Define Graphics Design in PowerPoint  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Graphics on PowerPoint slides are very useful tools, since they allow to reinforce the ideas to the readers about data and any other information that is difficult to do through texts.

That is why We have prepared this article so that you know how to configure the design of the graphics in your PowerPoint slides and what is the best tool you can use, if it is SmartArt or Shapes.

But that’s not all, you can also learn in this post the step by step you will have to do to configure like a pro graphics design.

What should we keep in mind when designing a chart in PowerPoint?

The first thing to keep in mind when design a chart in PowerPoint is that you will not be able to do it directly from the program, if you want to include a table in which it contains different types of data. This case will need to use Microsoft Excel that will help you with this task.

On the other hand, if you need to include a graph that is not too complex, you can do it from PowerPoint using smart drawings, called SmartArt, Shapes or Graphics that will serve to show bars, areas or lines. Another point that you should consider is that, if you use a table that is related to the graph and you modify the data of this, the drawing will not change in appearance. It will be convenient to enter the graph on the slide once you have changed all the information you need and are sure that it will be the final one.

SmartArt or Shape Which is the best tool for making graphics?

The difference between a graph SmartArt and a Shape is that the first is a smart drawing that allows modifications with a few steps. That is, you can add data and automatically the distribution of the graph will be changed. Instead, a Shape is a static drawing that has more variety than a SmartArt, but you will not be able to alter it if you modify the source data.

For this reason, it is convenient to use SmartArt when you know that you can modify the information generated by that graphic and you will have to use a Shape when you have to resort to more specific drawings. You must bear in mind that if you use SmartArt you can convert it into a Shape by going to the tab Design, then clicking on the function Turn into and finally in Convert to shapes.

Learn step by step how to configure the graphic design in PowerPoint

To configure the graphic design in PowerPoint you will have to do the following steps:

Go to the slide on which you want to insert a graphic

The first thing you will have to do is open Microsoft PowerPoint and then create the slides you need. Next, when you want to incorporate a graphic, you will have to select slide section by clicking on it.

Click on the Insert tab

When you have done the previous step, you will have to go to the tab Insert and then find, in the options bar the group of tools, Illustrations.

You will find three functions within this group. Which are:

  • Shapes: With this type of graph you will be able to include lines, rectangles, basic shapes, arrows, flow charts, ribbons and calls. You will be able to edit the color of the fill and the borders. You will also have the possibility to choose if you want to insert a text.
  • SmartArt: they are smart graphics that have a default layout. You will be able to add more elements to them and also edit the borders and fill color. It’s great for work when you need to give your slides a professional look.
  • Graphic: With this type of drawing you can include lines, bars, scattering area, rectangles, histograms. You will be able to assign a data label to them. You work with these types of elements when you want to expose mathematical, statistical or projection ideas.

Choose the model from the graph

Choose the model from the graph

What you will have to do now is choose which will be the function that best suits your work. If you choose the last item that we mentioned in the previous step, Graphic, you will have to press this function and then choose the type of chart.

Select style

Once you have clicked on Graph, a window will open in which you will have the possibility to choose what kind of graphics do you want to insert. Click on the one that best suits you and then click on To accept.

Edit the chart on the slide

Edit the chart on the slide

What you will have to do now is edit in the window that will open as a spreadsheet the data you want to enter. When you have finished you will have to close the table and modify the size of the graph by dragging the points that you will find on the edges of it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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