Data Network Architecture  What are they? + Differences ▷ 2020

The computer networks they are one of the most common tools you can find anywhere. You will see them in a home, using WiFi, or in large companies that have all your computers connected to each other.

It is not easy to design a computer network, so it is necessary to study in advance how the design will be in order to establish relationships between the different computer components.

Because of this, we have prepared this article so that you know what a network architecture is about. We will show you the different types that exist and what are the most important elements that it has. Let’s get started.

What is a data network architecture and what is it for?

Network architecture is a design used to organize the different components of a computer network. In this way, you can stipulate what the structure and connection will be like, what will be the different types of operations that you will be able to carry out and how the correct procedures will be so that it can work. A computer network is defined as a set of computers or mobiles that connect via cables or wirelessly.

May or may not share information between the different nodes or have access to the Internet. When a network architecture is designed correctly, it is possible to increase the security of all the members, as well as improving the optimization and performance of all its components. There may be networks that have client computers and other providers, as can also be found designs in which all are slaves of a single component.

What are the most important elements of the architecture of a data network?

What are the most important elements of the architecture of a data network?

A network is made up of workstations which are computers that are connected by cables or aerially to the other components. Printers and any other element that has a network card are also included as workstations. From this it follows that another component is the cabling. Which can be by part braided, coaxial or via fiber optic. In turn, these cables are attached to connection equipment that is usually routers, repeaters, hubs and modems, among others.

All these elements are led by servers. These are computers that have more important resources and their task is to manage directories and any other resources that they can share on the netsuch as files, printers, the Internet, or email. It would be necessary to talk about OS that the networks have, and what is a program that is used for software and hardware synchronization for increased security, data management, improve performance and storage.

Main architecture models How are data networks usually designed?

The different models of network architecture that you can find are:

  • Topological: It is characterized by being simple and distributing computers and other components based on a geographic area. Its best known models are LAN, MAN and WAN, which focus their work on the physical limits that have been imposed. You can also find core models, but these take special care of the work on network input.
  • Based on the data flow: this architecture model studies the relationship between 2 computers they belong to the same network. Therefore, the network is analyzed P2P or point-to-point and the hierarchy that exists between a client and server. It tries to improve as much as possible all the services that can increase the flow of data packets between the components.
  • Functional: His name says it all. These architecture models are oriented to improve the service functions that exist between the different levels of the network. He is in charge of privacy and security, he is also in charge of handling all the requirements and requirements that are presented so that better analyze data flows.
  • Combined: there are a large number of networks that use a combined architecture of the previous models. Therefore, they have great advantages when it comes to improving functions, as well as the flow of data package and geographic distribution.

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