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In this article you will find the best information to know the differences between dedicated servers and peers in Internet networks, which will undoubtedly help you choose which of them is the right one for your company.

Having this type of information will allow you make the best decision, whether you are about to start a project, or in case your company is in full expansion.

So we invite you to carefully follow the following content, in which you will find everything what you need to know In this regard.

What is a Dedicated Server and what is it used for in Computer Science?


A dedicated server is above all a computer equipment provided by a provider for the exclusive use of a user. This user can be both an individual like a company, and it will be the only one that can use said server for, among other things, accommodate your Web pages or applications without sharing it with third parties.

The user accesses the service through a contract of lease of the equipment, which will always be at the supplier’s facilities. This, for its part, facilitates everything related to the service of software, hardware, internet connection, maintenance and proper updates.

Characteristics that a good dedicated server must have

Taking into account that when you hire a dedicated server is to serve you for a long timeIt is good that before taking the step you make sure that it has enough features that guarantee satisfaction.

Here are some of the most important:

  • OS: It is important that your choice is in accordance with the operating system you use, either Windows or Linux, and take into account that said operating system is capable of supporting the systems you plan to install
  • Enough memory: Check with the provider about the different options of RAM that it offers you, since this together, with the processing capacity, is a key aspect to know the number of visits you receive simultaneously and the speed with which your page will be displayed
  • Hardware: Make sure the server you choose complies with the quality requirements necessary to give you peace of mind, since it is something that you will be using for a long time
  • HDD: Try to choose a hard drive that allows you to store the largest amount of information, without forgetting that you have the option to choose between a HDD disk or an SSD. The latter being somewhat more expensive, but with greater guarantees in terms of speed.
  • Bandwidth: Analyze with your provider your bandwidth needs, to make sure you do not fall short in this line
  • Location: This other aspect to take into account, since apart from ensuring that the server you hire is located in facilities that offer the conditions to guarantee its proper functioning, such as avoid overheating, they must also be restricted

Types of dedicated servers

When we talk about the types of dedicated servers that exist, we do it based on the shape in what is offered the service.

From there we can mention its two types, each of which becomes an option for you according to your preferences:

  • Managed Servers: In this case it is a service contract where the provider has the responsibility for both the physical part, as of everything that has to do with him software, being reflected in the contract that the client is free to be aware of issues such as updates, log review, maintenance and installation of security systems.
  • Unmanaged Servers: Also called server no handling, is a contract that establishes that the provider It is only responsible for ensuring the connectivity and the hardware of the equipment, with which everything else will be borne by the client. Of course, this type of service is only hired by people with high levels of knowledge in Computer Science.

What are the main advantages of using dedicated servers?

tower and blade rack servers

The reasons why many companies contract with providers of dedicated servers have to do more than anything with the accumulation of advantage that this brings with it in the form of Benefits.

Here are the most important ones:

Cheaper than installing your own

This is most of all taking into account its extension in time, since, as you have seen, regardless of the type of service you hire, the provider in all cases is responsible for providing both everything the hardware such as its constant maintenance, in addition to connectivity.

Better performance

Taking into account that all the capacity you hire is for the exclusive use of your own application and website, you make sure that neither the speed of your site nor its availability is affected by failure or abuse of third parties. In this way you have the guarantee that your site will be working 100%.


By hiring a dedicated server you earn a lot in this aspect, since you can configure everything custom, being able to install any software that you consider necessary to improve your site, at the same time that you will be able to eliminate everything that you consider unnecessary for your site or application, in this way improve its functionality.


With a dedicated server you will be earning a lot in guarantees of security of your data and files, since you can configure everything yourself, establishing policies for access to it and implement your own security levels, as is the case of antivirus and firewalls.

What is a Peers and how does this server model work?

The peers they are all computers that function as equals, that is, they are pairs with each other. This gives each one the possibility of being used both as a client and as a server or workstation. which gives it multifunctional properties. When two or more users connect to each other on the same network, we are talking about millions of computers that they do, it forms what we know as a Peer to Peer or P2P network.

Which allows information to be exchanged directly and in any format between all fully interconnected devices. decentralized. For the present case, we must emphasize that millions of entrepreneurs from all over the world come in the P2P networks a great solution, since it allows them to market their products and services directly, without the need for large hardware or software investments.

Advantages of P2P networks

Although P2P networks have both defenders and detractors, the latter based on the purposes of use that are sometimes given, the former defend their implementation due to certain advantages they provide.

Like the ones we mention below:

  • More economical: Although some of the P2P networks work by subscription, cost is never a big problem. In addition, in most cases they are used without the need for payment.
  • Easy to use: No need knowledge or skills special to install or work with them
  • Competitiveness for your business: Be able to offer your products or services without the need for third-party intermediation, it allows you to offer better prices to customers
  • Visibility: Millions of buyers visit marketplaces daily based on these networks, since they know that they will find many offers on the products they are looking for

What are the differences between Dedicated Servers and Peers?

If you have taken a good look at the advantages that each service model provides you according to its functionalities, we assume that you already have an idea of ​​some of the differences between one and the other. Yet we are bound to make you see other aspects to take into account. The first of them is none other than the implementation cost, where you don’t have to make a lot of effort to know that a network Peer to peer it usually does not represent any expense.

While dedicated servers are considered the most expensive hosting service out there. Dedicated servers are only intended to provide customer service; while the peers allows you so much the request as the provision of the service. It is also important to note the factor scalability between one and the other, being that a dedicated server in addition to that guarantees you greater stability that a P2P, because the latter is more sensitive to the increase in network traffic.

Other types of servers What are all those that exist?


Today many companies turn to hiring servers according to your needs, for which it has a great variety of them focused on different tasks.

Here are the most requested:

Web server

They are servers that serve to store and transmit information of different types of files, such as texts, HTML documents, images and videos, while allowing the navigation to hyperlinks with other websites. Depending on whether it is shared or dedicated, can host one or more web pages.

Database server

They are intended for organize the information in tables, indexes and records, which will be transmitted according to the requirements towards other programs or computers.

Proxy Server

Although it has other functions, it is best known for allow or block access to the Internet on a particular website. At the same time, it is in charge of making the tasks executable, since the requests of other clients pass through it.

Email server

Designed for better management of all emails, both inbound and outbound, from email services. But it also goes further, because it takes care of storage and filtering of messages.

Audio and video servers

An essential tool for those who are dedicated to broadcasting in streaming, since they have been created with the power required to carry out this task.

Cloud server

They have been created to partially replace the physical equipment used for the data storage, making it possible to save all kinds of information or applications in Internet. They base their operation on use of virtualization software.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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