Delete Cookies from Chrome Browser  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Chrome is one of the browsers for mobile phones and computers most popular and important in the entire world of computing.

This Google tool has as mission to provide the user with the best experience when browsing the Internet. Its objective is for the browser to remember the user’s data and also their preferences based on previous visits to the different pages.

To be able to carry out this amazing experience Chrome uses cookies which is data that is stored in the same browser and that remains there until we delete it. We present all the information you need to know about one of the stars of Google, its Chrome browser.

Why is it necessary to regularly delete the cookies that are stored in your Chrome browser?

While in the “Privacy policies”, Google informs each of us that our data will be protected and will only be used by the browser to improve our navigation on different websites.

In addition, it establishes that the collection of information that belongs to us can only be seen by us. This is not so so, since many times we find without knowing where advertising directly aimed at us came from.

Has it ever happened to you that you looked for a product in an online store and later when you read an article in a newspaper, for example, without being related to your previous browsing, and suddenly those products that you had searched for in advance appear?

Surely this happened to you, and it was generated by your preferences when browsing some websites. This work was done by cookies. Thus, Google does share our information with different companies or Internet sites to target specific advertising.

That is why it is recommended that we delete these cookies from our browser so that our data is safe and not processed by intruders to whom we have not given our permission.

We will have to distinguish in our work 2 points to take into account:

  • The first, we will analyze Chrome as a computer browser;
  • And the second part of our study we will show you how to delete these cookies from Chrome, but from a mobile phone.

Steps to delete Google Chrome cookies from your computer

In order to eliminate the files that contain our information in detail, we are going to detail the procedure you must do step by step so that your security is in good hands.

We are now dedicated to showing you what to do:

Clear cookies in Chrome since the dawn of time

  • The first thing we will do is open the browser
  • We click on “More”, which is represented by three points vertically
  • We seek “More tools” and we click on it
  • “Clear browsing data” It will be the next thing we have to press.
  • We can choose to erase “All periods”
  • “Cookies and other site data” Y “Cached files and images” will be the two boxes that we must mark
  • As a last step we choose “Clear the data”

The browser offers another alternative if we do not want to delete everything, and that is to delete part of the cookies, for that we are going to do the following:

How to delete the cookies stored in the Chrome browser from all devices?  Step by step guide

  • As in the previous case, we open our browser
  • We are going to “More”
  • We select “More tools”
  • We tighten “Clear browsing data”
  • The next step will be to choose “Cookies”
  • We choose the date range or the order or the sites that we want to delete.

The browser also offers the option to automatically delete cookies. If we want it to be so, we will have to do these steps:

  • We choose “Advanced settings”
  • Later we will click on “Website settings”
  • We seek “Cookies” to select
  • And we choose to disable “Allow websites to save and view cookie data”

How to delete cookies from the Chrome browser from your Android or iOS smartphone?

Now, it is the turn of our smartphone regardless of the operating system it has, Chrome is the browser chosen by most manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets. Generally it comes installed by default and when we activate our cell phone this tool starts automatically.

Here is how you can delete cookies from a mobile with Android operating system, for this you will have to perform the following process:

  • We open the browser on our smartphone
  • We select “More”
  • We choose “Record” and we click on it
  • We look for the option “Clear browsing data” and we select it
  • It is time to choose which time interval we want to delete and select “All periods”
  • The boxes “Cookies and site data” Y “Cached files and images” we will mark them with a check mark
  • We tighten “Clear the data”

In the case that we do not want to delete everything, we will have to repeat all the steps, but when we get to “All periods” we will have to indicate the interval we want.

If our mobile or smartphone has an iOS operating system, we will have to perform the following task that we detail step by step:

  • We open our Chrome browser on an iPhone or iPad
  • We chose the “Menu” identified with three points vertically
  • We select “Settings”
  • We seek “Privacy” and we click on this option
  • We choose “Clear cache”
  • Later we click on “Delete cookies”
  • We will have to choose “Erase everything”

If what we need is to delete part of the cookie information, we will do a similar process:

  • We open the Chrome browser on an iPhone or iPad
  • We seek“Menu” do not forget that it is identified with three points vertically
  • We search to select “Settings”
  • In “Privacy” we click
  • We choose “Clear cache” clicking there
  • We click on “Delete cookies”
  • We choose “Site data” and we search for everything we need to remove

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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