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At present, one of the contents that is mostly distributed on the network, without a doubt, are series and movies online. Well, due to the enormous proposals that the Internet hosts, users prefer to access said content in this way, especially, because the online download or playback is completely free, unlike subscription platforms.

However, the vast majority of websites of this type, have been flagged negatively over time. Since, in addition to being branded as insecure sites that can violate the privacy of users, it also are criticized for infringing intellectual property rights.

Thus, although for a long time he showed excellent management, today Cliver is not a fully operational platform to watch movies and series on the Internet. Reason why, it is worth knowing what has happened to her, as well as knowing the best alternatives that exist.

What happened to Cliver? Doesn’t it work or have they been closed forever?

What happened to Cliver?  Doesn't it work or have they been closed forever?

As we initially told you, despite its complete management over time, Cliver has been classified as an “abusive” website along with other similar platforms. This, mainly, to ensure that has been committing acts against intellectual property rights, due to the way used to distribute the series and movies.

Thus, both Cliver and,,, and other places, They were sued by Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Disney, Warner Bros, Universal Cable and 20th Century Fox; For that reason. Therefore, the Mercantile Court number 9 of Barcelona decided to act against these pages to watch and download series and movies online.

Hence, today, Cliver does not work since it was blocked in Spain, once said demand became effective. Consequently, those users affiliated with Telefónica Movistar, Orange and Vodafone, They will no longer be able to enter that website or the others named. Which is to say, it was appealed for its closure.

Taking into account that, due to the susceptibility of the subject, in addition to his domain “”, this accusation also it will affect subdomains and IP addresses that usually arise after the closing of the platforms. Which is why, currently, operators in Spain point out that It is not safe or advisable to access a website with this name to stream or download series and movies.

List of the best websites to watch series and movies online alternatives to Cliver

In case you prefer to respect the blockade set in Spain around (No longer works) and you choose to make use of other platforms that provide the same content, it is important to know what are the best options currently available to view series and movies online. Thus

Next, we name 10 platforms of interest for it:

It consists of a website that hosts a remarkable number of feature films on its platform and thus, users can access it to enjoy the movie they want in streaming. Taking into account that, despite offering the content for free, the web does not lack copyright. Thanks to that, is considered a safe solution so far.

For its part, in addition to its web service, it also offers an application that is compatible with Android and iOS devices, the same as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Xbox and Roku; so it guarantees great coverage. Regarding its design, we specify that it is simple and intuitive at the same time, in addition to facilitating navigation through categories arranged horizontally and sections of interest.

Although it is not one of the most recognized of the moment, it is certainly considered a good alternative for watch series and movies from the Internet easily and for free. In which, you will find a great variety of films and even provides content released recently, in view of its repertoire is based on current options, as of 2009.

For its part, once you access the platform, you will find a section pertaining to movies, where you can view the latest releases and also random content, plus it has a search bar to do so in a personalized way. It also offers a section where it houses all available series with their episodes.

It is a completely comprehensive database, in which you can get a wide variety of films in optimal quality, including the world premieres of the moment. Also, at present, it offers an optimal catalog where provides series of different genres, so that they can be adapted to all users who access. All of this for free.

Once you enter the platform, it is possible to search for the movie or series you want to see online, through various mechanisms. Either by genre (there are more than 15), by premieres, ranking, most viewed movies or by using the search bar. It should be noted that, allows you to choose the language and download the content.

Through this website, you have the possibility of get endless movies, exclusively (that is, it does not transmit series in streaming). In this way, it allows you to enjoy the most recent proposals of the seventh art, as well as the most popular and all this, from HD content and with absolute sound quality. Reason why, it is the favorite of many users.

Now, to navigate in the database of this platform, you can use the general search bar located at the top and even filter the results by name of the movie, director / actors or users. In addition, it exhibits an excellent page design and allows you to register for free.

It is an ideal platform for movie lovers, since it distributes content associated with the seventh art online and free. Thus, it is characterized by hosting an extensive catalog with movies of all genresSuch as: comedy, war, action, animation, science fiction, horror, fantasy, etc.

For its part, it allows you to carry out searches in a personalized way from the indicated bar or through the filters provided and they are: category (or genre), subcategories, year of release, score, country, most popular, updated links, etc. Which means that, this is a very intuitive website.

This web page has a large library of movies and series, so there you can always get content to your liking. Thus, thanks to its optimal management, it is a very famous platform on the Internet to view content online for free. Especially because this it is a site that stays updated and generally upload the original version of each available proposal.

In this sense, you can watch the movies and / or series in their original version or in Spanish, too find content categorized and easilyBesides, you have the possibility to download movies and series without any complications. Taking into account that, you must register to be able to access all the content unlimitedly.

As its name implies, it is a web page that Used to watch series online for free, but besides that, also offers an extensive catalog where it hosts online movies of all genres, practically. Which has been classified as one of the best pages to obtain this content on the net, thanks to the excellent quality it guarantees.

Among its most interesting advantages, we find that offers the possibility of downloading the movies or the episodes of the series that you want and without any cost, it also allows you to select the preferred language for it and you do not need to register on the web to enjoy the content stored there. Added to that, ensures easy navigation, thanks to the fact that the content is sectioned by themes.

Basically, this is one of the main web pages to watch series and feature films online, since its content is quite new and it also provides the option to download the content; therefore, it is one of the favorites for users. Among other details, it is characterized by being an easy-to-use platform and offers fast navigation, it has filters by categories, publication date and also a powerful search engine.

In addition to this, it is worth noting that, It has a section dedicated to Netflix original series and movies and due to its content layout and the categories it provides, it shows an excellent page layout. However, this platform contains a lot of advertising.

Without the need to register, this website gives you the ability to watch movies online, both in Spanish and also in other languages. Thanks to the different genres it houses, it is characterized by having an extensive library that adapt to the different tastes of its users.

In this sense, you can order the results obtained by gender, by year or even, use keywords to carry out searches from the indicated bar. Added to this, it also has the advantage of offering movies in quality format such as Full HD for free. But, it shows banner ads throughout the experience.

To conclude this list, we emphasize this other web page that provides various content for entertainment, such as high-quality series and movies to view online. Once you enter the platform, you will be able to locate the movies you want to see, through the available genres or by year, the most popular, the most valued and up to Netflix originals.

Also, to locate a series, you can do it from the available filters (most visited, Netflix series, season or premiere episodes) and, of course, the website also has a search bar. Additionally, it stands out for being a very intuitive platform, it has more than 14,000 proposals and it is totally free.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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