal without much difficulty. In fact, creating a multiboot pendrive is not as complicated as you think. Specialized programs are quite intuitive about this. In addition, in general, they all comply with the same steps to follow. So you only owe choose the software of your preference on the Internet.

The fundamental step is get ISO image. If you want a USB with Windows 8, you can purchase the file from the official Microsoft portal (

To do this, you need to download a program called Media Creation:

  • Media creation is a program to install new copies of Windows, either on a USB device or on a DVD. Currently the software includes versions of Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.
  • You must start the program and click “Create installation media for another computer”. Then you must click “Next” and choose the operating system of your choice.
  • Select the system ISO file and download it. By default, the image will be stored in the folder of “Downloads”.

Next, you will need to download a program specialized in creating multi-boot USB. There are a wide variety of options on the Internet. MultibootUSB, Rufus, Yumi, Etcher, or WinSetupFromUSB these are just a few suggestions. On this occasion, we will work with the last one mentioned.

Steps to create a multiboot USB with WinSetupFromUSB

  • Download the program WinSetupFromUSB from this post.
  • You will get a compressed file. Unzip the file. You will see two executable files. One of 32 bit and one 64 bit. Run the one that corresponds to your PC.
  • A window will open with numerous options to load the ISO. At this time, connect USB to computer. In the window, click “Refresh” or “To update” to recognize the device.
  • Next, you must check the box “Advanced Options” to display the different image configuration options ISO. Select the checkbox “Custom menu names for Vista / 7/8 / Server Source”.
  • Then, you must click on the option “Auto format it with FBinst”. In this way, the tool will proceed to format the memory of the USB drive. Next, the formatting options for the device are displayed in the window.
  • If the computer has the UEFI option enabled, you must check the box “FAT32”. Otherwise, choose “NTFS”.
  • When the parameters are configured, you must append the ISO images of operating systems. In this case, Windows 8.
  • Check the box “Windows Vista / 7/8/10 / Server 200/2012 based ISO”.
  • If the file is very large, the tool takes care of dividing the image. When everything is configured, proceed to press “GO” to start mounting the image ISO.
  • The tool tells us to format the memory of the unit USB. Click on “Yes” to start.
  • You must accept the execution of the format again exe. Afterwards, you will see a box in which you must assign the name you prefer to the content. Then press “Okay”. After the process, the ISO image will be within the pen drive.
  • Now you must turn off the computer and start it with the pen drive. Enter the “Setup” (It is done with a predetermined key. You must find out which is the one set on your computer).
  • Insert the USB stick, enter the “Setup” and then click on “Boot”. Then select “Removable Devices”.
  • Save changes made by pressing F10. Now, reboot the system. A screen will appear to set the boot execution options, in which you can select the operating system from the ISO image.

Download WinSetupFromUSB Windows

List of the best tools to create bootable boot devices with Windows 8

List of the best tools to create bootable boot devices with Windows 8

Although the programs are similar, each one has different characteristics. For this reason, it is likely that you prefer to opt for a different application than WinSetupFromUSB.

Here is a list of the best tools to create bootable boot devices with Windows 8:


Is an application specialized in the creation of multi-boot devices. It offers you the possibility of store multiple operating systems on the same drive storage (Pendrive). Giving the user the ability to choose which system they want to boot. Allows you to work with various distributions of Linux, as well as with different versions of Windows.

Download Yumi Windows


He is considered like one of the most comprehensive tools available on the internet. Used for creating multi-boot USB drives. Its interface resembles WinSetupFromUSB. It is a convenient and effective application, so you can create a multiboot USB of, practically, any existing operating system today.

Download Rufus Windows


It is open source software that lets you create multiboot USB drives that allows you to install, mostly, distributions of Linux. However, it is also available for Windows. It is a light program, quite similar to the rest. It is only available in English.

Download Multiboot USB Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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