DISABLE Safe Mode on All Devices  Guide ▷ 2020

The Safe Mode has become one of the most innovative tools for the different operating systems for both computers and mobile devices, taking into account that it has become a great solution for those moments where there are some Type of problem.

It is very common that many times start the computer or Smartphone and not this work the right way because some program or application is causing some kind of error in the system, thus preventing its proper functioning.

Because of this, here we are going to explain how you can start and disable safe mode from your computer or smartphone to ensure a safe and fast start.

What is Safe Safe Mode and what is it for?

Safe mode also know as “Safe mode”, It has become a very important tool for most users since it offers Jailbreak, which will allow you to start your computer or Smartphone in a safe and fast way.

This will prevent your device from taking a long time to boot up due to various problems that the system may present. That is why this tool has as main goal power block tweaks that are installed in the system of each equipment with the help of the Jailbreak.

Steps to enable and disable safe mode on all devices

Power enable or disable safe mode it is a very simple task. However, on many occasions users have some kind of problem when the tool it is activated unexpectedly or simply to be able to deactivate it. That is why here we are going to explain how to turn on and off this function in the different devices that we use frequently.

On Windows 10

In the case that your windows computer is presenting faults at the moment of starting and its operation is not the most correct you can start using the safe mode, it uses a set of drivers and files capable of reduce failures at system startup, this will make it possible correct such errors and the operating system works properly.

In order to activate this, you will need to follow these steps:

  • In order to carry out this process it will be necessary that you know user password with administrator permissions.
  • The first thing to do is click “Start” and then in “Setting”.

On Windows 10

  • When you have entered the window of “Setting” select the section of “Update and security”.

On Windows 10

  • Now go to the section of “Recovery” and there select “Restart now” inside the section “Advanced startup”.

On Windows 10

  • The next thing will be to click on “Solve problems”.

On Windows 10

  • Then selection “Advanced Options”.

On Windows 10

  • In the window of “Advanced Options” Choose “Startup Settings”. If this option does not appear on the screen select See more recovery options -> “Startup Settings”.

On Windows 10

  • Then you will have to select “Restart”.

On Windows 10

  • Here a new window will appear with reboot options, in it you will have to press the F4 key for the computer to restart in Safe Mode.

On Windows 10

  • After a few seconds the PC will have rebooted and started successfully blocking those applications or programs that are causing a malfunction.

Once this function is activated on the PC, it is possible that at some point you want to exit it and return to start windows in a normal way to enjoy all the characteristics and functionalities of the system, taking into account that most of them are blocked under this security method.

Therefore, in order to deactivate it, it will be necessary to follow these steps:

  • Go to the search bar and type the “System configuration”.

On Windows 10

  • You can also enter this window from “Start”, next “Run” and write the command “Msconfig”.
  • Inside the window “System configuration”Select the tab “Start”.
  • In the “Boot options” uncheck the tab “Start to test errors.”
  • After unchecking this box, you select the button “Apply” for all changes to be saved.

On Windows 10

  • To end “Restart the computer.”

On macOS

If you are a Mac user and you’ve been having problems at the time of start your computer then you can start using the safe mode with which you can boot the operating system without any flaw. It is worth mentioning that this process is very easy to activate, with a few simple steps you can start your Mac through this tool.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • The first thing you will have to do is turn on or restart your mac, when the equipment is started again, keep pressed the shift key.
  • There the apple logo on screen while this loads.
  • When I load the window of “Login” release the key “Capital letter”. Keep in mind that yes the boot disk is encrypted with “FileVault” you will be asked the password to log in one or more times. Either for unlock boot disk or to log in.

In this way you can activate this tool in your mac and thus ensure that system boot be in the right way. However, in order to disable it you just have to Restart the system without pressing any key during startup.

To know that the safe mode has been activated correctly you can verify it through the system information. In this case, in the section of software” the “Boot mode” as “Insurance”. When disabled it appears as “Normal”.

On macOS

On Android

The Android users constantly tend to have some drawbacks at the time of start your terminal, either because there are some applications that are causing some computer startup error. Because of this, many users choose activate this security method on your mobile devices. But, most of the time they have trouble disable it.

That is why here we explain how to activate and deactivate this function on the Android mobile:

  • To be able to activate this function in Android device it will be necessary that you have pressed The power button.
  • You must also have the button pressed “Off”.
  • Once a message appears on the screen “Restart in safe mode”, click on “To accept”.

On Android

  • After this the device will start in a correct way and without presenting any type of error during startup.

To deactivate this function you will need to follow these methods:

  • You will have to press the key for a few seconds. “Switched on” and then select the option “To turn off”
  • Another way is by pressing the button “Switched on” until it appears on the screen the logo of your Smartphone.
  • There you release the key and then press the button “Lower volume”.
  • Hold it down until the computer starts up again.
  • When the option to select is displayed in the lower corner of the screen safe mode release the key and wait for the phone boots normally. This method works for most Android devices.

On iPhone

It is possible that at some point your Smartphone start presenting some inconvenience or malfunction. Therefore, it is important to start using this tool which will eliminate any Type of problem and it will make the mobile have a proper and correct operation.

In order to activate this mode, you will need to follow these steps:

  • To start you will have to turn off the Iphone.
  • When the terminal is completely off, the next thing to do is press the “Switched on”.
  • Once the iPhone turns on you will have to press the “Volume down” until the logo of “Manzana”.

On iPhone

  • When the phone has started it will do so in Safe Mode. in this way you will eliminate those adjustments or actions that were causing you a problem on your mobile.

If you have already activated said function on your mobile and you want disable them to be able to start enjoying All the services again offered by your terminal.

Then you will need to do the following:

  • The first will be restart the iPhone, in this way the smartphone will boot again normally if the fault has already been corrected.
  • Another way to restart the mobile is by pressing the “Switched on” and “Start” simultaneously. Here the equipment will restart as normal ready to use.
  • In the event that after having rebooted the phone still be in Safe Mode, it will be necessary that check cydia packages, maybe some extension is generating some kind of problem. In the event that it is so, you will have to remove the error and then Restart the system.

What is achieved by starting the computer in “Safe Mode”?

When we activate the safe mode in the terminal or computer what we are looking for is to avoid those elements, programs or applications that are causing harm or trouble to the team system.

The function of this tool is to prevent these corrupted files from being opened and executed correctly on the mobile, which will cause a delay in device operation. This will make the operating system can boot and function properly.

However, it should be mentioned that activating safe mode does not completely solve the Smartphone problem, since it is only responsible for allowing the execution of the functions installed in series, while in the support those elements that are causing a performance failure.

Therefore, by removing this security method said elements or programs they will still be on the mobile phone or computer.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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