DIFFERENCES between Switch Router Hub  Which is Better? ▷ 2020

Surely at some point you have heard about devices Hub, Switch and Routers, but most likely you do not know for sure what their functions are, how we can use them in our home or business networks or what differences they keep between them.

The truth is that the three devices fulfill very similar functions and perhaps what we know about them in the first instance is that they work by making networking possible for computers. While this is the case, there are some differences between these devices, which gives each one a different function.

Sometimes first-hand it is difficult to understand the differences between these devices, their function and how we can use it according to our needs. But nevertheless, In this article we have given ourselves the task of explaining in detail the function of each of the devices, making clear the existing discrepancies so that it is easier for you to understand and this information may be of your knowledge.

What is a hub and how does it work?

hub hub

Known as a hub, the Hub is a device that fulfills a basic and simple mission: establish an interconnection of computers in a local network. The Hub is only dedicated to receiving information from one computer and transmitting it to the rest, so this makes it even easier than its sister devices.

This then tells us that the Hub is a connection center that accumulates the information and then relays it to other destinations. What the Hub does when connecting a series of computers is known as a LAN (local area network). The information that reaches the Hub is relayed to each of the computers that are connected to the network, something that is not always pleasant for the experience of the user who wants to send information to a specific computer.

In aviation, the term Hub refers to an airport where airplanes with passengers from different destinations arrive to depart for a different one, being a common point for the arrival of users who will have to depart for another place. Something like this works a hub in computing, receives information from each computer and transmits it to the rest of the computers that are connected to the local area network.

Hub devices have clear disadvantages compared to their peers, which is why their use has decreased significantly in recent years, with companies preferring to use Switch devices that can be easily adjusted to their needs. Although still It is used to enable the connection of some simple home networks, as the hub adapts to the speed of the slowest device on the network.

What is a switch (switch) and what functions does it have?

switch switch

The Switch, also known as a switch, has very similar functions to its sister device, but it has certain differences in sending information. The Switch device is capable of transmitting direct information from its source to a specific computer that acts as a destination without having to replicate the information to all the computers on the network, a function that the Hub cannot fulfill, which is why it has been moved little by little.

Another advantage that the Switch has over the Hub is the ability for other computers on the network to information can be sent while a process is already underway between different origins and destinations.

The truth is that the Switch has significantly improved the functions of the Hub, since although it has somewhat limited functions, it is still superior to this one. In addition, it can work with a greater number of computers connected to its network, which makes it a better option for users than the Hub.

What is a router and what are its uses?

router router

The Router or router is a much more advanced device than the Hub and the Switch, because it can fulfill the functions of this and others. Its main function is to transmit data packets between different networks.

It has the ability to fulfill the main function of the Switch to send data from its origin to its destination, but with the ability to intelligently choose the best route to complete the process, hence we can call it a router.

This device uses at least two networks that can be two LAN’s or WLAN’s; or a LAN and a wide area network (WAN) that is used for the ISP connection. There are quite advanced Router devices that have the possibility of connecting an ADSL cable, which allows data transmission at a higher speed in one direction than another; others allow the connection of a classic modem through a serial port in case the main connection should fail.

Routers have the ability to interconnect multiple networks And although many can incorporate the functions of the three devices in question within themselves, sometimes they usually work in conjunction with a Hub or Switch, according to the need. The truth is that at the end of everything, the Router ends up choosing the most convenient way, the least congested to carry out the transmission of information, doing it completely instead of sending it in frames.

In general, internet providers usually include a router when they make their contracts to provide their services. Routers today include technologies such as hardware-based firewall in order to keep the network protected against possible DDoS, (denial of service attacks) or any other danger that may exist.

Differences and comparison between a Hub, Switch and Router, which one is better?

Definitely the question about which device is better of the three in question is very simple to answer without thinking much: the Router. This advanced device represents a high level of evolution with respect to the previous two, since it has the ability to combine the functions of both.

But besides that the router It allows a computer not only to connect to the local network (as in Hub or Switch), but it can also establish connection with other networks.

Both Hub and Switch use the frame format to transport data, The difference between them is found in the way the information is sent, since while the Hub does not have the ability to know what the destination of the information is, it has to retransmit it to each of the computers that are connected to the network to ensure that this can arrive.

The switch it has the ability to select the machine that will act as the destination by having a record of the MAC addresses, something that would avoid generating network traffic.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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