Does TorrentRapid Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

Apparently Torrents domains are not doing very well lately, and it is that a large number of Download websites that have been blocked in Spain and the rest of the world. In some of these situations the reasons are unknown.

It all started with the closing of MagnetDL A few weeks ago, users immediately became aware of the problems they had to access SeriesPapaya, Elitetorrent, among others. And just a few days ago it was known that the sites of pctnew, torrentlocura, planettorrent and TorrentRapid they have also stopped working.

It is important to mention that most of these sites have already come out with other domains to the web, thus proving that blocking on the internet has a lot of loopholes. However, taking this into account, here we are going to explain what other alternatives you have to watch series and movies.

What happened to TorrentRapid? Not working or have they closed?

The closure of all these Web pages has begun to generate a large amount of doubt to users, and it is that for sure still the reasons for the closures of all these portals are unknown. Until now it is said that many of them already have new domains, although this has not been 100% confirmed.

It is also important to mention that most of them are from the same company, as they have been able to confirm most users. In the case of Torrentrapid, when we enter the website we can find a notice indicating that the site is under maintenance.

What happened to TorrentRapid?  Doesn't it work or have they closed

So far it is estimated that all these portals are performing a process of maintenance and updating in all its contents. However, while this whole situation that is happening is being clarified the world of torrents, there are other alternatives that are still available and which you can use.

List of the best 10 websites to download torrent alternatives to TorrentRapid

Considering the large number of torrent pages that have been closed in recent months, you are surely wondering what alternatives are left to be able download movies and series that are reliable and safe.

Also, it is important to mention that all this that has happened around these sites has created a bit of insecurity in customers, since accessing these pages is becoming a difficult task. Despite all this, here we are going to teach you the 10 best alternatives that you can use and are still available so you can continue downloading your preferred content.

Next, we show you the following list:

The pirate bay

Among the websites that we can still find available on the net, we find: The Pirate Bay, which has a large number of active users who support your operation and excellent lowering speed. It is currently considered one of the best torrent trackers in the world, which has also achieved prevent its closure by evading the various locks.

On this platform you have the opportunity to find a large amount of content available from various categories, both in series and films of premiere and of the past. It has a support of magnetic links and a very simple interface with which you will have no problem working.


Torlock has become one of best download websites for what are the categories of music, ebooks and anime. Therefore, if you are a follower of some of these themes then you can start discovering a wealth of content related to these topics. It currently has more than 4.8 million content added so you can choose.

It also offers you a top list with the 100 best torrents of the moment, which will help you view and download the most searched content on the web. In the same way it gives you the possibility of sort your search, thus allowing you to get very good quality material and specific episodes in the case of anime.


This platform is characterized by being very simple to use, it has a large number of content available to each of your visitors. In addition, it has a search bar that will help you get those topics you want very quickly.

One of the main reasons why this site has managed to position itself in the highest positions is because of its excellent organization, where all this allows them a quick and easy search for your customers. Ideal to find those old softwares that you’ve been looking for. It is worth mentioning that TorrentDownloads it is blocked in many countries.


It has a very simple to use interface, where it stands out for its great download speed. It is worth mentioning that Rarbg has become one of the platforms that has grown the most in recent years and which has a very extensive library where it offers you movies, series, music, documentaries, among many other content.

In addition, it also offers a excellent image quality that goes from 720p to 2160p. It also gives you the possibility of download completely original movies and series where you can enjoy them with the best possible quality. In the case that you do not want to download the content you can enjoy them in streaming directly from the platform.

Finally, it offers a games section for computers for the little ones and a section for adults.

Another of the websites that is still there current and that it has endured all these attacks against these portals. It is currently widely used throughout the world and has had a quite remarkable growth in recent years, where you can get yourself with a great number of torrents available and which you can download completely free.

It is characterized by offering content of all kinds, offering thus series and movies of the moment, games, music, documentaries, among many other topics. All this has led it to become a very complete page to download content to your computer or smartphone.


Limetorrents is another of download web pages of content that we will find available on the net. Here we will find a large amount of content of all kinds that we can download in a simple and fast way to our computer. This is how it offers you software of all kinds and games for children and adults.

It has a library with more than 11 million torrents available to its users. All this ensures that you can get everything you are looking for on this site, which carries operating since 2009, and since then it has not stopped growing in this world.


EZTV has been created especially with all those fanatical users to series of all genres. This is how on this page you can practically get all existing seriesRegardless of whether it is a series from the 70s or 80s.

In case you want to have all the content of the most recent productions you can also get them in EZTV, where they are daily loading the last chapters of all new productions and programs of the moment so that its users can be aware of everything new on the market.

Best Torrent

Better torrent It’s a page created in spanish and currently one of the most popular in all Spain, where it is among the first 50 most visited pages in the country. It has a large repertoire of content available to its entire audience, as well as great file download speed.

Here you will find everything related to current music, games, movies, series, and other types of content that are available on the platform. In the case of movies are usually in HDRip, ideal to be reproduced in Blu-ray Y extract the audio.


An ideal place to start finding all recently released movies. This page has been created and designed thinking about what was the old YIFY It has already stopped working for a while. It is characterized by offering very light files that take up very little space on your computer.

With YTS you have the opportunity to get movies that weigh between the 700 MB and 1.2 GB. Where besides getting all the new titles, you can find those old titles that have become important productions throughout all these years. It has an excellent sound quality and is available for both computers and smartphone.


Finally we introduce you to Torrentz2, he himself is a multi-page torrent indexer, considered by most as the best option, since it offers a large amount of content where you can get practically all that programming you are looking for.

It has a database of at least 61.1 million torrent, doing use of 91 domains with different public traffic. Here you can get movies, series, music, documentaries, TV shows, among much other content. A way to download content directly to your PC.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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