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Movies, series and more movies. That is what Tomadivx users were looking for every time they entered the portal but now they find the sad news that it has stopped working. It is not surprising that in the main internet forums the atmosphere is in total mourning because the reality is that this is one of the most important brands in the world of P2P downloads.

Tomadivx offered a wide database with all kinds of content, but where movies and series were especially in demand, although you could also find highly sought-after software and video games. Its straightforward interface was fairly easy to navigate and did not cause confusion at all. Of course, the amount of advertising on the site was quite annoying, but it was nothing that could not be solved with an AdBlock. Fortunately for you, this was not the only quality site in this regard.

In the following article we are going to present you a list with 10 alternatives to Tomadivx that you cannot stop visiting so that you can continue downloading via torrent all the content you want and need. In addition, we will clarify what happened to the portal and if there are ways to enter again or if you should definitely say goodbye to it.

What happened to TomaDivx? Not working or have they closed?

Like many other torrent websites, Tomadivx has been attacked by the Spanish and worldwide police entities because it was accused of illicit enrichment Why? For the simple reason that they took advantage of the demand for series and films protected by copyright to generate millions of euros annually thanks to advertising monetization.

sadness for Tomadivx

The large production companies that are the ones that put the money necessary to make each of those audiovisuals that entertain you so much, and even the software houses that took years to develop each program or video game, realized the large amount of money they were losing out on these websites. For this reason they decided to report them to demand that they pay part of what they have generated at the cost of this content or to permanently close their operations.

The Tomadivx domain was soon included in June 2018 Among the list of portals that should be closed or that were censored in Spain for breaking the law. However, the project developers got down to work to continue providing their service and created a couple of proxy websites extras to which you can enter through the domains or Both work perfectly, but are also constantly monitored by the authorities so that it is possible that in the not too distant future they will suffer an unexpected shutdown again.

List of the best alternative Torrent websites to Tomadivx that are still open

Best pirated torrent websites

Now that you know well what happened with Tomadivx, it is time for you to look for other alternatives to it so that you can continue acquiring your P2P links to download all kinds of content. Here we present the best 10 websites to download torrent that are still open.


One of the most legendary websites, PirateBay that everyone knows about P2P downloads. They have almost 2 decades in the sector and, despite being persecuted by the law since 2009, they have managed to stay online and provide their services to their huge community. In this portal you will find everything and although audiovisuals are the most sought after, do not neglect the possibility of also getting music, programs, games and others.

Its database is one of the easiest to navigate in the entire market. With it you simply have to enter the name of the file you are looking for and it will show you all the results available in its immense database. Of course, you must be clear of two factors.

The first is that the content is generally in English, and the second is that the amount of advertising on the web is truly hilarious, so you must have an ad-blocking extension in your browser. Not forgetting the fact that all users must download using a VPN.


Another portal that you cannot put aside since you will be losing the possibility of getting the best P2P links to download on the internet. This website offers 100% verified links that you can download easily thanks to the high speed of the servers. Again you will have to deal with a lot of advertising, but it is nothing that a good ad blocker does not solve.

Its website is as simple to use as the previous one. You simply have to indicate the name of the file you want to download and immediately you will see an extensive list with all the results related to your search. Again we warn you that most of the content is in English, although it should be noted that there is also a wide variety of this in Latin Spanish and Castilian.

This portal is possibly one of the ones that you will like the most of all those that we present below since this not only allows you to perform P2P downloads, but you also have the possibility of playing it online via streaming so that you don’t have to wait for the download to finish to enjoy it. As in the previous ones, the only mole is the exaggerated amount of publicity, but you have the guarantee that all your links are verified.


Torlock It is not a portal as such but a torrent metasearch. It is inspired by the Google search engine, and in fact its operation is very similar in many respects. Here you will simply have to enter the name of the file you are looking for, with the advantage that in this case you can also filter by language, which allows you to find the best content in Spanish on the net.

Its premise is that you will not find broken links or fake files that may have double intentions and infect your computer with a virus. In addition, we must mention that although it has a bit of advertising, it is much more acceptable than the two aforementioned portals.

This is another great portal that you should not miss because you may regret it. It has one of the largest databases on the Internet where you can download series, movies, software, video games and much more. All their links are verified and, although most of their content is in English, it is an option to consider since It is considered by many to be the best website to download torrents.

This is a portal addicted to P2P downloads that boasts of uploading up to 100 links to its database daily, which suggests that his is possibly one of the most extensive ever seen on the web. Although most of the content is in English on this portal, it also has a large number of audiovisuals in Spanish.

You will have no problem finding what you are looking for. The recommendation to use this portal is that you have an AdsBlock since they abuse advertising a bit, and that you use a VPN to keep your IP secured with every download.


This is another torrent metasearch engine that you cannot miss because with it you can find the content you want in the language you are looking for since its database is as wide as the internet itself. Its operation is very simple since you simply write the name of the file and you will see a long list of all the available matches.

They boast that they only show verified results so you will come across no infected link that contains something that damages your computer. However, the recommendation is that you always use an ad blocker and a VPN to improve your experience.



EliteTorrent2 is one of the most important portals of the Spanish-speaking P2P download community. In it, you can get all kinds of series and movies in the best possible qualities in terms of audio and video. They update their files constantly, so you will always find those titles that are in theaters and that everyone wants to see. Of course, you will have to deal with a huge amount of advertising, so it will be necessary that install an AdsBlock.


This is another of the Spanish-speaking portals that has received the greatest recognition in recent years. Their original domain was closed for a long time but they have recovered it and repowered it to offer a better service than they had been giving.

It has one of the most extensive and varied databases since in it you can download movies and series in HD, video games, music, software and much more. Again the recommendation is that you use a VPN to make the downloads so that your IP is completely secured against all kinds of threats, that without forgetting an ad blocker since the amount of advertising is hilarious.


We close our list with this little-known portal in Spain but that has managed to win the hearts of many users on the other side of the pond. Although most of the content is completely in English, they try to offer variety and that you get at least one version of what you are looking for in Spanish or with subtitles.

Its interface has a sober design that is very easy to use, which will allow you to find everything you are looking for as quickly as possible. If you use a VPN and an AdsBlock, you will have a pleasant experience browsing and downloading on it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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