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Yesteryear was Hotmail; However, Microsoft decided a few years ago that the best thing for its users was to unify the services, adding a few new ones and changing certain names to show more packaging. Since then, Outlook has become the main email platform of this company.

Sign up for their services implies opening a profile with this e-mail and enjoy both your website and all the extra tools that this implies. Things like cloud storage, video calls and a long etcetera are available to you for free. Even so, there are other free proposals that are also quite interesting.

Competitors like the gigantic Google They offer a greater range of options and, above all, sufficient reasons to decide to unsubscribe from this platform, which is also helped by certain limitations that users find or a system that does not finish doing too well. Many people, like you, want to know how to delete an email account from Microsoft Outlook because they prefer to resort to other platforms, and here we are going to give the way to do it.

Steps to close my Outlook email account permanently

If you want to know how to proceed, this guide gives you all the necessary guidelines to eliminate the mail with this company. Whether you are a PC or mobile phone user, in both cases we detail all the steps you have to carry out and we give you all the necessary details so that you can carry out the procedure without complications of any kind. Also, if you change your mind, We also tell you what to do to recover the mail.

In case you want close your Outlook email account, the best way to do the process is, directly, deleting your Microsoft account. Both are linked in such a way that, if the latter is deleted, the other will consequently disappear and you will no longer have it active.

However, this can cause problems if you have documents in OneDrive and use other free tools that the company provides when creating a profile on your system. Therefore, before jumping to any of the following sections, we recommend back up all important information to avoid possible problems. This clarified, we continue to explain what to do on both PC and smartphones.

Delete my mail from the PC

In case you want delete your Outlook mail from PCYou just have to follow these instructions that we leave you below and you will have it done in a matter of minutes:

  • Open your usual web browser and go to the address bar. There, you must write this URL:
  • When you’re inside, just press the button “Log in”.

Access the Outlook email platform

  • After this, you will be asked to write a email address, Skype name or phone linked to your account. After doing so, you just have to press the button “Next” to move on.

Login with email, phone or skype in Outlook

  • Now, it is time to enter the password. Remember that it is very important to respect upper and lower case if any. When you do, you just have to press the button “Log in”.

Enter password to log in to Microsoft Outlook

  • You are already logged into your computer. Now, you must go back to the address bar of the browser and enter here. The portal destined to proceed with the Microsoft profile removal, right where we need to be.
  • Then you will have to Confirm your identity to verify that you are the owner of the account to be deleted. You have to choose the option of message to the phone so that an SMS is sent to the terminal linked to this or receive a call.

Check identity before deleting Outlook email account

  • Then you must write the last 4 digits of the phone number and press the button “Send code”So that a message with a password is sent to the phone.
  • After doing so, an SMS will arrive with a 4 or 7 digit password that you must enter in the form. Introduce it in the field that there is and advance.
  • You will now see tons of information about consequences that come with the loss of Outlook mail. Scroll down and click on “Next”.
  • On this page that you see now, you must check all the boxes to ensure that you understand each point. Do it and also choose the reason why you want to close in the drop-down menu for it. When finished, click “Mark account for closing.”

Mark account to close Microsoft Outlook

Unsubscribe from mobile (Android and iOS)

On mobile devices, the steps to follow are almost identical to those for PC. In fact, the guidelines are the same as those dictated on the other device, although we will proceed to keep it somewhat shorter:

  • On your smartphone, open any web browser you have installed and enter this url in the address bar. Thus, you enter directly into the section to delete accounts:
  • Now, you must perform the usual login, starting with the Outlook email you want to delete and then with the password to access.
  • Choose how you want to follow: You have the option of sending a message to your mobile or another alternative, usually a call. Click on the message option.
  • Write the Last 4 digits of the number in question to receive an SMS, it is recommended that it be the same one you are using.
  • Copy the key that you get in a few seconds and move it to the field enabled in the browser. Press the button to advance.
  • If you are asked the option to activate another way to connect, click “No thanks”. Now, click on “Next” to follow.
  • Check all the boxes that appear, choose a reason and press “Mark account for closure”.

With this you are done; However, if you decide to recover your profile, you should only log in again in less than 60 days. If you do not do it, after those two months you will not be able to access again and you will lose all the information that may have been stored not only in your hotmail mail, but in your entire Microsoft account.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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