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Users increasingly find ways to use the internet and circumvent copyright at will. Just like big companies know the laws to find ways to evade their millionaire taxes, netizens often go out of their way to download and share protected content without paying a penny. A clear sample of them is Fiuxy.

What started and was born with the idea of ​​simply being a virtual forum like Reddit or Taringa, little by little it became a perfect copyright evasion mechanism in which the developers hid behind the always effective argument that users were responsible for their publications. This kept it running smoothly for many years but things seem to have come to an end.

Don’t you know the forum? Well, in this article we are going to show you what it is and how it works., as well as explaining what has happened to it today and how you can continue to access the content that was stored in it without problems.

What is Fiuxy and what does this web portal consist of?

Fiuxy Forum Topics

Fiuxy is, in basic terms, a 2.0 community with a structure similar to a social network, although it works much like a Reddit-style internet forum. In it, its users can share all kinds of content without fear of being blocked, with the incentive that the comments received and the “Likes” make them rise in rank, which in a way allows them to become authentic influencers within the community. The latter makes it also similar to Taringa.

The difference of this with other conventional forums, is that moderators have no problem with allowing users to share copyrighted content. In forums like Reddit, Taringa or ForoBetaYou are not allowed to share this type of thing, and if you do it will be eliminated shortly, and if you insist on sharing it again you will be sanctioned.

This makes Fiuxy a perfect place not only to share content, but also to download it and be able to access paid content completely free. Just by registering, you have access to a large number of downloadables of all kinds; from movies, books and series, to software, video games, professional courses and more. This undoubtedly made him gain a lot of popularity in a very short time, drawing a large number of people to him who were completely in love with the opportunity.

This whole project was born in Argentina several years ago. In fact the original name of the portal is Argentina Warez, where he had already gained a good popularity sharing music albums of hiphop, rock and other “underground” genres so to speak.

STAFF ranks and user levels in Fiuxy closes

As we mentioned before, Fiuxy gives its users the possibility to become authentic influencers according to the rank of their profile. To go climbing in these you must accumulate comments, which in turn will help you get followers that will make you a reference in the community. Below we inform you the number of comments you must make to climb.

The first rank of all is New Fiuxer, which you get as soon as you register in the forum. The next level is Beta Fiuxer, which you get to with just 50 comments and then go up to MegaFiuxer, UltraFiuxer and FiuxerActive with 100, 200 and 500 comments respectively. Then every 1000 comments you will advance a new level until you reach 5000, when you are SharerFiuxer, and then you won’t rank up again until you have 10,000, when you will be FullFiuxer.

Over time new levels will be released for those who have 15,000, 20,000 and more comments, but for now no one has reached those figures, so there has been no need to create new ranges.

What happened to, .eu or .bit? Are they not working or have they closed?

Sad about fiuxy shutdown

In mid-2018, the joy of the entire community faded as the main website suddenly stopped working. Anyone who entered the classic or .net domain was redirected to a new portal in which there was only current news, something similar to a digital newspaper. This puzzled everyone, as they did not know what had happened to the project.

If you were looking in the Official facebook page or in the Google Plus profile, you realized that for a long time they had not published anything, which made you think the worst. Most likely, they have had problems with your server for the obvious reason of the copyright violations of the content that was shared on it.

The latter would not be surprising since the authorities of several countries have been closing portals for years that shared content that violated copyright, although until now they had only attacked websites of P2P downloads or from watching streaming movies.

However, in September 2018, the developers announced by your inactive Facebook account they were having problems with their servers on their .com, .net and .org domains, so they would migrate the platform in a new direction.

How can we enter the Fiuxy portal without problems from any country?

According to the Facebook message posted in Q3 2018, Fiuxy now works on the portal, where you can appreciate the same interface as always and the classic system of lifelong ranks.

The problem with this one is that unfortunately you will not be able to recover your rank and obtained followers In the old portal at the moment, although the moderators indicated that they promised to restore each user to how they were before the incident as soon as possible, you simply have to register with the same email and username.

Another thing that you should know is that after the closure, many people wanted to take advantage of the confusion to create their own portals with the same domain name and a different extension. You are currently, which is one of the ones that is attracting more users, maintaining an identical design to the classic portal from before.

*Upgrade: is currently also closed, as soon as this situation changes we will renew the links, be sure to consult this page so as not to lose new details.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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