DARK WEB  What is it, how does it work and how to enter? ▷ 2020 Guide

Surely you have heard of the deep web but … what about the dark web? Do you know her? Do you think it is the same? Do you know the difference between both concepts?

We can start by anticipating that the dark internet it is part of the deep internet, so it is only a small portion of it with a special feature.

Are you interested in knowing exactly what it is, how it differs from the deep web, what this concept includes and how we can connect to see this content?

What is the Dark Web? Definition

Dark web

Dark web It is a concept that was born to differentiate certain content in the sea that is the deep web. In this case, dark content would be that found within the deep internet and that it requires specific resources to access it.

Considering the definition of deep web, we have that this is the content that is not indexed in the search engines that we usually use. The content “dark“It would go a step further and would be the one, within the considered deep, which, as we say, requires particular resources.

As usual, these contents are grouped in different networks, that is, by accessing a network we cannot discover more than the content that is related to it, and so on with all of them. This compendium of networks is called darknets And it is a kind of ecosystem, a specific environment in which to enter to find the particular content that we are looking for. You are, by the way, are superimposed on the public network.

These networks are of the P2P type and similar, based on the information travel from node to node with the intention of preserving the anonymity of the users as well as the privacy of the contents visited, downloaded, etc. For it, the encryption of the information and the journey is sought, “by bounce” of this so your track is lost quickly and easily, so that nobody knows the route that this has from section to section.

So we have to the dark web is a part of the deep web that is hosted on darknets. The dark network par excellence is TOR, which allows you to browse all types of content but includes its own sites, a feature that, as we have seen, defines this obscure content. Later we will talk about it and how to use it to enjoy the content that concerns us today.

What are the differences between the Deep Web, Darknets and the Dark Web? Is the same?


Many computer scientists indicate that there is no difference between deep web and dark web Because the argument that creates that distinction and we have just seen has no value when it comes to making it, because, after all, the content of both is hidden from the user who makes use of search engines and other visible network resources.

However, there is that factor that causes both concepts to exist, although there are those who do not find it a reason for division and duplication of terms. This is the need for specific applications for access.

Deep web

The deep web is all that invisible content, as we say, to the user who uses conventional resources to surf the internet. This is because said content is not indexed in the clearnet search engines by decision of its creator.

Dark web

The dark web is a tiny portion of the deep web. This is formed by sites with their own domains and that require specific software to enable their access. Some of this content may be indexed, but in non-conventional search engines, some of which can be accessed, in effect, from the visible internet and others that are not.


It is the set of networks and other technologies that are responsible for making the aforementioned content hosted and available. We talk about particular networks and different systems that make it possible for the dark internet to be there.

If we enter, what content are we going to find on the Dark Internet?

If you have never heard of the deep web, it is possible that everything we have explained has not been of much use to you. Yes, you will know what role the dark web occupies within the deep web, but little else.

If you are a little lost on the subject, know that the content we are talking about is that which, for the different reasons that its creator has (and / or that of the sites where it is uploaded), It is not indexed, with the total intention that it does not appear when we search.

We advise you that before continuing, if you have not done so yet, do the following reading about the deep web Well, after all, what we are explaining now is just a bit of it. In this way you will know what you are going to find on the invisible internet at all levels.

Even so, we are going to tell you what is in the dark internet:

Based on a study carried out by the University of Portsmouth, we have that the most requested is child pornography and the black market in general, abounding the sale of weapons, drugs and explosives. However, what is most abundant is the botnet traffic, political forums, hack service sales, murder crowdfunding and fraud-focused services.

Despite how murky all this sounds, the truth is that it is important to have such a site where anonymity is real and allows us to maintain a high degree of privacy. This allows us to express ourselves freely and enjoy a fundamental right.

Also, not everything is crimes in this place They are also kept here academic documents, police agencies, patents, information from investigative bodies, elements of defense of freedom …

Still wanting to enter the Dark Web? Do it safely


We indicated at the beginning that the best known darknet is TOR. This is a network that we could consider as P2P, although with a subtle difference. Is precise, for the user to navigate in it and access its content, from a specific browser. In this case, it is also called TOR or Tor Browser.

Before starting, tell you that you have a guide that we have already published on the web to navigate with the TOR browser in a totally secure way from here. With everything and with that, we are going to see the main steps to enter the dark web, in this case to the pinch of it that the TOR network offers us.

Get the TOR browser

Start by downloading the executable with the version and language of your choice:

  • Press here to access the different download options that are offered to you.
  • At the top right you can choose the language.
  • In the central area you have the different options depending on the operating system. Press the one with the device where you want to install TOR Browser.

Now do the installation of this software:

  • The executable will automatically download. Press it.
  • You are asked to choose the language of your choice. Do it and press “To accept“.
  • The next window allows you choose the installation site. Click on “Examine“to see your team directory.
  • Click, in the new window, on the place where you want the browser to be installed and then accept.
  • Now, in the previous window, click on “Install“This process takes a few seconds.
  • You have the option of running the browser when finished and adding a shortcut; choose what you consider.
  • After that, click on “End up“.

Connect to the TOR network

You already have the browser available to use whenever you want:

  • Open the folder of TOR that has been created on your computer.
  • Double click on “Start Tor Browser”. In a few seconds you will be inside the browser. It may be familiar to you because it is based on Mozilla.
  • You have a default search engine and also an address bar; Depending on what you want to consult, it will be better to use one or the other option.

Before starting to navigate, we advise you to configure the browser so that your security is maximum. To do this, we refer you back to the guide on browsing with TOR Browser that we link above. In it we tell you, point by point, everything you can do, how it works and how to stay safe in it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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