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Megaupload was the king of internet downloads. This portal allowed you to upload content to the cloud and then share the link so that anyone could download it later. A simple and very efficient operation that ended up winning the loyalty of millions of people around the world who came to it to store their information or download paid content completely free.

It was precisely the latter that caused the problems that caused his “downfall.” People abused their freedoms to upload copyright-restricted paid content such as movies, music, series, software, and more, and then have others download it to monetize with advertising in between with all the traffic they generated. This fact was not liked at all by the characters behind those copyrights since they lost a lot of money because of the server, so they pushed for it to be completely closed.

However, this was not the only download server in the cloud. The reality is that you would be surprised to know how many there are. Therefore, we have put ourselves to work so that you know the best direct download portals on the internet that are the perfect alternative to Megaupload. Thanks to this you can continue downloading all the content you want without problems and in the fastest possible way.

What happened to Megaupload and why did it close? A little history

Megaupload It was one of the most visited sites in the world, it had a very successful file hosting service in the cloud. It was founded in 2005 as Megaupload Limited in Hong Kong, China. Its repercussion was massive and by 2008 it already moved an approximate of ten million vivistas, thus being one of the most important internet pages.

Megaupload Kim Dotcom drop

It had a system that allowed its users to upload files with a maximum size of 2 GB, all for free. Those who were not registered on their platform were allowed to download files with a maximum of 1 GB, and those who were registered had the opportunity to download 100 GB of stored files.

All users could upload information anonymously. For those who were registered for free, if the information they loaded was not highly requested, it expired (it was removed from their system) in 21 days. For those who paid for a (Premium) membership, it was never removed and they could access it whenever they wanted.

It had a security captcha that had to be executed every time a download was made. When their design changed they removed this method and changed it for a timeout, so that when an operation was carried out, it forced the user to wait 45 seconds to continue with it.

But like all pages of this type, it was forced to close, since it violated the copyright of other people. This was used as an argument when dismantling their facilities, January 19, 2012. Although its creator Kim dotcom have tried several times to bring this site back, technical and fiscal problems have prevented it.

The authors of the operation carried out against Kim Dotcom they ensure that the arrest and closure of this page was done fairly. In addition, they argue that they used such illegal acts to obtain exaggerated economic gains that came under what is called “illicit enrichment“.

List of the best direct download websites alternatives to Megaupload

By the roads that go, it seems that Megaupload it has been totally inactive, and speculatively it can be said that forever. Although this causes sadness for many, since they are wandering from one page to another until they find a site that can provide the benefits it gave Dotcom’s now defunct service.

For this reason, thinking of you, we bring a list of the best alternatives, which can allow you to host all your files on the network, and download whatever you want.


This is one of the best pages. It offers you a storage capacity of 10 GB completely free and without any transfer limits. However, you will have 180 days and then remove any file you upload from their platform, so it can be considered a temporary service. 4Shared gives you the opportunity to download files simultaneously, without any restriction.

Its interface is extremely easy to use, although from the outset we tell you that its operation is different from the Dotcom portal, since its design is less dynamic. However, the quality of service is excellent as their servers are extremely fast both to upload and download content.


Dropbox is a free storage service that is linked to your Microsoft Outlook account. It offers you 2 to 8 GB so you can upload or download. All files will have an expiration time of maximum 90 days, and it allows you to make several downloads at the same time. To access it you simply must have a user in the aforementioned electronic messaging service.

Although this is not a direct download platform, it can work perfectly as one since if a person provides you with the link to the file you want, you can download it without problems. The only detail is that they are quite rigorous with copyright, so you won’t be able to share movies and other protected content.


A little known portal by many since their servers are not very stable, but without a doubt it is an option to consider when no other is known. Its interface is quite “archaic” and not very stylized, with a design reminiscent of the first internet portals, but the service is quite beneficial as it allows you more than 10GB of storage completely free and no download limits.

Like the services mentioned above, allows you to share the link of the file you want so that they can download it directly from your space without any problem.


This server offers you 500 GB of storage completely free with a transfer of 150 MB / h. Any file uploaded to this platform will be automatically deleted after 90 days, but You can extend this term with a Premium membership that does not have any waste. It is not well known by the community, but its servers are currently the best, with impeccable speed and stability.


It offers you a free registration with a storage capacity of 300MB to 2GB. All files have a limit of 20 to 45 days to be deleted. Like the other pages mentioned, it allows you to download simultaneously just by having the direct link to the file. It is not one of the best due to the little space it offers, but without a doubt it is an option to consider.


Allows registration for free, with a transfer limit of 200 MB. It gives you the opportunity to make multiple downloads if you wish and to store everything you want in a free space of up to 200GB, a limitation that you can eliminate if you decide to pay a monthly membership. This is by far the most similar service to Megaupload and the one with the most active followers thanks to the fact that itthe speed of its servers is currently the best.


It is one of the best places you can use to store music and all kinds of information. It has a time of expiration for each file 30 days. Although currently not much information is found on this page, it can be speculated that was born imitating File Sonic, a service that was also closed in 2012.


A website that offers you a simple service to upload and download files. User registration is not essential, but those who do get up to ten thousand GB of space to store any type of file. In the case of using their services with a free account, the page warns that after 190 days the uploaded file will be deleted, which does not happen when you are a registered member with a Premium membership.


This is a place, widely used to download any file. Its function is like a link aggregator, which organizes the downloads to be made. It is a good service since it has fast servers that speed up both the upload and download of content are problems.


It is a service that allows you to upload files and pays uploaders for the downloads and advertisements generated. Payments vary depending on the country where you live. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the accounts that are created on this platform are for life.

How to access Kim Dotcom’s new portal,

Kim Dotcom is back with

As we said a few sections back, each time a portal closes, others of the same type are born. In this case, Dotcom did not sit idly by and created a new service with the same architecture of Megaupload that would be known as MEGA. This has servers in New Zealand, which allows him to be out of reach of the authorities who imprisoned him at the time.

To have a better experience with this service, it is best to register, which you can do with your Gmail account or with your Facebook, although you can also create an account at Now that you know this, below we will show you how to access it from any device.

From the computer

Open the browser of your choice (Firefox or Google Chrome recommended), then go to the address bar and enter the following site URL. Once the page is loaded, look for the selection dedicated to user entry. You can find this at the top of the site, a button that says Login, and you click on it, so you can continue with the procedure.


When doing so, a small window will be displayed, with a form with two fields, one for the email and the other for the password, which you must fill in the data that you previously used for registration.

From Android or iOS

Before starting, you must have downloaded the official Mega application, which you can find in the Play Store. After you have it on the phone, look for it and open it (it is identified by a red icon with a capital “M” in the middle). When you open the application, you will look at the bottom where it says log in, and you will press there.


Enter all the details of your Mega profile, and again you will click on log in. Following all these steps, You can access the Mega system as many times as you want from the phone or with your computer.

MEGA Privacy

MEGA Privacy

Developer: Mega Limited

Price: Code needed

Download Megasync for Windows

Download Megasync for Mac

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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