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Papyre FB2, had become a benchmark for lovers of reading. In it you could download a large number of books on different topics that, according to the same portal, there were more than 31,000 Can you imagine that amount of knowledge categorized and available 24 hours a day? It was a dream and unfortunately it is over. They had to close, due to the amount of lawsuits they received for copyright infringement, so the portal is currently offline.

This website had a Red Tor technology infrastructure that allowed the downloads of thousands of copies in different PDF formats Y Mobi to name a few. He was recognized for having an abundant source of works in different areas of knowledge; from philosophy, history, economics, technology, psychology, to poetry, modern and classical literature.

This is a great problem for lovers of reading and wisdomWell, in this portal there were books that you couldn’t even find paying in a bookstore since they were very old. However, this was not the only website that had this quality. Don’t you know others? Well, keep reading and We will tell you what happened to Papyre and what are the best alternatives to it that are currently online.

What happened to Papyre FB2? Not working or have they closed?

Papyre FB2 has closed

I put myself in your position you want to search for a book and Papyre is not online. It is good that you know that the company is persecuted by the entities in charge of regulating copyright, since they allege that the portal offers digital texts without the express consent of the authorsDue to that, it has won countless millionaire lawsuits, for which it has decided to close its space on the net.

However, they have looked for a way to jump the judicial fence, using a provisional server through the Tor Network, here is the link for you to enter The web portal had earned an excellent reputation for the quality of the content of its works, that’s why I get millions of downloads worldwide.

The real problem here is that the brand is already in the sights of the authorities, who surely already know about the existence of this new domain and must be looking for a way to end the root problem and prosecute the portal developers. So perhaps in the not too distant future Papyre will cease to exist forever.

List of the best websites to download free ebooks alternatives to PapyreFB2

pirate book ebooks

As we already told you at the beginning of this article, there are many more portals that allow you to download free copies without any problem, as our friend Papyre already did. Some even have the backing of the authorities and carry out their functions without fear of being penalized in the future., although these do not have such a large database.

On the other hand, some of the portals that we will mention below do not have the consent of the authorities but they do have a much more varied database than the previous ones, although we recommend that you do not fall in love with them too much because at any time they could disappear too. That said, it is time for you to know which are the best currently active portals for download free ebooks.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers a wide selection of free ebooks (almost 1,000,000) in Kindle format. You can read these with your Kindle tablet or through an application available at It is always online, the connection is good at all times and the database of the works is constantly updated. It’s a good option though there are books you will have to pay for.


If you are looking for how to download free Ebooks, the site, is the one indicated, it gives you access to a directory of more than 75,000,000 books and articles in various formats (PDF and ePub). As for the search, it has a navigation bar, which allows you to find what you want using keywords.

The only problem with the site, is its low availability, due to the frequent changes of address and domain name since they are also in the sights of the authorities. Outside of this, it is a real option.


For those looking for free electronic texts, this page presents a catalog rich in texts. Take a tour of the portal and find your favorite book. It is recognized for having an excellent catalog, you can find copies from different areas of knowledge (Science and technology, Medicine and Health, Computer ebooks, Business and economics). Also, you can get Comic, self-help and cookbooks.

I recommend it, their database is updated periodically. However, not all of them are free and to read some you will have to pay a monthly subscription. Beyond this, without a doubt its greatest attraction is that, like the Amazon Kindle, you can publish your own ebookcs and sell them on the web, being an excellent way to earn money doing what you like the most in life.

Free ebooks

As the name implies, this site offers free e-books. More than 2,600 e-books categorized and available for download. You have access to all types of formats: PDF, HTML, eReader, Free ePub. In the same way, you can enjoy diaries, novels, comics, practical guides, etc. Its interface is simple, but effective, it receives you informing you about the latest launches and it has a search engine where you put the name of the book, the author, its category or genre and This gives you 30 results.

It also allows you download formats and software for reading And if you are a developer, it offers you programs to create your own Ebooks. The company to stay afloat requests the collaboration of the users to cover the operating costs as payment of hosting or fees to software developers. An excellent option, although it should be noted that most of the content is in French, so then you will have to pass everything through a translator.


It has become a real choice for the community of readers due to its variety. There you can find novels, comics, digital, cultural, technical content, esotericism, humor and much more. It’s one of the best torrent sites.

Its web design is attractive, easy to use and very intuitive. It has a search bar that shows you the latest books released. The portal is always online and to download the content you must register. The best thing about the site is that it does not have annoying ads. You can access from anywhere with any device; including PC, Tablet, Smartphones, PS4, Xbox.

This portal is in French, and so is most of the downloadable content, so then you will have to go through a translator.

Genesis Library is a ebook search engine incredibly powerful. Here you find most of the e-books that are for sale in popular libraries. It is up to you to choose the language and find the e-books you want totally free using the Torrent P2P system.

Its connection is good, its web interface is simple and it incorporates a search engine to facilitate the exploration of the content. He has millions of books to his credit. If we should make an objective ranking in terms of importance and performance, Genesis Library would probably be the first in this ranking.

Wikisource is Wikipedia’s counterpart for ebooks. Here you will find almost everything you are looking for as it has a complete directory for download free ebooks quality in any language you want.

It is located in the top 5 of portals of its kind, designed with a nice interface similar to Wikipedia, so you can navigate through it without any problem. It has more than 2.56.039 free texts that in order to access them you must create an account.

It is well categorized by branches of knowledge, it welcomes you by showing the latest additions on the right side of the screen in case you are looking for something new. The company also receives donations to continue operating, although these are not mandatory.

Is it dangerous to download e-books from these websites?

Dangerous downloads

First of all, piracy is a reality which, sadly, book authors have to deal with. You can currently find several sites that offer illegal downloading of electronic texts. To these are added many platforms whose sole purpose is to disappoint the reader, a phenomenon already well known in film and music. Just do the test: write the name of a book in a search engine with the keyword “ebook” or “download”, dozens of results appear instantly to offer you download.

Here, the real danger is that by connecting to a free book download site, your data can be stolen by computer hackers, so I recommend that if you are going to browse unknown pages you do so using a VPN. In addition to this, it is important that you always have an active antivirus before opening anything you download from the Internet, in this way you stay protected in case it contains a malicious file.

In general terms, the risks of downloading this type of content are the same as doing it with any other, so we recommend taking the necessary precautions to avoid bad times in the future.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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