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Are you entrenched in the gamer world? Do you need a program to communicate with your friends and / or colleagues? You are in the right place! Discord is an application made to improve communication between players around the world.

However, to start using this masterful tool in the gamer worldIt is important to know it in detail, how it works and what are the benefits it provides.

For this reason, In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about Discord and the advantages it can provide you. With Discord your video game experience will never be the same.

What is Discord and what is this communication tool for?

Discord it is a communications tool which is responsible for facilitating the connection between players around the world. Basically, it’s a version very similar to Skype. Allows the communication through text messages, voice and even video calls. Likewise, you can share your screen at any time with the person or group of people with whom you are talking.

A key factor to take into account of Discord is your compatibility with any teamSince it can be installed for free on Mac, Windows, IOS, Linux and Android. Thus, Discord is used to bring together different people or players around the world through chat with the aim of creating a complete and professional communication tool between users with mutual likes and interests.

Discord Features and Functions What can I do from this platform?

In order to know in detail each of the features and functions of Discord it is important that you do not stop reading.

Well, we will tell you below each of the Discord features and the functions that each one of them provides:

  • Text messaging: text messaging is used to facilitate communication between players and users in various parts of the world.
  • Voice messages: the options for sending audio or voice through chat ensure convenience for each user. Because it improves the experience of this communications tool by facilitating the way to communicate.
  • Video calls: video calls allow users to be seen through the camera on their computer where Discord is installed. This comes in conjunction with text and voice messaging. That is, you will be able to speak, see and even write during the video call. In addition, you will have the opportunity to connect with one or more people at the same time.
  • Group chats of specific tastes and interests: This alternative to the Discord platform will allow you the option of searching for groups where you can find people who share your same tastes in terms of games.
  • Screen sharing: share your screen on Discord during a video call It will allow you to show the users with whom you are talking what game you are practicing or the steps you are taking.

What are the main benefits of using Discord while playing or working?

Many are the benefits which can provide you with the installation and use of Discord while you play or work.

However, the most prominent are:

  • Quick and easy communication– Whether you are working or playing games, Discord will provide you with a quick and easy way to connect with another person. Well, its use is extremely easy and its latency is low. Therefore, it is a characteristic to take into account.
  • Multifunctionality: Discord will not only grant you communication with other users or players, it will also allow you to organize future games and strategies to use in them, make comments about news regarding games and more.

Discord for business How can big brands take advantage of this tool?

Thanks to the more functionality than Discord provides each person, large companies have a new vital tool for their work management. Well, could organize meetings in a personalized way with its workers.

Likewise, they may quickly connect with each worker and transfer information immediately. This will guarantee a better optimization of work management. Similarly, when making video calls with one or more users, they will be able to share a screen and prepare proposals, explain projects and even conferences. Similarly, companies will be able to generate servers where talk about labor management and productivity of the company.

Discord vs Messenger vs Skype What is the best app to talk to friends while you work or play?

With the great competition in the instant messaging application market, many questions arise regarding What is the best app to talk with friends? Can you work or play while communicating? And, the truth is that, there is a great dispute between Discord, Messenger and Skype.

Therefore, we will tell you below which is the best app to connect with friends while you work or play:

  • By courier: while you work or play you can connect by instant messaging more quickly by Messenger. Well, it offers you fast charging features and more specific proportions.
  • Voice messages Skype: It supports you in a more concise way when communicating by voice messages while you work or play. Therefore, it is the most recommended.
  • By video call Discord: provides the most recommended option when using video calls while you work or play. In fact, you can also share your screen in real time without complications.

Learn how to take your first steps in Discord to speak by voice with your friends in real time

Do you want to get started on Discord? This is your chance. Next, we will mention you the tips to follow to take your first steps in Discord and be able to connect with your friends in real time.

Go for it:

Create Account


Discord is a unique communications platform today. This is thanks to the feasibility of being able to use it without having to download or install it, you only have to enter its website. However, for greater benefits we recommend creating your Discord account. Then, you must complete your profile and voila, you can start on the most professional Gamer communications platform of the moment.

Add contact

add contacts

The next step to take will be to add a contact to your profile, that is, search through the platform for users you know (friends) and add them remotely.

Send message to contact

Once the contact is added, you will have the option to send a message to said user and start communicating with him immediately. Either by text messaging, voice or video call.

Join a channel

new channel

When creating your username, by default, you will have two channels, which are text and voice, these are located in the part of the general section. You can customize them the way you want the most. After that, joining a channel will be extremely easy. You will only have to look for a preferred one and that’s it.

List of the best tricks to get the most out of Discord real-time calls

Discord is a communications tool that can provide you with great advantages if you know it in detail.

For this reason, we will tell you the five best tricks to get the most out of Discord in real time:

Lower the volume of a user’s voice

When you are in a conversation with friends by voice, sometimes it is achieved with a very loud user compared to others. For it, you can mute or lower the volume from your side. You just have to press the right button of the person and then click on “user volume”, There you will modify to your preference.

Streaming in real time

To make this mode work on the voice channel, you must use the “live” alternative. For this, you will have to open a game and wait for Discord takes care of detecting it, then you will need to click on the button that is located next to the name of the game.

Add bots

Discord bots perform prominent functions on the Discord platform that you cannot miss. For this reason, it is advisable to install bots to automate some sections of your profile.

Configure your speech processing

One of the most used tricks globally on Discord is the voice processing settings. Because, it allows you to boost and improve the audio output of your microphone.

Enable the 2FA option

2FA for Discord serves for get more security to your user account, with the aim of preventing each person from having access to your personal information and more.

The best alternatives to Discord that you should know to make calls while you play

Discord It has various functionalities and connections that you should know to improve your experience during calls on the platform.

For this reason we will show you the best alternatives to Discord to get efficient calls during your games:



In the Gamer world, Teamspeak it’s the great Discord competition. Well, it is one of the most used voice chat servers. It has a high connection speed and a prominent signal for audio.

Download Teamspeak for Windows

Download Teamspeak for MacOS



It has an optimal quality in terms of the audio of the calls. In addition, it has a very low latency, which is perfect for being able to talk and play at the same time. With Mumble we can communicate in a simple way and share ideas and strategies with all our contacts and thus be the best online gaming team.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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