Disable Visual Enhancements Windows 10  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Nowadays, Windows 10 is the most used operating system worldwide, thanks to the notable advantages it offers in the user experience. Well, since it is the most recent version of Microsoft’s operating OS, exhibits different transformations that show its great evolution. Reason why, it is the favorite of millions of users.

In that sense, W10 is characterized by providing a high level of customization which allows users to adjust the OS to their requirements. In addition, it provides optimal safety, capacity and speed, Besides that has excellent performance to execute any action in a few seconds.

However, sometimes, such Windows 10 performance can be truncated by various factors that, over time, they slow down PC performance. One of these factors consists of the best visuals that, by nature, consume many system resources. Thus, it is useful to disable them to increase the performance of the computer and here, we will explain how to do it.

How much RAM memory does it consume to have all the visual effects of Windows 10 active?

While it is true, the visual effects of W10 also known as “visual enhancements”, are defined as certain elements that are essential to give a better appearance to the operating system interface in order to provide an optimal experience, at a visual level. However, regarding team performance, this functionality is not the most suitable of all.

In this sense, basically, the visual improvements of Windows 10 tend to slow down computers noticeably, especially when they are old, low-power equipment with few hardware features. Since, as they are visual effects that remain active at all times, they consume many system resources, minimize fluidity And because of that, cause a certain slowness of the team when giving answers.

Therefore, having all the visual effects of Windows 10 enabled, decreases PC performance. Taking into account that, by default, they consume a notable amount of RAM (around 40 or 50% of what W10 occupies) and this is responsible for storing all the information that the system needs to provide optimal operation. Thus, if you reveal a large expense, your return will be minimal and with it, will negatively influence the power presented by Windows 10.

Learn step by step how to disable visual enhancements in Windows 10 to improve your PC performance

If you want to have a much more fluid experience on your PC, it is best that you opt for disable Windows 10 visual enhancements entirely in order to take full advantage of its performance, instead of showing a striking appearance.

Even the operating system allows you customize visual enhancement settings for better performance, no need to disable all these effects (just some). In any case, in order to have well optimized the use of resources on your computer and prevent its operation from being constantly impaired.

Here we show you how to disable the visual effects available in the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, correctly:

Access the Control Panel

Access the Control Panel

First of all, you have to head towards him Start button on your PC and once you select it, it’s time to enter “Control Panel” in the search box. Which is located at the bottom of the Start menu.

Followed by this, automatically a new window corresponding to the Control Panel and there, you can view different options. Among all these, it is necessary that pressures on “System and security” (usually located in the first position of the menu).

Choose the option “System”

Choose the option

  • Next, in the System and security section, you will find a list with many more options that will help you manage the different aspects of the operating system. But, in this case, you have to click on “System” only.
  • After that, another window will open showing various Windows 10-based details and on the left side provides some search links. There, you must click on “Advanced system settings”.

Click on the tab that says “Advanced Options”

Click on the tab that says

Once you do the above, you will see a small window that refers to the System Options. In it, you have to click on the “Advanced Options” tab. Once this is done, go to the Performance section and press the button that says “Settings …” which is at the bottom.

Start managing the Visual Effects of W10

Start managing the Visual Effects of W10

Later, in the Performance Options window, you have to click on the “Visual Effects” tab. In that section, you can check the box that says “Adjust for best performance” and with it, automatically, they will deactivate all visual improvements in the list. Therefore, in that case, it only remains press the “OK” button to save the changes made.

Taking into account that, this option is indicated for users who they want to put aside the attractive appearance of their PC and above that, they prefer to optimize its usefulness. However, it is possible that for other users it is uncomfortable to use your computer under this condition. Therefore, they have the possibility of activate the option “Customize” to fine-tune visual enhancements to optimize your PC performance while simultaneously keep some effects.

Thus, once you check the mentioned box, you can enable the improvements you want in the list to proceed to press the “Accept” button. For its part, as a recommendation, it is essential that you leave active some visual effects that will help you have a more pleasant user experience Fortunately, they do not affect the performance of the computer as much because they consume very few resources.

These effects are:

  • “Show thumbnails instead of icons”. This option is effective to avoid having to see predefined icons that can be quite annoying. Bearing in mind that, if you deactivate this option, you will not be able to view the preview of images or videos hosted on the computer.
  • “Smooth edges for screen fonts”. If this box is not enabled, you will have to see the completely pixelated letters on your computer and this will not allow you to read what appears on the screen in a comfortable way.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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