Delete Duplicate Photos ** Updated **  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Duplicate photos are a common factor in all the devices that exist today due to the type of interaction we carry out on social networks, in our work or study and also in the different applications that we have installed.

Eliminating these types of photographs can leave us great benefits, both for our device and for ourselves. If we had to delete photos with these characteristics one by one, we could waste a lot of time.

Fortunately, there are tools that we can use to do this work in a faster and more efficient way. In this article we will show you the different alternatives that exist to correctly eliminate duplicate images.

Why is it important to delete duplicate photos from your devices? Benefits

Why is it important to delete duplicate photos from your devices?  Benefits

Duplicate or similar photos are generated in different ways, but the most common is when an application needs to back up the image it is working with.

Another source of these kinds of photographs are those that are born through the user’s hands. Many times we want to take the best shots with very short time differences, causing us to obtain two similar photos.

These photographs take up space on our mobile device or computer, thus generating internal conflicts regarding its processing and performance.

When we permanently eliminate these photographs we can obtain important benefits. Some of them are:

  • Increase the performance of our mobile or computerSince deleting photos from RAM has less information stored in it and can provide more accurate information to the data processor.
  • By working less time RAM and other components related to processing, it generates less power consumption therefore our battery lasts much longer.
  • We avoid personal mistakes, since having fewer photo options we can work, avoid and even share the correct photos and not those were similar or directly they were not the ones we wanted.
  • Less time searchingWhen we need to find a certain photo, our gallery is much smaller in size since we have eliminated all those useless photos.
  • As there is greater storage capacity, many apps work better, since they need this space to be able to generate temporary files for better performance.

Steps to delete all duplicate photos from your computer

When we have detected that duplicate photos and similar photos are hosted on our mobile, we have to erase them. There are two alternatives for this process, one is to eliminate it manually and the other through a tool.

Next, we will show you what are the steps you must take for each of these options:


The steps that we will perform manually to erase duplicate photos on our computer are as follows for a computer with Windows operating system:

  • First we have to order our photographs according to a logical sequence, it can be color by chronological order, by name or by some attribute that shows how to compare them.
  • We open the photo gallery application
  • We right click
  • We select the option “Sort by”
  • Next, we will choose the category that we need according to the order that we gave it previously
  • When they are already ordered according to the chosen criteria, we click on “My images”
  • We seek the option of “Photo gallery”
  • We manually choose the published photos
  • We click with the right button
  • We select in the pop-up menu “Remove”
  • We accept to send to the recycle bin to later delete it permanently

Another option that we can find is:

  • We select “Start” located at the bottom left of our screen
  • We choose “Photos”
  • We select the configuration of the view mode of the photo gallery
  • We’re going to “Setting”
  • We choose to activate the option “Duplicate links”, this will allow Windows to show in a single file all the copies that have these characteristics
  • Once the previous option is activated, we select “Folders”
  • We choose “Duplicate photos”
  • We right click and choose the option “Remove”

With an external program

To eliminate our duplicate photos with this application we are going to use this procedure that we detail according to the operating system you use.

With an external program.  Steps to delete all duplicate photos from your computer

For MacOS, we will take “Photos Duplicate Cleaner”:

  • We open the application “Photos Duplicate Cleaner”, which allows us to organize and order all the photos we have on our computer, detecting duplicate photos and recommending similar photos.
  • We choose the option “Photos Duplicate Cleaner”
  • Next, we will search “Scan for Duplicates” to click on this link
  • After the analysis we will choose “Quit & Retry”

For our Windows computer we will use this third-party application “Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder”.

With an external program.  Steps to delete all duplicate photos from your computer

With which we will follow the following steps:

  • We open the application
  • We select “Star Scan”
  • After the analysis, it will show us the location of each image grouped according to a color which will quickly and easily indicate which ones we should eliminate.
  • We select each of them
  • We click on “Delete”.

Download Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Windows

Steps to delete repeated images on your Android or iOS mobile

The different steps that we have to perform to download repeated images on a mobile device are the following:

On Android

In order to delete duplicate photos on our Android device, we will perform these steps:

  • We will go to “Menu”
  • We will select the option “Gallery”
  • We click on “More”
  • We seek “Options” and we click
  • We select “Sort by”
  • At this time we will give you a range to order the images, for example, chronologically
  • We choose one by one the duplicate or similar photos
  • We look for the trash option and click on it
  • We delete the folder “Recently Deleted”

On iOS

In order to delete similar or duplicate photos on our iPhone mobile we can follow these instructions to do it correctly:

  • We open the application “Photos”
  • We select on the upper right part configuration
  • We choose “To select”
  • We look for the photos that we want to delete by clicking on each of them
  • We start our fingers towards the trash can, or we directly click on it
  • We later empty the trash

With an external app

With an external app.  Steps to delete repeated images on your Android or iOS mobile

We can also delete duplicate photos with a third-party application, we will use the application as an example “Duplicate Files Fixer”.

In order to use this application we will carry out the following steps:

  • Once we have it installed we open the application on our mobile device
  • We choose the option “Scan Through Files”
  • We click on “Scan now”
  • Immediately the app will show us a report with the name of “Duplicate Pictures”, giving us the possibility to select each one of them to be able to eliminate them
  • Later it will indicate us on a screen “Similar Images”, also giving us the availability to click on each of them and thus be able to delete them

List of the best programs and applications to delete duplicate files on mobile and desktop

We will refer to the best programs and applications that we can find to erase duplicate photos and those that are apparently similar. In this way we will be able to have our mobile or desktop device organized and with optimal performance.

Next, we detail the following:

Find Same Images OK

It is a tool for Windows where we have to tell it which drive we want to analyze and it will return, after a deep survey, all those duplicate or similar images, giving us the option of being able to delete them manually.

Download Find Same Images OK Windows

Duplicate Cleaner

With this application we can establish the search criteria through the location of the folder to which we want to analyze. We can put as aggregate, if we want it to return images with the same content or with similar content, including or not that they have the same name.

It also analyzes duplicate folders and gives us the option to organize the different files.

Download Duplicate Cleaner Windows

Anti Twin

This tool designed for Windows has features that make it very easy to use and allows a survey of the entire system to be carried out, quickly finding all duplicate photos or similar content.

Once the duplicate files are detected, the software allows us to manually choose which one we want to delete.

Download Anti Twin Windows

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

With this tool we can compare not only those files with similar names but also the contents of each of the folders, including images. It allows us to perform a filter to be able to expand the searches for duplicate photos.

Thanks to this tool we can order the images and optimize our hard drive space.

Download Duplicate File Finder Windows

Remo Duplicate

This simple tool with a yellow interface provides us with an exhaustive report of all those images that we have duplicated on our mobile device. It allows us to choose between those images that are similar to be able to discard them definitively. It is available for Windows and for Android.

Duplicate Media Remover

When we need a deep analysis in search for duplicate or similar images, this application is ideal for doing this kind of work.

It has a system in which we prepare a report indicating the location of duplicate photos and also the comparison he made of photos that may be the same.

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover

This application allows us to find and then delete files that can be duplicated and it generates us as a result free space on our device.

It scans every corner of our mobile so that there are no hidden files that have not been seen. It gives us the possibility to choose the elimination of similar images.

Duplicate Photos Fixer

It allows us to locate and delete all those duplicate photos and thus freeing up space on our storage disk. It is a very simple application to use in which just by pressing “Scan for duplicate” will do the work for us. Provides the option to find similar images for which we will have to delete them manually.

*Note: This application is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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