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As it is already news, Apple has launched two new smartphones a few months ago high end. They are the Iphone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, being somewhat larger in size than the common 7 and 8. These two mobiles present new technical qualities that will satisfy brand lovers.

The multinational company is very famous worldwide for the quality and excellence of its products. The security they provide is one of the most interesting qualities when it comes to talking about them. Its cameras and the speed of its operating systems are the complements for Apple to lead with its mobile models.

If you are looking for a new smartphone or you know someone who is undecided when acquiring one of the two mentioned above, rest assured that here you will find the characteristics of both, as well as the similarities and differences, so that you do not hesitate in choosing one of them. We present everything you need to know below.

Main features of the iPhone 7 Plus phone

iphone 7plus

This device has the same inches as the previous one, the 6 Plus, which has a 5.5 screen and it is improved in its range of colors. Another advantage is the improvement in the rear and front camera. The main and most important, located on the back, appears with 12 megapixels in dual and a new system that offers different depths and shots.

It is also composed of a 2x optical zoom up to 10x in digital zoom, which generates better sharpness in the distance as well. The forward and best known by the name of the famous “selfies”, this time will present 7 megapíxeles and delivers Full HD quality to capture moments in videos.

In this version a quad-core A 10 Fusion processor is appreciated, allowing the user to manage with greater speed within the Apple device. To all this is added a 3D touch home button with fingerprint reader and the accessibility of being able to submerge it under water without any inconvenience. IOS 10 It is the operating system that it runs.

Are you eager to know what storage it features? Now we tell you. The Iphone 7 Plus concentrates 3GB of RAMWhile storage is concerned, there are three versions available; from 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. Very good capabilities for the devices, taking into account that their storage lasts less and less.

Another important point is the battery life. Many will know that these mobiles are closed and it is very expensive and complicated to change them. That has not changed in terms of this model, but we can say that you can enjoy it for a longer time without having to charge it. The same has 2900 mAh.

Main features of the iPhone 8 Plus smartphone

iphone 8plus

With an identical size to the previous ones, its 5.5 inch screen deliver an excellent image in Full HD, referring to its 1080 x 1920 pixels. The most interesting novelty in this model is the combination of metal and glass on its body. Now we will have to take care not only of the screen, but also the back of it.

This one has an A 11 Bionic processor that has a bit better speed than the previous one. In addition, the cameras still have the same number of megapixels, but with some modifications to it. Now, you will have different focus openings to have totally impressive effects and you will have 1080p in slow motion.

The battery does not concentrate modifications, only the new wireless charging function, making things easier and faster in rush times. This same presents 2700 mAh inside of her. Many of the regular customers of the “bitten apple” brand have made many complaints regarding durability, which so far has not left those who use the company’s products calm. Although an attempt is made to improve each new version, the manufacturers state that these latest models are designed not to show so many disadvantages in the case.

Regarding aesthetics, It is important to know that in this you can see a width of 7.5 mm and a weight of 202 grams. His figure is somewhat more striking than all the models that walk behind him, thanks to its two glass faces that give a perfect touch of luxury and glamor.

The most interesting data regarding this innovation is to know if it really you can rely on the strength of the back cover. According to experts from the Apple factory, the glass used on the reverse is the best ever used in any smartphone worldwide.

The Iphone 8 Plus presents two versions in terms of its storage memory. As it is of utmost importance, as in the previous model, this provides the possibility of acquiring 64GB and 256GB. In addition, respect the 3GB RAM of the born months before.

IOS 11 is responsible for being the engine of this Apple smartphone, which guarantees an excellent delivery in terms of Apps and its functionality. According to opinions and reviews of customers who already have their services, the operating system is not something that the company can be reproached with, quite the contrary. In comments they express themselves very satisfied with what was used, more than in previous versions.

Comparison between iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus, which is better?

Comparison differences iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus

As we promised at the beginning of the article, below we will show a comparison of differences between both models so that each one can draw their own conclusions regarding mobile phones.

  • Both feature 5.5-inch IPS LCD screens.
  • The 7 plus integrates an A 10 Fusion processor, while the 8 Plus has an A 11 Bionic.
  • In both cases you can see a 3GB RAM.
  • Both deliver 12 megapixels on a dual rear camera.
  • 7 megapixels are accommodated in the front of both versions.
  • The Iphone 7 Plus has a completely aluminum casing and the 8 Plus adds glass to the traditional view.
  • iOS 10 is on the 7 Plus and iOS 11 on the 8 Plus.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for both of us.
  • NFC on both.
  • Both models resist water to a depth of one meter, for a time of thirty minutes.
  • Touch ID on both.
  • Instant fingerprint reader on the 7 Plus and 8 Plus.
  • The first does not have wireless charging, while the second does.
  • The Iphone 7 Plus has a weight of 188 grams and the 8 Plus 202 grams.

We hope to fulfill each of the doubts that arise. Now you can know which mobile to buy or help those who have not finished deciding between one or the other. Of course, there are minimal differences between the two, but the price has a somewhat noticeable variable when it comes to taking accounts.

While everyone may have different tastes compared to someone else, now there will be no excuse that separates you from the desire to have your own Iphone 7 Plus or 8 Plus. With the knowledge we have provided, you have more than you need to draw your own conclusions and choose the one you like best. Good luck in your new acquisition and do not hesitate to pass this information on to all those who do not know what is better.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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