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Files with extension .CSV are a fairly common special file type that mostly used in spreadsheets and managers to store contacts and related information.

Abbreviations “CSV” mean: Comma Separated Values ​​(comma separated values) this because the same values, which are added into the file as data, are separated by commas (,) that’s where its name comes from.

The biggest advantage of this type of file extension is that it can be opened with any word processor, (can be used even Notepad or TextEdit). To learn more in this tutorial we will explain what is a .CSV file, what functions they fulfill and how they can open or edit any document with this extension.

What is .CSV files and what are they used for?

files with .CSV extension

The .CSV extension is a file type It is used in spreadsheets, and in turn as a way to manage contact information to store it correctly, that is, it allows managing contacts to save all the information of each one in a list in a fully organized way.

The .CVS file extension allows you to include or add any value, such as numbers of a budget designed from Excel or names, description, contact information and other data of different clients.

csv file on windows

The best thing about this type of extension is its versatility, since allows users to open it from almost any program that can process a text.

What is a file extension?

The file extension is understood to be the format or type of document that is the same, commonly denoted with 3 or 4 characters, which indicate to the system what type of file it is. That is, a file extension is a format for example mp3, mp4, jpg. CSV. HTML among other things.

There are a great variety of file extensions, and each one fulfills a predetermined task, these can be opened by multiple programs, or by some programs. And if the program that is in charge to start said file is not installed on the computer, it will not be able to be executed.

How to open and import .CSV files on smartphones or computers?

There are different methods to open and import a file. CSV on computers and smartphoneThese may vary depending on the device being used, as well as the version of the operating system. However, the explanation is very generalized and can be followed without inconvenience in other newer or older devices.

On Windows PC

In Windows, the main program that you can use to open a .CSV file is Excel. Or any other spreadsheet program and even email manager programs, where you can make use of importing or exporting your contacts.

To open a file you have to do the following:

  • Open Excel, or any spreadsheet processor you use that supports the .CSV extension.
  • Choose the option “archive”.
  • Now you are going to choose: the option “open”.
  • You will have different options, but you will choose the one that says “examine”.
  • Find the file that interests you and click on “open”.

Another method is as follows:

csv file

  • Locate the .CSV file that you have saved on your computer, it may be in a folder, surely “Documents”.
  • Double click in the File.
  • The document will automatically open with the default program for it.

open csv file in excel

To import a .CSV file

First of all, a brief explanation of What does it mean to import? In computing it means: “obtain data through a computer program, from another program.” This can be when information is obtained from a document totally foreign to the main program that is being used.

An example of this is when contact information is imported from a file to a phone, when that computer did not have the contact information. In this case all you have to do is transfer the .CSV file to your computer to be able to access it.

On MAC computers

The procedure for MAC devices is similar to that explained in Windows, it is necessary to have a program that allows you to open CSV files, and then run the file that interests us.

And in the case of importing the file, the procedure is similar. Simply transfer the CSV file, from any device, be it USB: portable memory, or through the cloud in order to have access to it.

csv file on mac

On Android mobile phones

In Android there are different methods to import a CSV file, since it depends on what purpose it has. And it can be to transfer data from telephone contacts directly, or files that come from a document with spreadsheets.

In the case of being a spreadsheet document, the following is necessary:

  • Any program that allows processing the spreadsheets, saved in the CSV format (extension), must be installed on the Android device. (There are many programs in the Play Store that meet this requirement)
  • After that, you proceed to open the .CSV document you want.

The other procedure is as follows:

  • In case you want to import the data and information of your contacts.
  • Enter the application of “Contacts ” from your mobile device.
  • Tap on “Options” is a symbol with three dots in the upper right part of the computer screen.
  • Choose the option “Import Export”
  • Now you must choose if you want to import from a Sim or from a .vcf file
  • Another way is to have a CSV file saved in the Google cloud, and that it is stored directly in the account that you use or have associated with your device.
  • In this case, instead of choosing, the option “Telephone”, you will choose the Google account.
  • Followed by indicate in which folder of “Google DriveThere is the file to download it.

On iPhone devices with iOS

In IOS equipment the procedure is no different from the previousYou have to have a program that is compatible with CSV files, once you have it you can open and edit them as you wish. In the Apple Store you can get different apps that meet this requirement.

You can also import your contacts in the following way: Enter in “Settings ” Then in “Mail”, followed by this you click on “Contacts” you choose “Calendars” and finally “Import contacts from SIM”. You can also import them from sites, like Google, Yahoo !, and ICloud, your MAC computer etc.

How to add contacts from a .Csv file to your email address book?

The great thing about .Csv files is that you can use them to add your contacts stored in different email accounts, this is possible by following a series of simple steps, which we will explain below.

Import into Gmail

To import the contacts into Gmail, you have to do the following:

  • Login to Google (preferably from your browser)
  • Click on options (it is located in the upper right part, next to your profile photo), followed by that, locate choose “Contacts ”.
  • Now you locate the tab that says “more”.

import contacts to gmail, from a file

  • Then you choose the option “To import”.
  • A small box will open, in this you will choose the option “Select File”.

import contacts to gmail, from a file stored on your computer

  • You select the CVS file. Or vCard that contains the data of the contacts that interest you. And you click “To import”.

Import to Outlook

From Outlook the process of importing a CVS file is somewhat different and with some extra steps to perform. However, we will explain you step by step, how to do it, so that you can achieve it.

import cvs file from outllok

  • Choose the option “Open and export”.
  • After that you click on “Import or export”.

import cvs file using outlook

  • A wizard will open to import the files you want. In this you will click on the option that says “Import a vcard file (.vcf)”. and press next.

wizard to import or export outlook files

  • Locate the file that interests you, and press open. Ready!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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