Delete Comments in Microsoft Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

While it is true, Microsoft Word has been rated as the most complete word processor in the digital environment and, consequently, it is very famous throughout the world. Reason why, currently, has many users.

In this sense, this program present in Microsoft’s office suite offers endless options and functions that facilitate the processes of creating and editing any digital text. In particular, for all the improvements it has exhibited and the inserts it has had throughout its versions.

Among them, the possibility of add comments or annotations within a document for information. However, during the editing stages, some users have the requirement to remove such comments and they don’t know how to proceed, so here we will explain it step by step.

Steps to remove any comments from your Word documents

First of all, it is worth clarifying what the comments in the documents of this word processor are about. So basically, they can be defined as a note or note that an author or reviewer adds within any document prepared in this software. So, it will be displayed in a balloon located in the margin of the writing or in the review panel.

But, although they are of great help when correcting any digital text and, especially, when it comes to collaborative writing; sometimes it is necessary and essential to delete these comments. However, many people do not know how to do it and that is why, here we will detail the procedures that must be completed to achieve it both from its web version and also through the popular program:

From the web version

Specifically in the year 2010, was the launch of Microsoft Office Online and this opened the doors to many users so that they could use their different solutions through the Internet and without any limitation.

Therefore, thanks to the fact that no installation is required, many Internet users choose to create and manage your texts from the web version of Word. Taking into account that, to access, only must use their Hotmail or Outlook email account.

Consequently, it is essential to specify the steps to be followed when delete comments added to a Word document made online.

These steps are listed below:

  • First of all, through your preferred web browser, you must access the document where you want to override the added annotations.
  • Once you open the text in question, you will have to proceed to find the comment (s) you need to delete. Whereas, these are located on the right side of the paragraph and are characterized by display an icon similar to a dialog cloud.
  • Then click on this icon and, immediately, a bar will appear on the right side of the panel. There, you will be able to see all the comments added in the document.
  • If you wish delete each comment one by one, click on the three horizontal dots presented in the upper right corner corresponding to the note box. With this, you will see a pop-up menu and among the available options, click on the option “Delete thread”. The comment will automatically be deleted and the text dialogue cloud will disappear.

From the web version

From the software

Now, if you are one of the more traditional users and you prefer to edit or manage your digital documents directly from Word software, there is also the possibility to delete all the comments you want from there.

Highlighting that it is a very fast and easy process to carry out that consists of the following:

  • Initially, search and enter the document where you want to delete the added notes.
  • When you access the document in question, you will have to proceed to find the comment (s) you want to delete. Which are also located on the right side of the paragraph and are displayed from a red bar, which indicates the user who entered said annotation.
  • After that, it is time to right click on that comment so you can display a menu with many options. Among those, Find and select “Delete comment” and immediately it will disappear.

From the software

  • In case you prefer to cancel all the comments present in the Word document automatically without doing it one by one, please do the following: Click on the Review tab> Press the down arrow located in the Delete box> Press the option “Delete all comments from the document”. Thus, they will be deleted simultaneously.

From the software

Is it possible to block comments in collaborative Word documents?

Today, Microsoft Word supports collaborative environments with the aim of facilitating teamwork of any kind. Therefore, under these conditions, the possibility of adding comments is extremely valuable and of great help to manage the documents made there.

However, for reasons of pre-eminence, safety or originality, many users wonder if it is possible to block or restrict the annotations exposed in the collaborative texts of Word. Reason why, it is necessary to emphasize that, today, there is an option that allows them to be isolated in some way.

So the trick is based on make use of the function called “Track changes”, by means of which you can prevent other people disable revision control for your document and with that, they do not have the corresponding access to edit or delete your comments.

Next, we explain the step by step that has to be executed to restrict the notes in a Word writing in this way:

  • As in all cases, it begins with enter the document you want to restrict with the help of the Change Control.
  • Second, locate any comments present in the text and place the cursor over which area of ​​the writing to select the “Review” tab, in the options box.
  • Once the above is done, within the Follow-up box, click the down arrow for “Track Changes”. Now, they will show you two available options and you have to click on “Block tracking”.

Is it possible to block comments in collaborative Word documents?

  • To conclude, you must enter an optional password and confirm it to click on “OK”. In this way, you can prevent other collaborating authors from disabling the control of changes and your comments will be blocked and / or restricted.

Is it possible to block comments in collaborative Word documents?

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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