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Due to the appearance of Internet different changes have been witnessed for the society, but he has also been involved in what is the legal world, especially in everything related to licenses and copyright issues.

All this has originated because it’s millions of data that can generate daily, so it becomes practically impossible to have a control of all the information that is being generated, so it cannot be preserved copyright of all publications.

According to all this already technological advances as are the appearances of social networks, It has been decided create a new model within copyright, which is also known as “Creative Commons licenses”. That is why here we are going to present you a little more what this tool is for and where you can find content of this type. To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below.

What is a Creative Commons content license and what is it for?

What is a Creative Commons content license and what is it for?

This type of Creative Commons license it will allow you to authorize the use of a work of which a person is the author. So it becomes a Fundamental license for what are the copyright of any work. In this case the author exercises the right that the law confers exclusively, so he has a chance to decide certain conditions of use and distribution of your work.

All this allows the author is free to allow his work to be reproduced as long as authorship is acknowledged and at the same time be able to establish or not restrictions on commercial use and the possibility of making other derivative works. In addition, in the event that the author wants to share his work much beyond what allowed by Intellectual Property lawYou can do it too. To do this you simply have to incorporate a Creative Commons license.

This does not mean that do not have copyright, but allows you the reuse of work by other people, but these people must meet a set of conditions. These conditions will depend mainly on the license types chosen by the creator.

The selection of this license can depend on several factors such as Whether you want to allow the work to be used for commercial purposes or not, or whether you want to allow derivative works from it or not, you can also select that derivatives are distributed under the same license. In this case you will have the opportunity to have six types of free choice licenses.

Why is it important to use Creative Commons documents for our content?

Without a doubt, be able to make use of this type of The license will allow you to handle different works by different authors without running the risk of suffering copyright penalties for it, especially because you are penalties imposed by the law is usually quite severe in most cases. All this has made users take the necessary measures especially at the time of the reuse of documents that have been created by third parties.

When making use of these licenses users they will have the possibility of copy and redistribute the material in any medium and format, as well as you can remix, transform and build through material that has been taken from another author. All this material can be used for different purposes, even for commercial uses.

What are the other types of content licenses that exist on the Internet?

What are the other types of content licenses that exist on the Internet?

As mentioned above, there are six more types of license of this type that you will help fix these copyright issues and in that way I can avoid being penalized by the law for any type of infraction.

In addition, it should be noted that each of these available licenses can be used for different types of cases, this is how we are going to explain each one of them here:

  • Recognition: This type of license allows any exploitation of the work, even allowing it to be used for a commercial purpose, either for the creation of derivative works and the distribution of which are also allowed without any restriction.
  • Recognition – Non-commercial: This type of license allows the generation of Derivative works from the original, but in that case they are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. In addition, they cannot be used for commercial purposes of any kind.
  • Attribution – Non-commercial – Share Alike: Here is not allowed what is commercial use of the original work, nor of those that are derived from said work. For the distribution of the same can be done with a license equal to that governing the original work.
  • Attribution – Non-commercial – No derivative works: As in the previous one, it is not allowed commercial use of the original work, nor for derivative works of it.
  • Recognition – share the same: In this case if what is allowed is commercial use of the work and of all those that are derived from the original, in the same way, the distribution must be carried out with a license equal to the one that regulates the original work.
  • Attribution – No derivative work: Is allowed commercial use of the work but what is the generation of derivative works is not allowed.

List of the best portals to find content with a Creative Commons license

On many occasions it is necessary to carry out various types of files or creations where it is necessary to use images, files, resources and many other elements. Be able to find these items Without copyright sometimes it is not an easy task, especially because in google search you can meet with lots of copyrighted content.

Which can generate some consequences if you use it. Currently you can find a large number of websites what will all these offer you completely free and free resources, which you will not have any inconvenience when using them.

According to this, here we show you the main web pages that you can use for this:

To perform general searches

If you want search general content to carry out any of your works or any other type of work, then you will have the opportunity to have different types of web pages that they will offer you all this type of content freely without you run the risk of being penalized.

Due to this, here we leave you the following websites:

Sites used by Wikipedia.

Wikipedia site link

Allows you to filter data by type of license.

Google Filters link

Sample of images uploaded to Flicker with CC license.

Link Images Flicker


One of the most searched items on the internet and in turn more protected are the images posted on the network, they tend to be repeated a lot in different websites, that is why most of these sites usually upload your own protected photos.

However, you can also find a large number of web portals that offer you all this content without any type of restriction and which we show you below:

  • a website that allows you filter results by orientation, get free photosYou can also upload your own images so that they can be used by other users.
  • here you can find Royalty-free photos, vectors and illustrations.
  • this portal is used mainly for personal and commercial use.
  • here you can find a lot of resources with Creative Commons Zero license. As well as many landscape photographs and it has a subscription service where you will receive all the new images uploaded to the portal.
  • in that web portal you will have the opportunity to have funny photos completely free and safe.

Icons & Vectors

If you need to have some icons and vectors for your work, then here we are going to present you some of the websites that will offer you this content with Creative Commons license.

So the copyright will not be any limitation for you:

  • Here you will have the opportunity to get with ricon resources and illustrations of different types of licenses.
  • Belongs to the same flaticon company but in that case you will find Free vectors and images with attribution and payment options.
  • In this portal you will be able to enjoy mMore than 3000 free and CCO licensed icons.
  • It allows you to do some free downloads and other paid ones.


If you are one of the music-loving users, you will also have the opportunity to have a great variety of websites that will offer you thousands of songs without copyright, which you will be able to use in each of your works without any kind of risk.

For this, here we present the following web platforms:

  • Youtube audio library, here you will find one complete section of free music and free to use. To do this, enter
  • here you will have the opportunity to get with non-commercial projects and CC licenses.
  • ideal for all fans of copyright-free instrumental music, music which you can insert in your websites, animations, projects and videos.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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