Delete Cookies on iPhone  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Cookies have become one of the most important tools for most users, taking into account that thanks to them we can store information in the different web browsers that will make our experience easier and easier.

All this is due to the fact that every time we visit a website and it has this tool, all or almost all the information that we write in the portal it will be stored, this in order to remind you of certain user data the next time you enter that page. This is how they are usually kept users, passwords, email address, searches, among others.

But, if we frequently navigate in the mobile device, all this can become a problem, since the smartphone will start lose free space and its operation will be much slower. According to this, here we explain how to delete cookies from your iPhone’s browsers.

Why is it important to regularly delete cookies from your iOS device’s browser?

If you are one of the people who constantly uses the web browsers of your mobile device, then it is very common that a lot of information is stored in them causing it to be overloaded the internal memory of the device, all this will cause the terminal to start working much slower.

This can cause different problems especially when you want to perform a task quickly from the device. Also, power erase the cookies regularly on your smartphone will help you optimize your performance. As well as having a increased privacy and security with each of your data.

It is important to bear in mind that when you handle tools like these, we can be vulnerable to third parties access our data and steal some information. Therefore, it is recommended that from time to time all these elements are completely removed improving like this privacy and mobile phone performance.

Steps to delete cookies from all your browsers from your iPhone smartphone

Taking into account the importance of delete cookies from web browsers for so improve device performance, it is important to know what the steps are to be able to do this in each of the most popular browsers of the iOS operating system.

To do this, follow each of the methods that we will teach you below:

In Safari

If you use frequently the Safari browser on your smartphone and you want to start cleaning these reminder items that take up space on your computer.

You can start to do this through the following steps:

  • Enter the “Settings” from your iPhone.
  • When you are within “Settings” of the team, you will have to look for the option of “Safari”.

In Safari

  • Now in “Safari” you must scroll down until you get to the section of “Clear history and data from websites.”

In Safari

  • Once you have clicked on this section, a new window for confirmation of this step.

In Safari

  • In this case it is important to select “Clear History and data” so that the process delete cookies, history and all other browsing data can be carried out successfully.

In Microsoft Edge

In the case of Microsoft Edge, Carrying out this process is very simple, with just a few steps you can start remove all those reminder items that may be affecting the performance of your browser and equipment.

In order to execute this, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Open the icon Microsoft Edge on your iPhone device.
  • Now click on the three points located in the upper right corner of your screen to bring up the dropdown menu.
  • There you will have to select the option “Setting”.
  • Here you must choose the section of “Choose what you want to delete” which is located just below “Clear browsing data.”
  • You will see a series of options to mark and unmark, it is important that the checkbox “Cookies and saved website data” is marked. With this box you can remove all these items directly in your Edge browser.
  • Finally, click on “Delete” and after a few seconds this process will have been done successfully.

In Mozilla Firefox

If on the contrary you use Mozilla Firefox as your favorite browser in your iPhone mobile phone and you want to start deleting these elements.

Follow each of these steps:

  • The first thing will be to enter the icon Mozilla Firefox on your mobile screen.

In Mozilla Firefox

  • The next thing will be to click on the three lines located at the bottom right of your screen to bring up the pop-up menu.

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Among the options that will appear on the screen you will have to choose the “Settings”.

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Now scroll the screen down and look for the section of “Clear private data”, located in the section of “Privacy”.

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Here you must click on the cookie switch so that it becomes a color blue. Generally, this switch should be in a White color. In the case that it is already blue, you skip this step.

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Then touch on “Clean private data.”

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Finally, a confirmation window will appear, here tap on “OKAY” so that this procedure can be performed.

In Mozilla Firefox

In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another of the web browsers that is constantly storing cookies to facilitate the use of it to its users when they visit some pages.

If you want to delete all this data and have a more private and faster experience, you must perform these steps:

  • To start with this process it is necessary open the app icon.
  • Once we are inside Chrome, we will have to go to the menu that is in the upper right part of your screen.
  • There a menu will be displayed where we select “Setting”.

In Google Chrome

  • Once inside “Setting” we select the option of “Privacy”.

In Google Chrome

  • Within this section we select “Clear browsing data.”

In Google Chrome

  • Now a new window will appear where we will see different options for delete the various browsing data. In this case we select those that we think are necessary and, finally, we touch on “Delete”. Therefore, here we have the option of erase everything or only those that we believe essential.

In Google Chrome

In Opera

Finally, we will use Opera browser, this browser has managed to position itself among one of the most used by its excellent tool and speed. Therefore, if you have started to use it frequently and want to start delete these items.

Then you must follow the following instructions:

  • In the case of Opera, we enter the mobile application of the browser from our iPhone.
  • Next, click on the gear icon to enter the “Setting”.
  • Here a new window will be displayed where we select the section of “Advanced”.
  • Now in the new menu that appears on the screen we select “Cookies”.
  • Here a pop-up window will open where we can activate the use of these elements or simply deactivate them. In this case we will have to “Deactivate them.”
  • In order to erase all this data hosted on Opera, we enter the “Setting” and this time we select the option of “Delete navigation data”.
  • A new window will appear where we activate the checkbox “Delete cookies and data” and then click on “To accept” for the changes to take effect.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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