Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

If you consider yourself a gamer or spend a lot of time on PC games, surely you have heard about Discord, as it has now become the main platform for communication between players through private servers, which has also allowed them to create great communities.

The capacity of send direct messages, make voice chat, share screens and be able to join specific servers for the different games that are online, make this program the favorite of many. Due to such popularity, its developers, in January 2017, launched the first paid functions with Discord Nitro. This edition promises to offer users exclusive features that enhance their experience.

Next, we expose you different steps to follow and examples for know the use and benefit of this Premium function and its benefits.

What is Discord Nitro and what is this Discord subscription for?

For those who still do not know Discord is a communication tool used for large chats and VoIP calls. This platform is available to all audiences in each of the operating systems and can be used both in the browser and in an installable application. Given its characteristics, this tool is widely used by the largest gaming communities around the world..

On the other hand, Discord Nitro is the paid or Premium version of Discord, to which many users have been attracted, since in addition to including all the basic functions of the application, it grants exclusive bonuses. It is available in two versions: Nitro and Nitro Classic. This subscription is responsible for increasing and enhancing each of the features of the previously free tool, and we will learn about this later in this post.

How does Nitro upgrade to the classic version of Discord? Main benefits and advantages

As we explained previously Discord functionalities are maintained for free on Discord Nitro, but by keeping your membership up to date you can access incredible features.

Discord Nitro Classic gives you the following benefits:

Use an animated GIF avatar

Discord Nitro gives you the opportunity to add GIF’s to your display and in this way personalize and give your own style to your avatar in an animated way.

Choose your Discord tag

Usually Discord assigns you a name tag with random numbers. With these new functions you will be able to personalize your four digit discriminator with the numbers you want.

Global emojis

It should be remembered that in classic version of Discord you can’t use emojis in conversationsSince these are shaded, by going premium you can use all the emojis on any server.

High quality videos

Enjoy the experience by screen sharing at 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps qualityplus a full 1080p live streaming experience at 60fps.

Increase your upload limit

In the version of Classic Discord you can upload files up to 8 MB, but when acquiring Discord Nitro Classic you can increase your upload limit up to 50 MB.

Nitro Badge

You will be awarded a nitro badge that will give you recognition as a premium user. This version of nitro does not offer server improvements. Discord Nitro includes all the benefits that you get both with the classic version and with Nitro Classic In addition to server improvements, it allows you to:

Increase upload limit

You will have a limit of 100MB upload loading.

Higher quality videos

So much for screen sharing as for live broadcasts you will have a screen HD quality.

You will have two server boosts

Thus increasing the power of your servers. When you acquire Discord Nitro, you are offered the possibility of boosting or upgrading the server in three levels and each level has its advantages, ranging from more space for emojis, better audio quality for voice channels, better video quality in live broadcasts, higher upload limit and allows you to customize the Server URL and banner.

Nitro Prices and Fees How much does it cost to hire this Discord service?

To acquire either of the two versions of Nitro you must cancel a subscription which can be monthly or yearly, this means that by paying it you will be able to enjoy all Nitro Discord services without additional recharges:

  • DISCORD NITRO CLASSIC has a cost of € 4.99 monthly or € 49.99 annually (getting a 16% discount in the annual form)
  • DISCORD NITRO has a cost of € 9.99 monthly or € 99.99 annually (in the same way, obtaining 16% discount annually)
  • Regarding improvements or server boosts (level increase), from the third level, allows you to add more levels with a 30% off for each level, i.e. for a normal Discord user it costs 4.99 € each boost, but for a Premium user (in either version of Nitro) it costs € 3.50. The payment method is credit card or PayPal.

Nitro Classic What is this exclusive game store for Nitro Discord users?

Since Discord developers released their premium version, they also turned the app into a gaming platform, where you can not only purchase the games, but also run them from your own library. You will be able to import games, gather them and organize them both from the Discord as well as from other platforms such as Steam and Epic Games StoreThus, when you purchase a game, whatever the platform, it will be associated with your Discord library and you can play it on your Windows computer.

Learn step by step how to upgrade your Discord account to Nitro from scratch

Here we are going to explain step by step everything you must do to become a Premium Discord user by acquiring Discord Nitro from your PC:

STEP 1: Enter the website

  • Use your trusted web browser on your PC and enter the URL to enter the main website of Discord. To do this, copy the address indicated below and write it in the address bar that is usually available at the top of the browser: Discord.com

Enter Discord

  • Press click on the box that indicates Login, where you must indicate the email you linked to your account Discord and the password with which you restrict access. In doing so, click the button “Log in”

Log in

STEP 2: User Settings

  • Once you are in your account you will press the bottom button shaped like a thread called “User settings”.

User settings

STEP 3: Discord Nitro

  • Once there you will be redirected to the settings page where you should press the button that says “Discord Nitro” which will automatically open a tab on the right side of the screen where you have the option to subscribe to the Discord Nitro.

Discord Nitro

  • Or subscribe to Discord Nitro Classic.

to subscribe

  • Once you have decided on one of the two versions that best suits you, you must click on the button “To subscribe”.

STEP 4: Payment plans

  • After clicking the subscribe button you will see the different Payment plans, either monthly or annually. You must decide which of the two suits you best and click on the circle next to the plan and press “to select”.
  • Here we see the € 100 plan annual nitro.

Payment Plans 100

  • And here we can see the plan Nitro Classic 50th Annual.

Payment plans 50

Step 5: Payment methods

  • After pressing the button “To select” Your two payment options will appear: Credit card or PayPal. Select the type of payment you will make.

Credit card or Paypal

  • Clicking “Credit card”, you will be asked to fill in certain data related to it and then select the button “following”.

Card data

  • If instead you click “PayPal” A new tab will open where you will be asked to log into your PayPal account.

Paypal account

  • Once the payment is completed, Wumpus & Co. will reach its destination and you will be a premium user of Discord, getting all the benefits of Discord Nitro depending on the version you selected.
  • Remember that you can also give away Nitro if you wish. In the same way you can unsubscribe at any time in the settings section.

Is Discord Nitro worth buying? Aspects to consider before deciding

Considered by many as the best application for communication of video players, Discord, threw these two Premium versions to offer a way to support the platform to move forward. User opinions are contradictory, there are some who consider it a good investment both to improve your quality of experience as for develop your servers. However, we found other users who consider that the advantages are not so relevant in relation to price / benefit.

Here are some things you can take into account when deciding whether to subscribe or not:

  • If you are the leader of a community and have your own server, It is important for you to increase the quality of live transmission and surely the videos and files that you upload tend to be of great content; to buy Discord Nitro It would give you all these benefits and you would have the discount that is offered to you every time you want to improve your server.
  • If you are interested in enjoying the game store, buying Discord Nitro will offer you games for free.
  • If, on the other hand, you are a rather regular user, and you only use Discord to talk with your friends or participate in group discussions occasionally, the benefits offered by the service may Premium do not improve your experience on the platform too much.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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