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Google is the main search engine that exists today and as a company it has grown so much that it is no longer a simple portal to consult and find everything you need on the internet. As a brand it has reached colossal proportions and has a wide range of products offered to its users. One of them is its popular browser Google Chrome.

Chrome is considered by many to be the best browser of all and it is not surprising that it is the most used to date. This is because the company has known how to integrate different functions within it that considerably improve the user experience. One of those is desktop notifications, which are available on both desktop and mobile devices. However, not everyone likes them as many consider them a bit annoying.

From here, you can learn to disable any notification. Luckily this has a solution and you can deactivate it if you wish. If you are one of the people who is bothered by the fact that a message appears every time you are on your computer or mobile, In this tutorial we will tell you how to make them disappear without any problem. To find out, read on.

Steps to disable Google Chrome browser notifications

Since Chrome is one of the most used browsers, it gives it a certain disadvantage, because the pages and applications are taking over the entire browser. Maybe at the time you wanted to have this option active, but You are no longer interested in receiving an alert at all times and are looking for a way to deactivate it. With these simple steps that we show you below, we will explain how to do it.

In the web browser

The good thing is that despite everything, Google still gives us the option to remove those uncomfortable notices that fill our computer screen.

  • To do this, you go to the home page of “Google Chrome”.
  • Access the menu “Setting”.

Google Chrome Settings

  • In the tab that will open you will locate the section of “Advanced settings”.
  • Different alternatives will be expanded, where you will look for the section that says “Content settings”.

content settings

  • Upon entering you will see several options, among these choose: “Notifications”.

Google Chrome notifications

  • From here you can see all the pages that have this type of notice activated and the ones you have blocked.
  • You just have to find the website you want to deactivate and remove it from the list.

notifications allowed and blocked

  • When you have selected the option of your preference, these will be blocked and you will not be able to see them again, unless you reactivate them yourself again.

On Android

Whether you want to disable them because It consumes your mobile device’s battery very quickly, a lot of data, it makes your device very slow or simply because you no longer want to see them, With these simple steps that we will give you below, you will be able to remove them.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, you should open the Google Chrome application.
  • Then go to the website from which you do not want to receive these notices.
  • In the upper right touch the three points to open the information menu.
  • Tap on “Site settings” Then in “Notifications”.
  • Choose the option to block and ready! You will no longer receive annoyances on your Android mobile from this website.

disable Google Chrome notification from Android

Similarly, at the top of the notification menu, there is an option to activate and deactivate. If you have it activated, it means that the applications have to ask you for permission to be able to show them. If it is deactivated, the moment you enter a page that has a notification, it will be automatically accepted.

Disable native notifications in Windows 10

Surely, like many people, you thought it would be the best to have these native alerts active to remind you and warn you of certain things, but now you want them to disappear. To deactivate them, you just have to do the following:

  • The first thing you have to do is go to the Windows 10 settings menu.
  • You will search and enter “Setting”

Enter Windows 10 settings menu

  • You are going to access now where it says “System”.

windows 10 system notifications

  • When accessing, another window will open where you will see several options, there you will have to choose Notifications and actions “

Notifications and actions windows 10

  • Then you will have to locate the section of “Notifications “, where you will find a series of options.

enable or disable windows 10 notifications

  • Show Windows Tips: These are the suggestions that Windows 10 gives you. Once you deactivate it, the operating system will not be able to show what it considers notices, which in themselves end up being advertising for products.
  • Show app notifications:This shows the messages that the application sends you, for example Facebook, YouTube and others. If you don’t want them to appear anymore, you can deactivate them and even leave only those you want.
  • Show notifications on the lock screen: It reveals all those that arrive even when the equipment is locked, including chat messages, emails and others. You can change the settings to show certain content or none at all.
  • Show incoming VolP calls, alerts, and alarms on the lock screen:Show alerts when you set alarms or when you receive a call, for example from Skype.
  • Once you deactivate the options you want, you will not be able to see them. If you want to activate only some in particular, a little below you will see what it says “Show notifications from these applications.” From there you can activate only the ones that you select specifically.

Windows 10 notifications and actions

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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