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Many companies have been encouraged to offer their users a series of free services for the mere fact of registering. Firms like Google have developed account systems with which, in addition, they open up a huge range of possibilities with tools such as Docs, Drive and many other totally free proposals.

In the case of Microsoft and your accounts The same thing happens, and the Redmond company also provides those who want open a Microsoft Account the possibility of having an email manager, making calls, video calls, writing documents and storing files in the cloud without having to pay anything.

But, many users do not like the data policy that this firm follows, as they also prefer the versatility and options that other brands provide in the same fields. There are people who simply do not consider these services adequate and prefer to learn how to delete a Microsoft account to completely dissociate themselves from them and continue using other proposals from the thousands that exist in the network of networks today.

Steps to permanently close my Microsoft account

In this guide we are going to help you get rid of it. In case you are from that group of people who want to know the method to follow to cancel this profile and, in addition, use a Windows 10 computer or, conversely, a smartphone with Windows Phone, here we offer you all the ways to follow to proceed with the closure of the account. We explain everything you need and, in addition, those additional steps that can come in handy in case you want to recover the account. If you change your mind after requesting removal, you can remedy it.

Whether you use Windows 10 or if you have a terminal with its mobile version (Windows 10 Mobile), you need to perform a series of steps prior to the Microsoft account closure request. It is something that happens because it is linked to the device you are using, so if you don’t, you will simply be prevented from proceeding.

In this section we are going to explain the steps to follow to carry out this unlinking and then delete the Microsoft account permanently:

Delete my account in Windows 10

To delete your account from Windows 10, first you must establish a local to connect your user to it. If you had previously connected a Microsoft Account, you won’t be able to delete it until you change that connection. It continues as indicated:

  • Click on the button “Start” on the bottom left and a drop-down menu will open. To the left of this, you will see a gear icon, click on it.

Access to Start and Configuration Windows 10

  • Now inside the window “Settings” of the system, you have to go to the section “Accounts”And click on it to move on.

Access accounts in Windows 10

  • In section “Your information”, Press the option “Login with a local account instead” to be able to unlink. A window will open in which you will have to go ahead and enter the access code to confirm your identity.

Sign in with a local account instead Windows 10

  • After this, the session will be closed and you will enter the system again, only this time unlinked from Microsoft Account.
  • Return to the panel of “Accounts”And, this time, go to section “Email accounts and applications.”

Access to email accounts Windows 10 applications

  • Now where the Microsoft profile you want to delete, you just have to click it and then press the button “Remove” that appears. Do it and confirm in case the system asks.

Remove account profile Microsoft Windows 10

  • After this, it is time to continue with the total deletion. Open your web browser and type this url in the address bar:
  • Log in first entering the email of your account and moving forward. Afterwards, you will have to enter the password, always respecting the capital letters, if any. When you’re done, press the button and continue.

Access Microsoft account to delete

  • You have to validate your identity, ask them to send a message to the linked mobile phone. In doing so, you will have to write the last four digits of said number on the web so that they send the SMS in question.
  • When you receive it, copy the code in the form that is in the browser and you can move forward.

Verify Microsoft account via sms

  • Following, and ignoring the proposal to log in differently, a window will appear with information about the closure. Press the button to continue.
  • Then you must check all the boxes to show your agreement and explain the reason why you are requesting the withdrawal. Once you press the mark to close button, you are done.

Confirm Microsoft account closure

Cancel account on Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile)

The system for cancel an account on Windows 10 Mobile devices it is quite affordable and comfortable. We are going to explain below the steps you have to follow to do it:

  • Enter the terminal’s home screen and swipe through the list titled “All applications”. When the menu opens, you have to press the option “Setting”.
  • Now, within this section, advance to “System” and press it.
  • Then press the option “About”.
  • In it, you will find the function “Reset initial settings”. This is the one you must click to remove the account.
  • From here, two warning messages will appear. Press “Yes“In both and the restoration process will begin terminal. In a few minutes the phone will return to its factory state, without information or anything that could be stored previously.
  • What you have to do next is open browser. Follow the points that we have indicated in the previous section to request the total elimination of the account. You must follow the indications from the seventh step and you can get rid of this profile in a few minutes.

Even if you have requested the deletion of the Microsoft account, you have time to go back in and retrieve all the information you want, or even cancel the deletion. Just enter through the company’s website, as if you were connecting normally, and you will have access. However, you have a maximum of 60 days to do it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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