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We can say that Debian is the original distribution of what is known as Linux. It currently has a data of 1,000 developers throughout the world. It is perfectly compatible with any hardware architecture and has been inspiration for new initiatives like Ubuntu.

Most packages in Debian are completely free for end users and developers, which is why it has been widely accepted in the computing community.

Review the main features of Debian, on which devices they can be used and why it is the most reliable solution to create new programs. In addition, we leave you a list of the programs that can be used in a Debian ecosystem.

What is Debian and what is this Linux operating system distribution for?

To give you a better idea of ​​what Debian is, we break it down into two fundamental aspects:

  • It is an operating system: the oldest and most stable Linux kernel solution that can be installed on any device such as tablets, smartphones, computers and Raspberry devices in any of its versions. It has more than 43 thousand applications packaged for different functions and thus facilitate the work of developers on their projects.
  • It is a global community: Since 1993, this proposal was born from a call from Ian Murdock and Patrick Volkerding for more people to join and for free to expand the code library and the solutions package. This community exceeds a thousand developers and they all do it voluntarily. After signing a contract with the basic terms of the alliance, anyone can become an official developer.

There are several possible uses that any developer or end user can give to this operating system, these are:

  • To have a free solution: As we mentioned, most of the applications and libraries have no cost and are easily accessible. For this reason, people prefer Linux and not a private operating system with which they will encounter various limitations or that they cannot afford.
  • Because there are no powerful equipment: one of the best advantages of Debian is that it doesn’t require a lot of hardware to install and run. Therefore, your compatibility and preference with minicomputers like Raspberry Pi it is elevated. Even his own Raspberry PI OS (Raspbian) operating system it is based on Debian.
  • For innovative updates: The volunteer developer community has grown a lot since 1993, when it was founded. Today it is possible to get different solutions to almost any problem with which a developer can get.
  • To create your own project: the best thing about Linux is that it is an adaptive kernel. By having access to its original code you can do whatever you want with it, finish your projects and share your solution with this community to gain recognition. There are people who are responsible for creating program packages that then sell at affordable prices and raise finances.
  • To learn to develop: an important niche of Debian is in novice developers who seek to expand their technical knowledge and shorten the path to undertake their projects. Since no proprietary system opens its doors to this community, Linux offers an attractive environment to learn to develop.

What are the main features and tools that make Debian a unique Linux distribution?

Debian is stable, quite compatible and open for more people to expand the solution package free license. But these are just a few features that make it the best option.

You must be attentive to each of its qualities before choosing this great free system:

Package management

Upgrading Debian on Computers

The APT (Advanced Package Tool) manager is the name of an application that is responsible for managing packaged programs (this is how Debian works) to make life easier for end users and developers. Everything in Debian is packaged, either to install the Kernel or to install your own applications created by you. The APT is responsible for installing, removing, updating and managing all the programs designed for this operating system.

It is the oldest free system

Today we know solutions “Open source” What Android, Ubuntu, RedHat and GIMP. But, almost 30 years ago, these solutions did not exist and it was Linux that started this race with Debian. In addition, it was a pioneer in allowing the participation of more than one user and the application of its packages on different platforms. It is very stable, compared to its competitors, and has a way of classifying versions and their development phases that generates greater confidence.

Receive constant updates

Debian on a laptop

In June 2021, Debian received its latest update for version 10, released at the end of 2019. The update cycle is about 24 months, but you are always receiving updates in terms of features, compatibility and security. Debian has several ways of classifying its versions. The one that developers usually use is the “stable” one, while in parallel they work on the “testing” version. which consists of the previous tests before including the updates to the stable version.

Compatible with many processors

If there were compatibility issues, Debian was simply already dead and buried. This operating system is recognized by processors in the range of AMD, Motorola, Sun, Intel and Sparc. It works great on any hardware architecture, making it just plain appealing to app builders.

As an example, the system Raspberry Pi OS is based on DebianThat is why it is one of the most used when working with this plate because you can do anything with it and adjust it to any need. Even few developers prefer to use other operating systems.

No hacking required

Regarding software, almost everything that is required to operate a Raspberry device is available for free And what is missing, surely you will be the one who ends up doing it because if you acquired one of these devices it is because you have some knowledge in computing and programming. Unless you need to install a special version of Windows 10 (Internet of Things), no investment is required to obtain program licenses.

In Debian there are fewer viruses

Until the beginning of 2021, there were about a thousand viruses registered on Linux. This is a negligible number, taking into account that in Windows there are more than 600 million malicious programs that steal identities, alter operating systems and damage hardware. Why this difference? Because there are more users on Windows than on macOS and Linux combined. Since Raspberry has a Linux-based operating system, the chances of it being attacked by malicious software are slim.

List of the best programs you can install to maximize the Debian distribution

If you like to use Linux on your desktop computer, we are going to leave a list of the best applications you can find for Debian.

Let’s see next:

Ardor for Linux

It is a program that works to record multiple audio and video tracks at the same time. You may not be able to automate processes, but it works very well if you need to make constant surveillance camera recordings, for example. It works on 32-bit systems, so it doesn’t require a lot of RAM.

Blender on linux

Even lovers of 3d designs they have an ally like Blender among the best 3D editing and animation programs. You can imagine that it requires a lot of RAM and a good processor, but with a computer with 4Gb of RAM interesting things can be done.

Caliber for Linux

This is a powerful PDF document readerEither books, magazines or manuals. It is like having a Kindle in your hands and if you convert a plate like Raspberry on a tablet with Debian, This is a program that is perfectly adapted to the physical characteristics of the equipment.

ClamAV for Linux

As we mentioned, few malicious applications exist in Debian, but those few can attack your identity and your security at any time. For this reason, this program was developed that scans, detects and removes a large number of malicious software.

Discord for Linux

This concept was born to support gamers to communicate better when they make group videogames, but the tool has gotten quite good in all kinds of communities. With Discord you create a special server of your own in which there are chat rooms, make video calls and conventional voice calls.

Security in Debian How reliable is this Linux distribution?

A recent study indicates that, of the most modern operating systems that exist, Windows 10 is the safest against vulnerabilities. This study was conducted by the “National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Vulnerability Database”. This study also indicates that Debian is the safest against attacks and weaknesses when it comes to open source operating systems. So you should not be afraid to use “open source” software in your projects.

In addition, Debian publishes on its official portal a list of all vulnerabilities that have been found so far. Its policy is to make constant updates and make them public so that developers can take their predictions while the Debian team fixes the bugs.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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