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Divxatope was a reliable website where you could download movies and series in high definition with access to premieres thanks to its constant update, with a music section dedicated to the best songs. In short, it had everything for the user to enjoy with his family a great material via torrent.

It was one of the most important in Spain with one of the largest databases and a large volume of users. His original domain was blocked and he had subsequently returned to the ring as to keep the name and make it easy for his followers to get it, but currently the little we know is that the activity he had during 2018 it is neither the reflection of other times. They no longer appear in search engines, indicating that you have probably succumbed to legal pressure or fear new blocks.

That is why we have set to work to offer you a list of ideal alternatives to Divixatope, so that you can continue downloading all the content you want via P2P with complete confidence. The only thing we warn you is that you should not fall in love with these websites since they may also be blocked in the future, but for the moment it is the best that is within your reach without a doubt.

What happened to DivxaTope? Not working or have they closed? closed. Its beautiful story came to a bad end after it was closed by the Civil Guard, without forgetting that their owners lost a millionaire lawsuit and were on the verge of being jailed for violating the copyright of all paid content that they offered for free. But Why has this happened?

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For several years the companies that develop all these films They have constantly complained that P2P download portals were harmful to their industry, generating millions of dollars in losses a year. That is why they have exerted enormous pressure so that the main police authorities of European and North American countries will help them bring the developers of this type of website to trial.

Since then things have always gotten worse. Mass closures have occurred since 2015, and everything got worse in mid-2018 when the Civil Guard of Spain published a list with dozens of websites that were officially closed for copyright infringement.

List of the best torrent pages (P2P) alternatives to Divx butt

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While it is true that we do not know about the fate of neither are we ignorant about the benefits that some portals show us. Each of these pages has attracted the attention of a large number of users who are satisfied with the quality product that is offered to them.

Here is a small list of the most prominent portals:


It is a website in Spanish that offers torrent files with a wide variety of content (documentaries, movies, series, games, music and varied programs) which are even updated several times a day. It has a lot of advertising content, so we recommend using an Adblock, and does not require registration to start downloads.

For now, this is the best option if you want to download P2P links completely in Spanish, not only because almost all their database is in that language, but also because they are in charge of verifying all the links, which allows them to guarantee that their content is 100% quality.


This website was created in 2003 and is currently considered a classic of P2P download websites. It is for many the best and most popular as it offers videos, applications, movies, games, music, e-books and much more. Among the benefits it offers is the wide variety of high-quality content that is downloaded on high-speed servers.

It has managed to keep up over time, it presents us with an easy and comfortable interface to navigate with continuous updating. To enjoy the service provided by this page, you need to register, which will also help you to report broken links or those that contain virus downloads, which is unlikely since they they are in charge of verifying everything that is available.

As a general rule, it is convenient that you download using a VPN so that your IP address is always secured and you can enjoy the advantages of anonymity.


Another great torrent file distributor is, which is very active. It provides high quality videos, music, movies, comics and series with fresh and updated content. It has a very stylish and pleasant interface in which you can easily enjoy what you want to download. It is updated regularly and was considered in 2018 as the third most visited portal of all those that offer P2P downloads.. The best thing is that it is 100% free.


Developed in 2003, has a friendly, simple and organized interface, a good alternative if you are looking for new releases or if your favorite download page has closed. From it you can find links to download movies, series, video games and much more for free and without restrictions.


This website in Spanish called It does not require registration and is one of the oldest that remain despite the large number of pages that exist to download that compete with it. Contains varied material such as movies, series, among others, and it is easy to navigate and has a constant update which generates a large number of visits. In addition, advertising is very minimally invasive so you can avoid using a blocker, although it will be necessary use a VPN for security.


Although the content of this website is mainly series and TV programs, in it we can also browse a wide database with movies and music, although everything is in English. In it we can find high quality files to download via P2P and all this in the easiest way possible. The only cons are its excessive publicity and that currently not all files are verified.



It’s one of the best websites for downloading movies and series in English with Spanish subtitles (hence its name), which has a very good database that is constantly updated. It has no registration and has a very friendly environment. That without forgetting that everything is perfectly verified, being one of the safest as well, although it is never too much to use a VPN to stay anonymous.


On this page you will find current content (movies, anime, software, games, music, as well as other categories). Here everything is 100% verified, in fact administrators pay € 1 for each fake torrent they find as they can damage your website. In this case, it is necessary to register to access everything it has to offer.

DivxTotal3 provides material in Spanish with good resolution and daily update. Although its interface is not sophisticated, we can find content of varied and updated quality. Its design makes it easy to use and does not require registration to download.


In reliable and safe English. It is exclusively dedicated to providing good quality movie links, some can even be found in 3D. Its interface is simple, easy to navigate and provides updated material. You have to be registered to download.

Is it illegal to download torrent files from these web portals?

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The law protects the user in this case and it is considered that the user does not commit an illegal act just for downloading and viewing its content. What would be wrong would be to download the content and then sell it on the streets, which is considered a crime of piracy. But you only limit yourself to enjoying each movie in the privacy of your home and you don’t generate money by taking advantage of it, so you can have a clear conscience.

This luck is not the same for the developers of this type of portals, since they do take advantage of the traffic they generate to obtain millionaire profits in advertising. As “archaic” as it may seem, a well positioned website like The pirate bay can generate millions of dollars annually. That is why whenever they are discovered and brought to trial, the fines to evade prison are in the tens of millions.

However, the fact that it is not illegal for you, the user, to download protected content does not mean that you are risk-free at all. If you don’t take your precautions, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise that endangers your identity, your personal information and even the integrity of your computer. That is why it is always advisable to take into account the following factors:

  • Viruses in downloads: absolutely everything you download from the internet may contain malware or Trojan horses that affect the functioning of your computer. That is why you should always have an active antivirus before opening anything you download, especially if it is software that you want to install.
  • IP trace– While unlikely to happen, it’s always good to keep your address anonymous with a VPN.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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