Definition and Comparison SAP vs Oracle  Detailed Guide ▷ 2021

For some time the debate between SAP and Oracle it has always been very common among large organizations. It’s about two ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning or Business Resource Planning System in Spanish). Its main function is that They allow companies to control the information flows that are generated in each area of ​​the organization.

You could say that ERPs ensure the existence of a single centralized database in which information is managed in real time and efficiently. Having said that, both ERP are the top in the industryThey are not the only ones, but they are considered the best.

Therefore, in this article we are going to explain both disadvantages and advantages of both and tell you which is the best MDM software. But before that, let’s briefly explain what is MDM, in order to better understand this article.

What is an MDM software and what is it for?

Abbreviations MDM belong to Master Data Management and it is a type of software that should not be lacking in the expansion and organization plans of any large company. It has the function of facilitate the management of relevant company data in a centralized way, creating a large database. The MDM and the ERP at first glance they seem to be the same, but it is not entirely true. Both terms are related to each other.

A typical ERP will have at least one customer master, one item master, and one account master. All this data is usually the most important assets of the company. While a MDM is the methodology that allows managing the set of this master data so that there is no fragility between them.

What are the keys to choosing the best MDM suitable for you?

For choose the right MDM You should take into account the following factors and choose accordingly depending on your needs and thinking about how you can scale your business in the future.

Here are the highlights to keep in mind to get the most out of your MDM:

  • You must choose the type of installation suitable for you. It can be in the company’s data center, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud system.
  • What flexibility does it offer to be able to build a data normalization system, attributes and standardization of formats.
  • Maintenance service it offers.
  • The price of the monthly cost that you are going to have it.

What are the main differences between SAP and Oracle?

What are the main differences between SAP and Oracle?

Next, we are going to explain some advantages and disadvantages of each software to try to get rid of doubts:


This software is specialized for companies and businesses. It is one of the most classic options, with great worldwide accessibility. It is a computer system that is based on data and analyzes the processing. Build your products from scratch rather than through acquisition. It has deep functionality, so it requires a very technical and slow implementation. You could say that it is a made to measure, modular system, online information, and integration with many areas of the company.

The SAP advantages are that includes models, rules, and user interfaces clip art. And you have the option of your own and personalized official training. Their drawbacks are that they only integrate with software tools related to SAP, can only be installed in one private cloud and costs are high and aimed at large companies that need a personalized budget.


This software is one of the best known MDM on the market. Something that reassures users and therefore will always be a safe option. Among its advantages, it stands out that its level of development is quite advanced and combines data from the company and third parties such as the supplier, customer or the product itself.

You have the option of having a multidomain and a relationship map, apart from managing the data through graphics. Its drawbacks are that it does not have a wide variety of learning materials. There is not much information about it to be able to learn to handle it. By last, requires a previous data structure suitable for quick and easy implementation.

Final Conclusions Which is better, SAP or Oracle?

Definitely, both SAP and Oracle offer a complete set of business solutions. Both are presented as the main systems of ERP for industries and have strong inventory supply chain management functionality. Both ERPs invest heavily in cloud technology and provide strong systems that can transform your organization.

The comparison between the two requires a deeper understanding of software functionality, the feasibility of the supplier and the product and the implementation options. Deciding on the best of both it depends on the business needs of each company. So much SAP What Oracle are competent systems in the market, and are chosen by prestigious companies for their good performance.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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