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Throughout many years, Youtube has managed to be weighed as a benchmark platform in the audiovisual media ecosystem. Since, due to its remarkable scope, has expanded remarkably worldwide and it has captured the attention of numerous people. Which, in addition to enjoying the content it provides, They also have the possibility to make themselves known through YT.

Thus, thanks to the fact that this website has a large potential audience, it allows to improve the specific reach of a target audience, offers greater brand visibility and is ideal to gain recognition, many people choose to upload videos on the platform. Thus, in addition to offering you the necessary tools to advertise, it also helps you optimize your content.

For this reason, the video platform of Google has a video editor that is distinguished by being a tool that allows you to enhance clips at a professional level in order to show high quality audiovisual content. In that sense, it is possible to trim videos from Youtube through said utility so as not to have to replace them and here, we show you how to do it.

What are the main reasons to cut a video that I uploaded to YouTube?

What are the main reasons to cut a video that I uploaded to YouTube?

In video editing processes, one of the actions that is mostly carried out, consists of cutting out these audiovisual elements. Well, it is considered a basic improvement that allows optimize the content to display, in order to achieve the objectives set around said clip, before the audience. Consequently, when users who advertise on YouTube decide to cut the videos they have uploaded to their channel.

In most cases, they do it to suppress errors contained in the clip they hadn’t observed before sharing it. Either at the beginning or at the end of it and even in a section of the entire video. In addition to eliminating possible errors from a video, the tool to trim these elements it is also used for other reasons. One of them lies in the length of the video. In Youtube, Broadcasting content that takes many minutes is not ideal because this tends to bore the audience.

So, when this problem is evidenced, users prefer to trim a part of their clip, instead of deleting it. On the other hand, it is also possible to decide to cut a uploaded video to YouTube for the privacy and security policies managed by the platform. Well, due to inappropriate scenes, the platform could restrict the video in question. So to avoid its removal completely, many users choose to delete some part of the video, in order to share what Youtube lets actually.

Learn step by step how to cut a video from the YouTube editor

Before letting you know the procedures that must be carried out to correctly trim a video of Youtube making use of the editor of this website; it is necessary to clarify some relevant points. The first one refers to the fact that this YT function only available for clips that are less than 6 hours long. For its part, the website’s video editor offers you the possibility of cut the beginning, the middle or the end of the content, according to your requirements.

Added to this, the address Url video, view count, and comments will remain intact after editing, so that it is not necessary to upload it again to the social network. Having said all the above, in detail, we proceed to explain what you should do to cut your YouTube video, correctly. Both at the beginning and end of the clip, as well as when removing a section of the video only.

Let’s see below:

To cut the beginning or end of the video

If you want to delete a part that is at the beginning or at the end of your YT clip, you have to do this:

To cut the beginning or end of the video:

  • Mainly, access the video editor or failing that, to YouTube Studio. You can carry it out by entering your YouTube account and in the profile image icon, choose the option “Your channel” to find there the button “YouTube Studio” and press it.
  • After that, from the left side menu, click on “Videos” and now, click on the thumbnail of the clip you want to edit.
  • Then, among the options shown on the left side of the panel, you have to select “Editor”.
  • Once you do the above, click on “Crop” and a blue box will appear inside the editor.
  • To cut your YT clip, click and drag the sides of the blue box so that it covers the section of the video you want to keep, specifically.
  • Then, to remove everything outside the box from the video, just subtract review the changes by choosing the “Preview” option. To do so, press the button “Save” at the top, if you want to display the new result.

To delete a section of the video

If what you need is to trim a part of the video that is not at the beginning or end of it, you must do the following:To remove a section from the video:

  • Enter YouTube Studio as we explained in the previous part and choose the video to edit, in the same way.
  • Secondly, proceed to press the “Crop” option to display the blue box provided by the platform editor.
  • Now, you have to click on said box, specifically where the section you want to delete begins.
  • When the exact point of the section to be removed is marked (with a vertical line), click on the option “Divide” and thus the line will show a blue color now.
  • With the above, a white bar will appear that you have to drag to the end of the part you want to remove from your video. This, of course, to mark the total of the section to be deleted, which will be distinguished by a gray shaded box.
  • Finally, proceed to choose the option “Preview” in the lower part, to be able to check that your changes made have been correct and thus, only subtract click on the “Save” button in the upper area of ​​the panel.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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