DISABLE Energy Saving in Windows 10  Guide ▷ 2020

When it comes to a laptop we are very rarely aware of the care of the battery and its useful life, At most, we are only aware that it does not reach zero, and when it reaches the top we disconnect the load to avoid saturating it a lot.

But there are ways that can help enhance both the battery life of your computer, as well as its energy performance in the short and long term.

That is why it is important that we know about the power saver in Windows 10, how to activate and deactivate it properly. Well It is important to configure our energy plan to extend the life of the battery a little more.

What plans does the energy or battery saving in Windows 10 have and how to configure it correctly?

Saving energy for computers It is an idea brought from smartphones and tablets to fulfill the function of conserving energy and avoid the loss of information from it in a sudden power failure.

This function it is designed for laptops, since on a desktop computer this function would not make any sense.

But this function goes beyond simply activating when the battery reaches 30% or 20% depending on your equipment, because in this we have the possibility of choosing each one of the actions that will be carried out each time the battery saving is activated.

  • First we must access power options, for this we will go to the lower right corner of the screen, right-clicking on the loading icon and then clicking on “Energy options”.

Windows 10 Power Options

  • Then a screen similar to the one in the image below will appear, where it shows us the different plans that we have at our disposal and which of them is activated.

Choose or customize a Windows 10 power plan

Now we will see what are the main characteristics of these energy saving plans for our PC, their advantages and disadvantages, we will see:

Economizer Plan

The economizer plan is the best plan for the long-term care of our battery, Because if there is something we all know, it is that the batteries of our electronic devices are not eternal, and whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop they will always have an expiration date.

The main characteristic of this plan is that when the computer is not connected to its corresponding power source, the screen brightness is lowered to a little less than half. Besides this will make it turn off after 2 minutes not to use the computer, or to suspend completely after just 10 minutes without even moving the PC mouse.

Configure Economizer Plan

This plan can be very useful because prevents the battery from wasting more than 10 minutes, thus protecting its useful life over the years. It is excellent because if one day we are very busy and for some reason we leave the house or the office without turning off or lowering the computer screen, we can be sure that the battery will be safe, along with our documents and important information.

Although it is important to clarify that the economizer plan can be a little disadvantageous when the computer is required to perform all its energy performance, either for the development of a project or any activity that requires all the power of this.

Balanced Plan

This is the plan most recommended by both users and the same people at Microsoft. Because it is responsible for correctly balancing the use of energy between the different hardware components of the computer.

Its main characteristics are that the computer you will be disconnected from your glow power source, which is part of the hardware of the screen and is one of the components that consumes the PC the most, which will reduce it up to 50% of your total.

Likewise, the duration of the screen without touching the computer increases to 5 minutes until it turns off. The complete suspension of the computer occurs after 15 minutes.

Configure Balanced Plan

This is a good plan that Windows provides us, since thanks to it, the computer strikes a good balance between long-term battery care and good activity performance that require more energy than normal from it.

High Performance Plan

This is the third plan provided by the Windows system, It is perhaps the one we have to be most careful with when implementing it, because an abuse of energy could lead to a marked decrease in the long-term battery life.

The main characteristics of this plan are that when the computer is working only with the battery never fully suspend, so only screen will turn off after 10 minutes without touching a key or moving the mouse and that the brightness goes down to the lowest to try to gain more loading time.

Configure High Performance Plan

The good thing about this plan is that our computer will have all the energy available to give a good performance in any activity that requires large amounts of energy. Example: renderings of large videos or other activities such as programming or design.

The downside is that If one day we go out and leave the computer on and without being connected to the charger, when we return we may find the computer turned off with zero battery and we will probably have lost any progress made that has not been saved.

It should be noted that all the configuration of the plans seen above is the default by the system. Although they can be modified by us at any time just by clicking below where it says “Change advanced power settings.”

Change advanced power settings

These options can be found at the top of the menu of all existing plans. Down we can configure each of the specific parameters. But only in very specific cases, of the rest it is advisable to leave it like that.

*Note: Keep in mind that these 3 are not the only power plans that may exist.

How to create custom power plans in W10?

  • As we can create our own power plans from the main menu, giving the option “Create a power plan.”

create custom power plans

  • After We choose the name of the plan and its modality. Finally we configure it with our preferences.

we choose the name of the plan and the modality

Steps to remove power saving mode in Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system, apart from the power plans that we already met in the previous point, also has a function called “Energy saving” which reduces the capabilities of the equipment in order to extend the battery. This function is activated automatically when the battery of the equipment is below 30 or 20 percent.

But if your computer is a tabletop computer, it may not have a battery and maybe you would like to disable this function of your system, and even if it is a computer with battery, If you need to remove this option below are the steps.

  • To be able to deactivate it, we must first click on the load button with the left click and then on “Battery settings”.

Battery settings

  • In the options screen that opens we must deactivate the alternative that says “Automatically activate battery saver if the battery level is lower than”, we will deactivate it by unchecking it.

Automatically activate battery saver if the battery level is below the

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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