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When it is needed connect a large number of members on Discord to automatically receive information of a certain channel it will be convenient to use a ad channel.

This tool allows you to receive on each of the servers of the members, who belong to the ad channel, the messages and notifications that are posted in the text chat room.

This way, Discord becomes a must-have tool to keep an entire community informed through a single message. If you want to know how you can create an ad channel, continue reading.

What is an ad channel on Discord and what are the benefits of having one?

Ad channels on Discord are used to automatically inform members who belong to that channel on certain events. This it can be done by synchronizing the ad channel with personal servers of each member.

In this way it is possible to enjoy great benefits within a community, which are:

  • Ad channels provide the latest news of the important channels.
  • it’s possible connect a large number of members, so the information is distributed much faster and easier.
  • You can create an ad channel from scratch, but if you prefer you can convert one that already exists in a much easier way.
  • No need for premium Discord accounts to get an ad channel. This benefits companies that are distributed in different geographical areas, since important suppliers and clients can know the necessary information without spending a single euro.
  • It is possible to publish your own messages or, through assigned roles, send messages posted by other members.
  • An ad channel allows all posts of a certain member are updated on this channel.
  • You will be able to upload up to 10 messages per hour for free.
  • The way to publish new content is very simpleYou just have to hover over the chat and then click Publish.
  • Through configurations roles can be restrictedThis has the advantage that no member will be able to modify the information if they do not have the necessary authorization.
  • Messages that include images, videos, gifs, and emoticons they will be able to be seen in the servers in the same way that it was published for the first time in the ad channel.
  • If for any reason it is necessary to edit a message, this edit or deletion will also appear on personal servers.
  • Discord’s platform settings allow mentions @everyone and @here, among others send us to the servers of the members who follow the announcement channel. This benefits the privacy of the channels.
  • All users who belong to the channel they do not need to take any other action to receive the necessary information. This system benefits communication management, especially in large organizations.
  • The technology sector and those receiving permanent updates they benefit from this method of informing their members of new changes safely and accurately.

Learn step by step how to set up an ad channel on your Discord server.

Next, we will show you the step by step you must do to configure an ad channel from scratch:

Login to Discord

The first thing you will have to do is log in with your username and password to enter your profile and create the channel. You can do this by entering the web from the browser https://discord.com/ or through the Discord application for mobiles and computers.

Create the ad channel

Create the ad channel

At this time you will have to go to the left panel of the screen and click on the Create channel option, sitting by the sign “+”. This action will allow you to open a new menu in which you will choose the type of channel and its name. When you finish you must press the button Create channel.

Another option that Discord offers you is to convert an existing channel in one of the advertisements you will have to select the channel and press on the gear wheel. You can then activate the option Advertisements, activate the text channel box. You must consider that the channel that you can convert must be text and not voice, since otherwise this step will not work.

Grant necessary roles to members

Grant necessary roles to members

In this step what you are looking for is to configure the channel so that some members can modify the ads or delete them, among other actions. To do this you will have to go to the ad channel and select the Roles tool (You will find it after pressing the gear wheel located at the end of the name). Click on the sign “+” and assign a name to the new role. For example, Ads. When you finish click on Save Changes.

Choose members

Choose members

Once you have written and created the new role it is necessary to assign them to the members. To do this, you will have to go to the left side of the screen and press on the arrow at the end of the server name. This will display a menu in which you will have to select the option Members within functions USER MANAGEMENT.

You will find on the right side a list with all the chosen members. You will have to press on the sign “+” so you can choose Roles, after that you will have to activate the Announcements box (or whatever name you have assigned to the new role).

Configure other actions

Configure other actions

Enter the Ad channel settings pressing the sprocket. Then select the role Advertisements (or the name you have assigned to the new role). This will allow you to choose from the section ADVANCED PERMITS what kind of actions the role you just created can generate. You must bear in mind that the list is long so you will have to scroll the window to find all the available options. When you finish click on Save Changes.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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