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You may have come here practically desperate to know how to block and disable push notifications in Mozilla Firefox; normal. From determined Firefox browser update, it began to allow notifications to appear on the screen, even though the web had not yet loaded. This is because this browser uses a Push API, which receives a push message and displays a notification.

Considering how cumbersome or inappropriate it can be, each user can decide whether or not they want to give permission to a specific site. Once given, it will send notifications to the user when it has something to communicate. For example, on a sales website, you can send price changes, offers … There is a quota that controls that the number of notifications sent is limited. In fact, If a website exceeds its allowed quota, the push will be disabled and the user should subscribe again.

Firefox maintains a connection to the push service for as long as it is open. The moment it is closed, the connection is deactivated. The user himself can also deactivate those places from which he does not want to receive push messages again and that’s what we teach you to do.

Steps to disable push notifications in Mozilla Firefox browser

These pop-ups can get quite annoying on some web pages and therefore we may need to disable them.

Next, we will show how to do it in a simple way on each of the platforms on which we can have Firefox installed; you will see that it is quite simple in all cases.

In the computer

In order to remove the notifications that appear in the Mozilla browser from our computer, we must follow the following steps:

  • Access the button β€œMenu”From the toolbar. It is the one with the three horizontal lines.
  • Click on the option β€œpreferences”.

Enter Firefox browser configuration options

  • Find the panel β€œPrivacy & Security”.
  • Next, click on the section β€œPermissions”.
  • Click on β€œSettings”. This button is right next to β€œNotifications”.
  • Search and select the website you want from disable push ads.

Remove push notifications in Mozilla Firefox

  • Finally, click on the button β€œDelete website”.

Delete website notifications in Mozilla

Notifications relating to all the websites that have been activated over time could also be eliminated. You must make sure that this is the most appropriate option, since once it is done you cannot go back.

In case you are sure you want remove all push notifications from your PC, when you get to the penultimate step, instead of going one by one selecting the sites, you should click on the button that indicates β€œDelete all websitesβ€œ; this way all will be marked and you will only have to accept.

Once done, the websites will not be able to send you new push messages and it would be necessary to give them permission, one by one, to do so.

On Android

If at any time you decided to switch search engines, of course, you also have the option to block and disable push notifications in Mozilla Firefox for Android.

We do this in the following way:

Allow or disable push notifications firefox Android

  • Enter the web from which you do not want to receive alerts.
  • Press the β€œControl center”. It is the padlock that appears in the search bar, before the domain name.
  • Choose the option β€œEdit page settings”.
  • A new window will appear and in it you will find a selection box that refers to notifications. Under this you will find the options β€œCleanβ€œOr”Clean” Y β€œCancelβ€œOr”Cancel”. Press the first one.
  • Accept and go, you will have blocked the annoying notices of the updates of that particular web.

Once done, wait a few seconds and when the browser logo appears it will mean that the page will have loaded with this new setting.

Android usually works with the Google Chrome browser standard and, therefore, we will also discuss it in this section. This alerts you every time an application or website wants to send you notifications. Although in the case of browsing in incognito mode, you will not receive any.

Be that as it may, if at some point you accepted and have repented, you can modify your settings and push notifications in Google Chrome anytime.

You can disable all push notifications on Android very easily in Google Chrome:

  • First of all, you must open browser on your mobile device.
  • In the navigation bar, you must click on the three horizontal points.
  • Once the menu is displayed, you must click on the button β€œSetting”.
  • Now click on β€œSite settings”.
  • Then, click on the button β€œNotifications”.
  • At the top is where it is allowed activate or desactivate settings with a simple button.

In case you only want remove notifications from a specific site, you must carry out the steps below:

  • Begins opening chrome on the tablet or phone.
  • Must be access the website from which you do not want to receive notifications.
  • Click on the button β€œMORE”.
  • Then, on the button β€œinformation”.
  • Look for the option β€œSite settings”.
  • Inside it is where you will find the option β€œNotifications”. If you don’t see anything in it, this implies that for security reasons the sending of notifications is not facilitated in that place.
  • Choose the option β€œTo block”.

On iOS / iPhone

Apple devices come pre-loaded with a different browser than the usual ones. This is called Safari. Then we will show how you can disable push notifications for this:

  • Go to menu β€œpreferences”From Safari.
  • At all websites will be listed in which we have allowed push notifications at some point.
  • We just have to change the option of β€œAllow” by β€œDeny”.

In the event that, as we mentioned for Android, you have decided to opt for Firefox To use on your Apple devices, of course, you will also have the option to disable their pop-up notifications from the different online sites.

  • You must go to browser menu.
  • Choose the section of β€œChoices”.
  • Walk into β€œPrivacy & Security”, Going down toβ€œPermissions”.
  • Click on β€œSettings”.
  • Choose the website or websites about which you do not want to receive news (or choose the option to remove all sites).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! πŸ˜‰

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