Define Account Format in Discord  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Text messages are one of the most used tools on Discord due to the nature of the platform. For this reason, it is important to handle these elements correctly to obtain the maximum benefit from the messaging.

If you want to become a true expert you will have to keep reading to the end because we will show you a list of the best tricks that you can use on the platform.

We will also tell you how to highlight a word or phrase in a very simple way. Don’t miss out on anything to get the most out of your Discord community. Let’s get started.

Learn step-by-step how to send Discord messages with bold, italic, strikethrough, or underlined font

To make more fun your communications on Discord Y manage better conversations, it is important that you know some tricks that Discord offers you. This will allow you to make the most of the channels and to better expose your ideas.

See below what we have prepared for you:



Whenever you want place bold words within a message you will have to go to the server and choose the text channel in which you want to chat. You can do this from the left column of the screen.

Once you have entered the corresponding chat room you must prepend and end the word or sentence you want to highlight with two asterisks (**). For example, if you want to write Discord in bold in the following text: Course of Discord On the Internet Step by Step, you will have to enter ** Discord ** Course on the Internet Step by Step.



If what you are looking for is highlight all text or just one word in italics you will have to follow the same method used for bold words. But in this case you must start and finish what you want to detail with a single asterisk

. Continuing with the previous example you will have to write Discord in italics. Therefore, you will have to enter the writing panel in the following: Course of * Discord *on the Internet Step by Step . You can also run this function

using an underscore (_) at both ends to highlight.


Strikethrough To highlight a word or sentence with a strikethrough in Discord you will have to use two tillers (~) in front of and behind the text. This will make the word appear written with a line above it, which will allow it to be read. So you should keep in mind that this trick will not erase what you want to cross out, it will simply highlight the text in a different way. In the example that we maintain, you must write Course of ~~ Discord ~~

on the Internet Step by Step. You can see the result in the image.


Underlined When you need to write words or sentences and then underline them you will have to enter the channel of the chosen server and enter in the writing panel two underscores in a row (_ _) at the beginning and at the end of the text in question. In this way, you will have to write Course of __Discord__ on the Internet Step by Stepto underline only the word Discord


Combine styles

Combine styles The tricks that we have shown you so farcan be applied individually

But this does not mean that they cannot join together for greater benefits. If you use the different variants, you can have the same word, or a text, written in bold and underlined, among other alternatives. See below how you can mix each situation:

  • Underlined and bold: You will be able to combine these two functions by first typing the two asterisks and then the two underscores. At the end of the word or sentence you will have to write the hyphens and then finish with the asterisks. For example,** __ Discord __ **
  • . Italic and underline: When you want to combine these two styles you will have to write the asterisk first, continue with the underscores, write the text you want to highlight and finally finish with the hyphens and the asterisk. Remember to put a single asterisk, since if you write 2 it will become bold and not italic. With this, our example will be* __ Discord __ *
  • . Bold font and italics: In this case you will have to write and end with 3 asterisks.*** Discord ***
  • . Underlined, bold and italic: To combine these three tricks you will have to enter three asterisks and then two underscores in the message panel. At the end of the text, you will have to write (in this order) two underscores and three asterisks. In this way, by wanting to highlight the example that we have been analyzing, it will be*** __ Discord __ ***
  • . Crossed out and bold: What you will have to do in this case is to enter the 2 small marks, then the asterisks, write what you want to highlight and then finish with the 2 asterisks and with the small marks. Therefore, the example will remain~~ ** Discord ** ~~
  • . Bold, strikethrough and underline: If you wish, you can add the underline to the text you want to highlight in the previous step. For example, you will have to enter two underscores on each side to make it~~ ** __ Discord __ ** ~~
  • . Italic, underline, strikethrough, and bold: This is the full combination that you can use on Discord. To do this you will have to write two small letters, then three asterisks, two underscores and the text to be highlighted. To finish, you must enter in the following order: two underscores, three asterisks, and two small marks. This will be as follows~~ *** __ Discord __ *** ~~


List of the best Discord tricks you must know to be an expert

For you to become a true expert in the use of Discord, pay attention to the following list with the best tricks to make the most of the platform:

Change the appearance of Discord

Change the appearance of Discord If you are one of the people whothey don’t like to see monotonous apps on your screen , the instant messaging platform thatoffers the ability to vary the theme on Discord . With this you will get a variety of advantages when playing games or spending too much time in front of the monitor

because you can change the color or decrease the brightness and improve the appearance in general.

  • The steps you must follow are: Once you’ve logged into Discordgo to the left panel
  • , on the main screen. Search among the optionsUser settings
  • , which is represented by a cog wheel located at the end of the name. When you click on it, a pop-up menu will be displayed. Go to the section APPLICATION SETTINGS and click on the toolAppearance
  • . Then,you can select the type of topic

, the view of the messages and the chat font scale.

Avoid unwanted spoilers

Avoid unwanted spoilers You can use a tool that Discord offers you to hide part of a text message that it will help you avoid disclosure of relevant data about the topics you are dealing with on your channel. For ityou will be able to create a spoiler in text messages, images, mentions or links


  • To hide the information, do this guide: Select the message what do you want
  • hide.Then , a menu will be displayed in which you will have to select the optionMark as spoiler
  • , represented by an eye icon. You will see that the text is divided into several parts. Send the message

like you always do.

Restrict the number of messages to one user If you have a community in which there is a large number of messages that are received permanently, it is important then that you use the tool Slowmode. This function will allow you

customize the time that will elapse between one message and another from a given member.

  • The guide you will have to do is: Login to Discord and go to the channel configuration
  • you want to customize. Then select the optionEdit Channel
  • . After this, you must click onGeneral view
  • . Choose the interval to set the timeout. Do not forget that you will have to choose Slowmode or Slow mode scrolling the screen to the end, as long as you have the permission activeManage Channel


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community.  Thanks!  😉

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